Thrifty Yellow

With all this yellow going around, I hit up the thrift store with my yellow-colored glasses on. Of course some non-sunshine treasures made their way into my arms. Isn’t that how thrift shopping is? It’s almost like the treasures find you, like they’ve been waiting for you to pick them up. I couldn’t say no to such sweet cast-offs.
So come over to the table and I’ll share my finds…
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First up: Clothing.
How beautiful is this dress? It ties in the back and the embroidery is just lovely. I haven’t worn it yet because it needs some mini alterations. So,I really need to get on that.
In the kid’s section I found this cute skirt (from Target). For $2 it’s even easier than making my own Summer Skirt. And even more fortunate for me, the old ladies in the shop don’t understand the beauty of elastic thread and thought this was a girl’s skirt. But it’s a woman’s size small. So I get to wear it instead of Lucy. Yay!
I found these (also Target) leggings at Goodwill. Simple gray. Perfect for the fall season and more clothing for me. I’m on a roll.
Okay, kitschy finds…
Old place-mats and pot holders. I already have a kids gift project in mind for the yellow place mats. They’re so soft and cozy from years of use.
I’m sure at least one of you had these same towels at your grandma’s house?
I love the color scheme. They might make cool throw pillows?
I just can’t decide which side is better….the orangey orange or the yellow underside.
Next, a vintage fitted sheet. I’ll hold on to this till next summer for a breezy girl’s dress.
And these last few items are my favorite in the batch.
Funky hotpad/dish holders from the 70s. Love the design. They’re almost cool enough to hang on the wall.
A sweet yellow lotus bowl. Dainty and perfect. And just like my yellow pyrex bowl from the last post, I had no idea it was such a collector’s item. Look all these beauties on etsy. I might need an entire set.
Finally, this awesome vintage doll highchair. Lucy already has one in her room (painted red) so I’m going to give this to Grandma for Christmas to put in her Playroom. Hopefully she doesn’t check this post. Her entire house is decorated in vintage cottage style and I know she’ll love this treasure.
It’s a little beat up in spots, so I’m not sure what to do. If it was going in Lucy’s room, it would get a new paint job. But Grandma might like it as-is with it’s real vintage charm. Hmmm…..decisions.
And the grand total for all my finds: $25.50.
I’d say that’s a healthy dose of shopping for the month.
Since I love to hear about your thrifty finds, here’s my favorite comment from the last post.
Added bonus: it’s yellow related!

From Jilleen-Of-All-Trades:
I thought of you this weekend. I bought 5 yellow vintage school chairs for $15. My kitchen in red vintage (think coke). The yellow chairs fit perfectly with my formica table and existing red chairs. Thank you for sharing your love of yellow. I might have passed up the yellow chairs if it wasn’t for you.

Tell me about your favorite YELLOW thrift find (or any cool find. I love hearing your stories)

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