Sewing with Oilcloth book, and a treat

Last month I was asked to review Kelly McCants’ new book: Sewing with Oilcloth and it was a very easy, YES! Please!

Kelly runs my favorite go-to oilcloth shop: Oilcloth Addict and she also designs/creates handmade items on her site Modern June. Basically, she’s a genius with oilcloth and laminated cotton….so she wrote a book about it!

The pictures are colorful.

The projects are cute.

The fabrics pop.

I found myself smiling with each page. This book is just….fun.

Kelly starts by sharing tips and tricks for sewing with both Oilcloth and Laminated Cotton.

Then she gets right into the projects.

Some are cute and simple enough to finish in an hour.

Others are more involved.

And you feel like you want to try them all.

If the photos alone don’t pull you in, even the illustrations are darling. I’ve flipped through a lot of project books and I’ve never really been into illustrations till now.

Want to try it out?

Today we’re giving away a copy of Sewing with Oilcloth to one lucky winner!

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