Runway Rundown–wow. what an episode.

Now that’s what I call good TV.

This week’s Project Runway had drama, drama, a race around the track, more drama, oh yea–a bunch of sewing, drama again, and even some back-peddling by the judges. It was great!

The designers woke up early to a pile of red T-shirts and shorts in their rooms. They were told to meet Tim at the track.


He explained they’d be working in 4 teams of 3, designing looks for Heidi’s New Balance on The looks had to be worn with sporty athletic shoes on the runway. To determine the 4 team captains the designers raced once around the track (400 meters). But before the race even started, mopy Cecilia took Tim aside and said she felt bad about still being on the show….that she tried her hardest last week to get kicked off. What?! So she decided to leave (drama #1).

Now I really don’t know what it’s like to sew under such pressure day-in, day-out. I know it would wear me down too. But I always feel bad when a designer can’t stick it out and push themselves to keep going. I hope she still feels good about her decision.

But, the show much go on.

And off the racers went!

Down the straight-away to the finish line, 4 guys came in the top: Josh, Anthony, Bryce, and Viktor. But 200 meters into their run, Olivier tripped over his own feet and hit the ground (drama #2). I felt bad for him. But the overkill was watching the paramedic peer over him and everyone whispering/worried as if he’d had a heart attack. He was fine. Just a panic attack.

Oh boy.

So, the leaders picked their team members (they brought back Josh C. to replace Cecelia), sketched their looks, shopped at MOOD, and got started.

Two teams worked well together; two had major problems.

Becky was probably treated the worst. Poor gal. Josh and Anya didn’t trust her sense of style and ideas at all. She was left to be their seamstress and I definitely think she’s better than that. The tension finally culminated at a stall in the women’s restroom where tears were shed and a group hug was spread around (drama #3).

But for team Anthony, Laura, and Bert it was kind of the opposite. The two tried to work with Bert and gave input on how to make their looks a cohesive whole (though they all looked like total garbage). But holy moly….Bert is downright rude (drama #4). I fell in-love with him in the first episode; he seemed like the underdog. Now I can’t stand him! He couldn’t even remember Anthony’s name and said dead-pan into the camera “some people just aren’t important enough to remember.” Dude, everyone’s important enough to have a name.

When the looks came down the runway, no team had all winning looks.


Bryce and Viktor’s teams both worked well together and overall made some cool stuff. And really, how cute is Kimberly? She’s becoming one of my favorites. The girl is tall but totally pulls off a short yellow dress with high heels. I want to wear that.

LEFT: Anya’s maxi dress was really cool. She definitely has a thing for racer backs which I don’t always love but it works great here. The red stripe really makes the dress.

MIDDLE: Heidi didn’t like Josh’s striped vest but the other judges did. I thought it was interesting.

RIGHT: The judges didn’t care for Kimberly’s jacket with shorts but I thought it was cute!

The winning look went to Viktor, the victor! It was awesome. I’d love to wear that dress and the biker jacket. Reminds me of the 90’s when I wore a jeans jacket with a summer dress–soft contrasted with rough.


Oh the runway banter. Bring on the drama (#5). Anthony and Bert duked it out over who didn’t listen to who and blah blah blah.

But the bottom line is that all three people on their team made some crappy outfits.

LEFT: Bert’s was probably the best of the three but nothing I’d ever like to see at a store.

MIDDLE: No, you’re not seeing double. That’s Laura’s rendition of the same fabric. But what a weird combo. The shirt is strange, the shorts are strange, and the vest over the top has me scratching my head.

RIGHT: The judges hated Oliver’s skirt and yes, it’s a bit drab and homely. I think if he had made it drop-waist, maybe with a wide hipster waistband it might have worked better?

Now here’s where judges back-peddled on everything they’ve told us for EIGHT SEASONS–but I’m kind of glad they did. They’ve always claimed that the judging is based on “this week’s performance”, rather than basing it on a designer’s overall creative history. And Heidi made that point clear–“One day you’re in, the next day you’re OUT.” SO….they were torn choosing between these two bad looks,

LEFT: Anthony’s outfit was sooooo ridiculous. Who would ever want to wear that??? The guest judge/model pointed out, “that model had to be bummed walking down the runway in that.” Just look at the back of it! Where’s her butt in that drapey business?

RIGHT: Danielle clearly has a love affair with silk chiffon. And it’s getting old. What a boring outfit.

Now, it’s kind of clear that Anthony’s look is worse than Danielle’s. But Anthony has been in the top many weeks in a row and Danielle’s often been in the bottom. So the judges felt that he has more potential in the long-run (I totally agree) and they gave Danielle the boot. Is it unfair? If the rules are to judge it week-by-week, then probably. But if you’re going to get old-lady silky shirts week after week, then maybe not.

What do you think??


And who’s still loving Design Star??

Meg’s room this week was awesome! And Kellie is so cute but her last two rooms were very blah. Even if you’re given the theme “locker room” for a little boy, there are so many ways you can make it modern and cool!

And I’m so glad crazy Cathy is gone. She freaked me out.

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