Runway Rundown: Hats off to You

Project Runway, Season 8, Episode 4: Hat’s Off to You

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Well after last week’s snarky one-liners and great editing, I felt like this week was rather tame. Still fun, just not as many laugh-out-loud moments.

Before we get to the Good and Bad, just wanna say…..I’m happy you guys enjoy having a place for PR chatter. My husband rolls his eyes at these posts. But husband’s aren’t always the best sounding board when it comes to fashion critique. So thanks for joining in and leaving hilarious comments. Honestly, many of them have me laughing more than the show. I didn’t even notice Heidi’s pants last week with the crazy crotch till you guys pointed it out. Wowzers! What tha?

And back to more important matters…..
This week each designer was given a hat made by the famous designer and artist Philip Treacy and they had to create an outfit to compliment the over-the-top hat. You know, there are days I sort of wish we wore elaborate hats. It’s not feasible at all with everyday life. But whenever I look at my Grandma’s old photos…I love that glamour!

Which of these Treacy’s would you choose?
I’m leaning toward butterflies…

So here’s The GOOD:
LEFT: I really loved this bright luxury suit. Andy was going for “royalty” and I think he nailed it (though I had a hard time in his interviews thinking of anything but the Fast and the Furious, Tokyo Drift with that do-rag on his head). His model walked the outfit perfectly; great last pose there.

RIGHT: Yay! A top and bottom from Valerie that I love! Her dress was playful but elegant. And I thought it worked well with the mask.

These two are really beautiful and they look even cooler side-by-side.
LEFT: Despite how shocked the others were that Michael C‘s simple dress won, I really thought it was stunning on the runway. Maybe they’re seeing close-up things we didn’t catch as an audience? Cause that just flowed elegantly as she walked.
However, let’s hope another “Gretchen moment” isn’t forming. I was ready to zip Michael’s mouth shut those last 10 minutes of the show. It’s okay to celebrate your victory but don’t shove it everyone’s face. Sheeeeesh.

RIGHT: Michael‘s design was the perfect compliment to his huge hat. The top was more of a show-stopper, than every-day wear, but really cool. And I must figure out a knock-off version of that skirt. Twisting and ironing…..trying it!

The BAD:
LEFT: It’s cool that April was thinking beyond the “expected dress”. But man, when Tim Gunn tells you that your design looks like a diaper? That’s something to digest and move away from.
Best quote of the night comes from Michael Kors: I guess if you’re going for a three day weekend, it looks like you layered your underpants for the weekend and each day you upeeled and you had a new pantie!

RIGHT: Sooooo glad this design lost. I couldn’t agree more. Kristin has been a bit boring to me for weeks. And her dress up there barely looks sewn. It’s like yards of fabric bunched together and thrown on a model. Unflattering and well….cheap looking. Sorry Kristin. I love your crazy hair and spunk!

I didn’t totally agree with the judges about Christopher‘s look. I can see their points. But I was glad that Michael Kors pointed out that there were a few good design features in there, just bad fabric choices.

And these two moved on to the next round but I didn’t really get them:
LEFT: Now that I see a still photo of it, I can picture the whole ensemble better. But…hmmmm….I just don’t get it. Gretchen‘s leggings are a bit too much for me. Can’t tell, are they supposed to look like painted on boots?

RIGHT: I know, I know….leave poor Peach alone already! I actually think her dress design this week is cute. She made it look young and interesting. But I just don’t get her fabric selection, week after week. Would you ever pair THAT fabric with THAT hat? So weird to me. I would have totally gone with a bold color….grass green, royal blue, orange? I’m glad she’s improving though. And if she’s made it to the PR level, I’m pretty sure she sews way better than me! Just being the couch-potato critic here.

The Rundown:

* I love being a fly-on-the-wall in the work room, watching them sort out designs in their minds and on fabric.
I get frustrated too when something I’m sewing just isn’t working. I want to throw my arms up and walk away. It’s nice to know that they’re the sam way. And in Michael C.’s case, they can turn it around into a winning dress!

* MONDO: There are a million trillion fabrics to choose from. I think they all have voices. And I’m hearing them.

* IVY: I need to get over myself
(That would be nice. Her outfit was pretty this week. Not sure I would have paired it with a hot pink hat though)

(when drawing a mustache on Mondo’s model): Have a seat over here handsome! (cue a harmonious round of gay men chuckling)

And lastly…a few moments from
Tim Gunn:
* (while critiquing A.J.s messy dress): The woman who could afford that dress could afford a polka dot dress, where the dots line up!
* You want to walk the precipice
* This looks fussy
* It looks like a diaper
* To me it’s Donna Karan, 1998
* I don’t know what else I can say, except finish it superbly

Want more? Check out Under the Gunn:

And that’s the rundown!
Overall an interesting week. I’m excited about crinkle skirts.
What did you all think??

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