Seize the Day Coaster with GUEST: Saltwater Kids

Looking for a late-night project to work on now that the kids are (almost) in bed? This one is simple, quick, and will brighten your Thursday morning tomorrow.

You might remember Emily from Saltwater Kids when she Celebrated the BOY with us. As a mom of two boys, she has great ideas to share. Her site is one of those that I can’t NOT look at it when it pops up in my Reader. Her photos are beautiful and her projects have great variety.
Currently she has a really cute Halloween Concentration Game Tutorial:
She’s often creating cool graphics and sharing the download, like these hang tags:
She has ideas for the home. I really must try this:
And of course there are plenty of sewing projects. Everything she makes is pretty. And everything she photographs is pretty. A Summer Tote:
One of my favorite variations on our Hobo Sack:
And do you remember this stack of Noodlehead’s Gathered Clutches that Emily made?
And then wrapped them up to give as gifts? Um, I want to be on her short list of friends…
You know what, I’ll just stop talking and you can go browse her TUTORIALS section.

Or you can stay here and listen to me ramble. Because Emily is sharing a very yellow and cheery project with us. Carpe Diem! How’s that for sewing motivation?

Okay, take it away Emily….
First off, I’d like to give a big thank you to Dana for including me in this wonderful celebration. So many of my projects have been inspired by MADE.

And here in the Pacific Northwest, YELLOW is in the air. The leaves are turning beautiful shades of it, and one just can’t help but be inspired. Sometimes finding the time to bring those “inspired” projects to life can be a challenge, especially with two little boys in the house. To calm my sewing cravings, I usually end up burning the midnight oil.Lately, most of my sewing has been costume related, but I have managed to sneak in a few “mom” projects here and there. One such project was just under my nose – literally! Last week, I looked down at my computer desk and I was shocked to see all of the coffee rings that had gone unnoticed – Yikes! I needed a coaster. Bad! So, I created the “Seize the Day!” coaster (and tutorial) – in Yellow of course!

Okay, you’re just inspired me to go sew 10 things right now. And I really want your aqua mug. Thank you Emily for sharing your talents with us!

You can find the complete Seize the Day Tutorial HERE on Saltwater Kids.

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