I can’t get away from the super-size gingham checks!
Now and 2 years ago:

They may just become part of his annual wardrobe.
Who can complain?!  Well, he might.  Some day.
But for now we’re living it up!

And this time around I used the gingham for shorts.

These were made using the KID Shorts Pattern, which you’ll find HERE in the SHOP.
And we have a slew of free tutorials, with tons of different styles.  Just click on a button below:

Then like the Plaid Shorts from last week, I added a lining to the fabric (since it’s super lightweight) and I added Back Pockets (click over for the tutorial).  But I gave them one more twist….Piping:

If you’ve never used piping it’s so fun!  It can add just the right pop of color or detail to make your project that much more interesting.  It’s sort of the sister to Bias Tape and made using similar methods.  You can watch a detailed VIDEO all about PIPING HERE:

Basically, I cut out my pocket and a lining pocket.  I basted the piping to my pocket first (and since I don’t have a piping foot, I used my zipper foot and it worked fine), then laid the lining fabric over that, sewed the sandwich together, turned it right side out, folded the top under, finished it off,


Then I did the same for my front pockets.  And soon I had 4 pockets ready to arrange and sew in-place.

One pair of Gingham shorts!

I do wish I’d done two things differently:
• Would have been fun to use orange or green  piping but I was in a rush and only had white on-hand.
• I sorta regret doing pockets on the front and wish I’d left them plain/flat front like these (since there’s so much going on)
But I’m not complaining.  It’s a half-yard of fun and he’ll use them all spring and summer long.

To top it off, I paid homage to the 90 minute Shirt! making one from this stripey Tee found at Target.  Is he too old for it?  It almost looks like a gun holster around his shoulders.

I put it together with black tennies and a cardigan from H&M (which would be super easy to make using ideas from this tutorial and this) and he’s got a full outfit!

I love semi-homemade ensembles.

And Owen loves a treat at the end of a photo shoot. He’s a good sport.

Do your kids do this?  It makes me smile every time.
“Look Mom!  My lollipop is a superhero!”

Now check out the piping fun over at Mae by Rae!


This is part of Celebrate the BOY, a series hosted by me and Made by Rae.

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  1. 1) kelly

    I picked up what looks like the same fabric awhile back on clearance at Joann. Thanks for the piping idea- I’m going to get some brightly colored piping and make my son some shorts (or possibly pants- its not warm here in Dallas yet). And I think your son can still pull off the envelope neck shirt. My son is 3, and I’d still put him in one!

  2. Aww man! Yours turned out way cooler. Maybe I’ll try mine again with PIPING this time. What an easy way to add some pizazz!

  3. 3) susanne

    Oh, i love the shorts! I wasn’t quite sure about the black and white gingham but it always helps to see a finished product. Thanks for that! I just need to buy some now and start sewing summer outfits for my boys. And with the piping? Love it!

  4. 4) Erin

    Great outfit! I’ve been thinking of turning one of my old cardigans into a cardigan for my son. The sleeves and back would be easy, but not sure how to get the neckline and button placket right. Would love a tutorial from you if you ever have the time (hint hint!)

  5. GAH! I just love these shorts, AND the whole outfit actually. Love wide stripes, he can totally pull it off.

    Yay for piping day!

  6. so awesome! you have the best style, Dana. 🙂 that piping is uber cuh-yute!

  7. 7) Dkb

    Did anyone know that this style of pocket is called a ‘pork chop pocket’? I recently found this out from a guy I know. We didn’t believe him at first, but he was right. Crazy, but it kind of make sense.

  8. I love them! I think my next project needs piping.

  9. 9) Lis

    I can not believe my luck. Just last week I was scouring both your and Rae’s sites for piping assistance. With much trial and error, I was able to finish the project I was working on. (Rae’s Itty Bitty Baby dress)

    I’m really looking forward to reading the piping entries from the two of you!

    PS – *love* that black and white gingham!

  10. ack!!! I love the black and white check and I think the front pockets really add SO much! and the piping!!! They are super cute! I had to try my hand at the pockets too, even with no boys at my house. Posting the pics to the celebrate the boy! love this series!

  11. Those are really cute! What I learned about my son this week is that the all important factor is the feel of the fabric. Then comes design of the pants and THEN comes the look. 🙂

  12. I like the front pockets! I don’t think it’s too much given that it’s only black and white. If you were using orange piping then maybe. I love this graphic outfit!

  13. 13) Jacinta

    seriously you make THE cutest kids!!!!! More babies, more babies! 😉 p.s. can you come and make me a co-ordinated wardrobe/outfit too please =D

  14. I have to girls but I’m starting to wish I had a boy!
    The piping really makes the diference. I’ve used it once and loved the result.
    I just love the clothes you make and your blog has been a great inspiration for me. Thank you Dana!

  15. Ohh….cuuteee!! I would absolutely wear those shorts!

  16. I love gingham too! Adorable shorts, the piping sets them off!

  17. Those couldn’t be more darling!

  18. 18) Jackie

    Super cute shorts. Super suckers are awesome. So fun.

  19. 19) Kim

    Saving all the “boys” patterns for when my soon-to-be-born twin grandsons get bigger!!
    (p.s. After “Supersucker!” you must have meant “Made by Rae”, not “Mae by Rae”, although that’s a cute name, too!!)

  20. i lolled for real when you said it looked like a gun holster! it totally does! Love those shorts so much, the checks are heaps cool

  21. 21) Petra

    I love, love, love this outfit! I think the white piping looks cool! The t-shirt is cool, the cardy is gorgeous, and the little shoes, and the whole outfit looks great! I am so inspired now to try making shorts for my 11 year old! Wish me luck! 🙂

  22. Oh, I love the piping!!! I don’t know how to do it yet, but that will change soon. I think I love it on all projects, but especially projects for boys! When you top stitch the pockets onto the shorts, do you still use a zipper foot, or can you use a regular one?

  23. What a kickin’ outfit! I am thinkin I need to do something similar for my boys for end of school celebrations!

  24. Hi Dana. Just wanted to follow the other viewers with their kind words, and let you know just how grateful i am for your kindness and your sharing. I have only seen two of your patterns so far and i am hooked on to your , as one lady said, style. Thank you very much. Fond regards from Sherie.

  25. 26) Heather P

    Hi there! I love these pants/shorts and have made many pairs for my kiddos and for gifts. But I have one question for you, where can I find the info for cutting/placement of back pockets? The pattern says to check this tutorial but this one is about piping, not placement. Suggestions? Tips? I have a pattern for a patch pocket for a shirt and I’ll likely use that for the pockets since it seems about right, but I’d hate to sew it on too high/low. Thanks for any advice you can offer!

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