One more week

The sun in shining, it’s 100 degrees, and we’ve got one week of summer vacation left.
We’ve had a great few months and traveled to some cool places. Remember that little mention about Italy? We went! I know, I’ve been a slacker about sharing pics. Maybe I’ve been going through gelato withdrawls and can’t bear to look at the 20 different flavor photos I took? Hmmm.

All in all, traveling is exciting and makes me appreciate the world around me more. Of course when we get home, life is pretty ordinary. We go to the pool, meet up with friends, hang out at Target for an hour while the kids play with Buzz Lightyear displays, go anywhere with air conditioning and work on house projects. We’re your typical suburbans.
And we’ll keep it up for one more week till Lucy starts pre-school again. I really love this little girl. She’s got quite the spunk and energy. But the past few months have felt like The Lucy Show, if you know what I mean. So, a little break for both of us will be good. I’m sure you guys can relate? Or am I the bad mom that wants her kids back at school? My theory is: when they’re real young, they take naps; you get a break from them; you’re happy and refreshed to see them again when they wake up. For bigger kids who don’t nap, this is that same “break”. When we pick her up, I’m ready for my Lucy time again!

This little guy however, will stay home with me for another year. In general, the kids play well together (okay, they were just fighting over a train toy). But when he’s by himself with no competition, he’s a different boy. I love taking him on errands with me and getting his cuddly hugs. He’s way more affectionate than Lucy’s ever been. Love this little boy.
And that’s a bit of summer for you.
Plenty of laughing, sweating, swimming, singing, and sipping cold drinks.
I hope you’ve had a good one too!
Okay, we’re off to Ikea.
And maybe I’ll start working on those Italy pics…

Have a great weekend!

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