Did you see this?
I mean, did you SEE THIS?
Oh it’s beautiful.  And just so fun.
I’m still smiling over Cries Wolf by Max California.

STYLO is the new fashion-forward eMagazine for children’s sewing!  And it’s filled with 134 pages of inspiring ideas, all sewn and photographed by bloggers you already love, and new bloggers you’re going to love.

I’m super impressed with what magazine editors Jessica and Celina have put together.
Bravo ladies! Bravo.

Okay, go STYLO.
You’ll be smiling too.

Photo Credits
TOP: Max California
MIDDLE: Groovy Baby and MamaNisee MadeGirl like the SeaNo Man’s Land
BOTTOM: Simple Simon and Co.

  1. They did such a great job I was floored!

  2. I so enjoyed “flipping” through it yesterday, at work, with nothing else to do on a state holiday. It’s amazing.

  3. 3) Leah K

    Love it! I am still looking through it, but I love that they interviewed Molly from Little Goodalls. I fell in love with her coats when my first little guy was born, but being a military family with only one income, I couldnt afford to get him one of her coats, especially because we never know where we will be living and if we would need a heavy coat. I couldnt get them out of my mind and last Halloween my eldest wanted to be a shark, the perfect opportunity! I was able to make him a fleece jacket inspired by her beauties and he LOVED it. He was so sad that he out grew it this year, until he saw just how happy it made his younger brother. Now I think it will be come a tradition that I make each of the boys a jacket each year, for as long as they want me to anyway.
    Thanks for sharing the great find! cant wait to read through it some more!

    • 4) Leah K

      Oh my goodness! I just got to the cool re-purposed military wool blankets into a jacket. I think I am going to HAVE to do that for my boys next year!

  4. 5) tukimu

    thank u for to share

  5. 6) Chelsea

    Those are adorable!

  6. 7) Sara Speight

    It was like a high fashion magazine for kids but with links to patterns to sew each thing. Gorgeous! I can’t wait for the next one

  7. 9) Diane

    Great magazine-I follow Craftaholics Anonymous and she is pictured in the back of magazine talking about her favorite tools. Thanks for showing this off to us.

  8. 10) Susan Terrill

    I am floored. These garments are just so fun, sustainable and made responsibly!
    I had no idea so many young women were designing such gorgeous and fun to wear clothes for children. Makes me wear a HUGE smile.

  9. Thanks Dana! I really love it! It’s so inspiring and the photos…

  10. 13) Rebekah

    Oh wow. There goes all my time.

  11. I’ve been smiling for months and now I am delighted to see everyone else smiling too! Thank you so much for your sweet words, I am so happy you enjoyed it. I hope you like hugs 😉

  12. 16) Joanne

    Wow, my kids are going to freak out. (In a good way)

  13. 18) Tiphaine

    I have been going through it on and on and on since it came out….such an inspiration !!!

  14. 19) Vicky

    Poor kids 🙁 It’s very cold…

  15. 20) Amber

    I saw the boys jacket, and would love the pattern, but can’t find it. Where can I get it. Are the buttons functional, or decoration?

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