we be jammin

After posting jammies and a robe this week, I peeked in the Celebrate the BOY Flickr group to see how you’ve been jammy-in.

How fun is this? Buttnumbered Pants by Bag of Pretty.  Yes! (they’re even cuter on her little guy so click over to see more).

3 Colorful pairs, left to right:
Monkey Pants by Hanna Herz • Cowboy Jammies by Sharon Carpenter  • Sleepy Time PJs by Nothing Too Fancy

These baby sweats (also by Bag of Pretty) look super comfy and super cute.  I need a pair.

Monkey pants by Crazy Creations

Baby Jammies by makeitperfect and 3 fabric pants by melme and skibble. What a fun idea!

Whenever I see a project for older boys in the flickr group it definitely catches my eye.  And I’m digging these flannel pj pants with ribbed cuffs by Behind the Hedgerow.  Totally need to try that.

Speaking of ribbing, how about monster fabric go along? (by Small + Friendly) There’s even a secret pocket monster toy on the front!  Click over for details.

And here’s a great idea….when your baby grows too long for their pjs, just cut off the feet and add ribbed cuffs to the legs and arms.  Smart! by Aspiring Ameliorant

Two of you shared awesome robes in the flickr group:
A Cozy Robe by Velvet Aubergine • the amazing Little Dude from the film petit series on Skirt as Top.  You must check out their Big Lebowski remake this month!

And I love me a pair of tight jammies on little boy legs.
Number 1 Stars by Craftstorming:

And Viking Pjs by Oon.  Her photos make me happy.

Thanks for adding your pics to the flickr group!  And please keep them coming.  Your ideas really inspire me to think outside of my normal brain box.
Head over to Made by Rae for her crazy City Pants and find out the differences between 2 piece pants and 4 piece pants.

This is part of Celebrate the BOY, a series hosted by me and Made by Rae.

Here’s what we’ve done so far:
DAY 1: Dana: 5 Steps to the Basic Tee • Rae: Saffron Pants and Color Roundup
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DAY 4: Dana: 13 DIY Fabrics • Rae: Show your Stripes Turtleneck
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DAY 7: Dana: Beach Robe to Cozy House Robe, Pattern RemixSay YES to Bold Prints and Tuxedo Stripe Pants
DAY 8: Dana: We be Jammin roundup

• Keep adding your own BOY projects to the CTB Flickr Group!

• And check out the Archives for additional projects

  1. 1) Jackie

    They are all so cute and fun. Makes me want to go fabric shopping right now.

  2. Oh my goodness, these are ALL so darling! Great job gals. 🙂

  3. All of them are good enough to snuggle up with. Thanks for the link back to my blog – I’m new to this world and feel totally inspired and honoured! Lx

  4. What a delightful surprise to find that you linked to me! What a huge honour. I really love this series. Celebrate the Boy was one of the first things I found (and one of the most inspiring) when I really started to sew.

  5. Oh Wow! The “cut the feet off of a one-piece sleep and play outfit” is totally one of those genious, why didn’t I think of that type of things that just rocked my world today!!! Thank you thank you. I am headed over to Aspiring Ameliorant right now. I’ve got a little guy that’s very skinny but getting longer. He’s outgrowing the 6 month one pieces in length and I’ve been meaning to buy/make some 9 month outfits. This is a great solution.

  6. 6) Jen

    what about pajama tops?

  7. Loving this series, I am having a great time thinking up ideas and sewing for boys! Love how snuggly all the pj pants look! Thanks a million for the link to my blog it was an awesome suprise to wake up to this morning!

  8. Oh these little guys look so comfy cozy! I love them all. Thanks so much for the Little Dude feature, too! 🙂

  9. Thank you so much for including my monster jams. What a great collection. I love making pjs and they are such a great value, now I see them in the store and I’m like, I’m not paying that!

  10. 10) Petra

    These are so great (even though my boy is a little bit too old for the cute tights – he’s 11)! 🙂

  11. To have not one, but two of my sewing projects featured here is just…beyond my wildest dreams:) Thanks you!:)

  12. Oh, and since we are jammin…I sew all my 4 year olds jammies from your basic pant pattern, our fav:)

  13. Such an inspirational round-up. I think we need an international blog pyjama party day 🙂

    Also RAE said that you are hoping to multi-size the kids pants and sell them? UM YES PLEASE! GET ON THAT.

    because I know you clearly have nothing else to do :B hahah

  14. These are such cute boy jammies! I love it! 🙂

  15. I love them all! thanks for the tutee

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