Runway Rundown–they’re going to Fashion Week!

Been a few weeks since we talked Project Runway and guess what? It’s down to the final four! (watch the full episode here). I can’t say I’ve been wowed this season as I have in seasons past (which is why I’m really excited for Project Runway All Stars–which starts in 2012–although I don’t see Christian or Seth Ryan on the line-up. Bummer).

To make it to the final Fashion Week challenge, the remaining 5 designers had to create a mini 3-piece collection, inspired by the Governor’s Island location near Manhattan and Ellis Island. The collection needed to show range (not just a bunch of dresses) and needed to look cohesive.
Here’s what they came up with:

The judges loved her collection. I think it’s fine. The black dress looked cooler as it walked the runway than it does here. I really like the neckline. I’m not into the pants look at all–too middle-aged cruiseline for me. And the white dress is just okay. Needs finishing. What I do love is that she had a vision and look for her collection. It was a simple look–but that’s an art in itself. Solid red, white, and black is a cool concept.
And you know, Anya has really grown on me over the season. I love her! She’s so darling, she has a killer design and style sense. And though she gets flack from Joshua about her garments being sewn on to models and not ready for the average woman to wear….does that matter? It’s a design contest. And if she can get that point across for the runway, I’m pretty sure she can find fabulous sewers for her in the real world, should she make it big. So, yay Anya. She’s in.

Hmmm. I really only like that white dress in the middle. It has cool netting on top with a button closure on the back. A simple design for him and it turned out great. The look on the right is too “puffy” (which he agreed with) and is all-over unflattering on her body. The gown is costumey to me–and looks uncomfortable to wear. I agree that he has a great design sense and deserves to be at Fashion Week. But I can never stomach his bravado.
I love him. He’s grown on me over the season too.
He never totally amazes with show-stopper looks–but he makes really cool, cute clothes that we’d all like to wear. As Michael Kors said: it’s commercial. The judges said he needs to pump up the volume more and I agree. But he’s hands-down the best sewer in the competition and I love it when he makes jackets. The leather jacket he made for the men’s wear challenge was by far the best thing about that entire show (please don’t ever do an episode like that again. Snooze).

I really liked her collection!
The judges were so-so about it and on the fence about choosing Kimberly or Laura as the final designer. To me it seemed obvious. Laura is soooo boring and has been all season. Now I’m not a fan of Kim’s orange shirt down there. But the jacket and the dress in the middle? Love them both. And I think the orange/gray color palette is really cool (Michael Kors). I would love to wear that jacket this winter. And Kimberly is so pleasant to watch and listen to. Not that it’s a personality contest here but I appreciate a mellow spirit among the crazies.

I’m so glad they let her go. It was sad to see how badly she wanted to be there. And I feel about dreams being crushed. But each week her stuff just felt “off” to me…including what she as a designer was wearing. Do you ever look at that? I think it’s a reflection of their design sense–like choosing a hair stylist who their own cute ‘do. But Laura dresses strange and designs strange. The circle dress is really unique and interesting but I find the fabric almost distracting, like a spider web. And it seems like a bit of a cop-out. The reason the dress is cool is because of the fabric–and she didn’t design that at all (though she placed it properly).
The dress in the middle is simple and sweet but an odd choice. And I hate the whole outfit on the right. Looks cheap. So, she’s out.

And those are the top four! Anya, Josh, Viktor, and Kim.
I’m excited to see what they create and for Tim to stop by their houses to check-in on the progress.

What do you think?

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