Sewing Double

You guys know I love sewing baby gifts.
There are just SO many cute things to make, with exponential cuteness.

Annnd, if you get to sew a baby gift for twins??
I mean, you guys.
If I had twins??
Okay, I don’t.
But last year my cousin Adrian had twin girls—Charlie + Ruby.
And the sewing fun just doubled!

I have some favorite go-to baby gifts:
Crib Sheets • Bibs • Blankets • Burp Cloths • Diaper Covers • Baby hats
You can find them all HERE.

But prob my favorite of all, is making a crib sheet because it’s such a fun unexpected gift—people that don’t sew are always “wowed” by the fact that you can make your own sheet. Hey, even I’m wowed by it!

Baby gift for twins on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

I just love making a baby sheet that looks fun and unique….because there aren’t enough cute baby sheets in the store.  But there ARE cute fabrics for making sheets, or cute sheet sets for kids and adults!…which is why I did this:

I bought this fun twin-size sheet set on clearance at Target, which gave me plenty of fabric to make two new crib sheets!

I cut and sewed everything as outlined in the video and tutorial,

and in about 20 minutes, I had a sheet:and then I had two:and soon there were four: I love sewing double!
(and taking pictures of cute dolls)

Then I made a stripey changing pad cover–though I only made one, cause a girl’s gotta learn to share at some point right? Heh heh.  Find the tutorial for that here.
I threw in my favorite Birth Day Garland:

And everything was set for these two cuties.changing pad cover on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

Then I had an unexpected surprise… which ended up being my favorite part of using a sheet set to make sheets. I had cute little bags to put the gifts in!  I never know what to do with those bags that sheets come in….but I just. can’t. throw. them. out.  Now I won’t!

Anyone having twins soon?
I found more cute sheet sets on sale….

  1. 1) Penny

    I love making crib sheets for baby shower gifts from ‘your’ pattern! so easy! as you mentioned, ‘so impressive especially to non-sewers!’ I also love making them from twin sheets found at stores. I always wanted twins – never had them – but – my mother and my granddaughter’s name were/are Ruby. Great job, as always, Dana, on your creativity and the fun you bring to the sewing world! have a great weekend.

  2. 2) Demaree Johnson

    I love making flannel sheets with matching flannel blanket. I’ve made them for my own kids and now grandkids. You are right there aren’t that many cute sheets our there.. I have made sheets and whole nursery sets to match. They are just too cute!

  3. 3) Little Quiltsong

    These are awesome!! Such beautiful gifts and fun fabrics. Love the cute dolls – both – the twins and your handmade little ones :)!

  4. 4) Windie D

    Not twins, but baby boy is due in October! I will be using your crib sheet & changing pad pattern to make his bedding. Pretty excited to get started!

  5. 5) Diana

    I remember your original post about how to make a crib sheet, and boy, was it a lifesaver about 4 years ago! My baby had terrible eczema on his little cheeks, and they would get so dry and chapped, they would bleed. We tried all kinds of creams, which helped a little. Then, someone suggested getting him soft flannel crib sheets. I couldn’t find any in stores, but I remember seeing your tutorial, so I found some cute, soft flannel and made him one. His little cheeks were so much happier, and his crib cuter! 🙂 Just thought you might like to know that your time and effort made a big difference for us.

    • 6) Dana

      Awww that makes me so happy to hear! Thanks for sharing that Diana!

  6. 7) Susan Q

    I love making crib sheets too. As was already said there aren’t many crib sheet patterns to choose from so homemade was perfect. I made several for my grandkids and also for all my daughter’s friends who were having babies. They all loved them.

  7. 8) Caroline

    Only finding you now and have recently got a basic sewing machine I have 2 sets of twins and another son and at one point I had 4 in cots could have done with the know how to make crib sheets back then but now I’m excited to try and make some cute skirts for my girl twins and shorts and ts for my boys I’m in Ireland ☘☺

  8. 9) Kay

    What are the dimensions to make a twin size sheet

  9. 10) zoraida

    hi how did you cut the twin sheet i didnt see that step do you have a step by step

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