VIDEO: Bonbon Pets Animal Pillow

Hey hey, there’s a new cat in town.
And she’s ready to play….at home of course. For now.

Have you sewn a Bonbon Pet before?
Well today is your lucky day!

Bonbon pets are so much fun to sew. They’re stuffed animals, they’re pillows, they’re toy pets. They’re just so adorable, I can’t stop making them.
And I’ll show you how, step by step.

There’s a NEW BONBON PETS VIDEO, with all the nitty gritty details you need to customize your pet just the way you like it.

Click the play button below, or watch it on my channel here.

If you share your pets online, tag them with: #BONBONPETS
And tag me too @made_everyday

Have a great week!
Keep on keeping on with staying home and giving each other some space, so that one day soon we’ll get to embrace all of our friends again! Not just our stuffed toy ones. 🙂

  1. 1) Terry

    I just bought the bon bon pet pattern. Where can I find the same fabric that you used? They are darling!
    I made your face masks too.

    • 2) Billy

      You can get fabric at a fabric shop DUH terry

      • 3) Judith

        Good one Billy lol😂

  2. 4) Poppy

    Dana how do you get so many amazing ideas? I am 11 years old and I love to sew but I can’t always think of what to make- any ideas? I particularly like making animals so this post is perfect for me! Please carry on with making fun videos and posts as I am a regular user of this website. Do you always know exactly how to make things that you’ve made up of do you use ideas from others? I love trying out your projects!
    Please reply with some sewer’s advice
    From poppy.

  3. 5) Elaine

    Your teaching is a great way for many of us to survive all that is going on around us. Keep it up. Sewing is my happy place. I have two things I would like to share. First is my experience on appling bias cute fabric on neck and arm areas. I find that if I devide the bias piece into 4ths and the opening into 4ths, I never have to worry about accidentally stretching one side more than the other. And second, you use the open arm well on your Babylock but you can use the smaller end of your ironing board the same way. By draping you neck or arm over the small end of the ironing board, you don’t accidentally iron in creases or worst burn delicate fabrics while trying to press the bias tape. I learned from my mom and she learned from her mom!

    • 6) Dana

      Thank you Elaine 🙂

  4. 7) chole

    I love your this that you do. I love sew. I’m opening my own esty shop

  5. 8) June Billar

    I ordered and was charged $6.00 for this pattern Stuffed animal i have never received it please contact me

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