quick Bedding Makeover

I realize I haven’t shared anything Yellow BOY ideas with you. I’m sorry. It’s just such a girly color. But I found a way to sneak it into Owen’s new bedding.
Before moving to Texas, our friends gave us this darling wooden sleigh bed. Aren’t toddler beds just the cutest? So I brought it into our (messy) garage, propped it up on paint cans and sprayed it with charcoal gray paint. It really gave the bed a more grown-up and boyish look.
Good morning!
As far as decorating all of Owen’s bedroom…. I have grand plans in my mind but who knows when it will happen (isn’t that how it often seems to go?) So, instead of waiting for my hands to catch up with my brain, I decided to make very simple impromptu bedding to add a touch of color in his boring room. I made a yellow cotton toddler sheet and a double-sided pillowcase.
Blue on one side:
White and gray on the other!
I didn’t really plan to make his pillowcase like that but I had limited fabrics in the house and didn’t feel like going to the store. I love how a “make it work” moment brings out something you never would have thought of.

The blanket is just a piece of fleece fabric from Joanns (can you tell I’m on a houndstooth kick?) I bought it to make another fleece vest but maybe it’ll just be Owen’s blanket! Since fleece doesn’t fray at the edges, I just left them raw. Does it get simpler than that? I thought about finishing off the edges but it was just so cozy as is.

You’ll find the Toddler Sheet Tutorial HERE and the Pillowcase Tutorial HERE.
One set of bedding, ready to go:
And if he gets sick of it….
I made one more look in a soft striped knit, purchased years ago at M&L or FIDM. I’ve never known what to do with it till now! The only problem is that I can’t figure out the right pillowcase color for it. I made navy blue at first to match the navy stripes but it looked weird. I wish I had enough knit left to make a matching pillowcase. Oh well. Not a big deal since you know, 2 year old boys are really concerned about their bedding.
Ni-night! Don’t let the yellow bed bugs bite.

  1. 1) Deborah Auen

    Wow…..how cute!I just love this bedding! What a lucky lil guy:) he is adorable!!! Love what you did to the bed too!!!

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