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Though most blogs I read are sewing or design oriented, there’s a small handful of food blogs that I just can’t keep my eyes off of. They usually have a few things in common: beautiful pictures, food you want to eat right from the computer screen, yummy recipes, and personal stories to go along.
I can’t remember how I found Damaris at Kitchen Corners but I was immediately sucked in.
Her photos are beautiful and her kids are stinking cute.
And of course her food makes me hungry. I mean, pumpkin snickerdoodles, Blackberry Frozen Yogurt, and fresh Peach Pie? Why doesn’t Blogger have a “free sample” widget?
But the thing I really love about Kitchen Corners is Damaris herself. She’s a darling Brazilian mom of 2, living in the states. And she has a clever way with telling stories. (Isn’t she adorable??)
So I asked her to share a Yellow food story with us today. And yep, it’s pretty cute….

Hi! My name is Damaris but you can call me Da. I’m a food blogger at Kitchen Corners and in my next life I will be an awesome seamstress. Until then I visit MADE to soak up all the beautiful clothes and patterns Dana creates. Oh, how I love her talent!

Now I want to tell you a story about a very important yellow food that is much consumed in my home…

That picture up there is the result of bad parenting. It happened back in Spring when we were deciding what to plant in our tiny garden plot. My vote was for tomatoes lots and lots of tomatoes. My husband decided on sunflowers, my favorite flower the one he’s sick of buying for me at the supermarket every week to liven up our home. My four year old Enzo was adamant on popcorn, so much so that he went over to the pantry opened up our jar of popcorn, stuck his little chubby hands inside and made a tight fist around as many popcorn seeds as he could get.

And off he went to plant his popcorn.

I told him it wouldn’t grow. I was sure it wouldn’t grow. I explained to him that the popcorn we had was processed and then packaged and ready to be popped, not planted. He was devastated. Then a couple days later he told me he had planted popcorn. He had put some kernels in his pocket walked over to the garden plot and planted each kernel one by one.

A couple months later the corn actually grew into plants. And they grew taller than him. Taller than me. Every time I saw the plants I felt little and humbled.

Yesterday we harvested the corn and set out to pop the kernels.

“Will they pop?” Enzo asked
“I seriously don’t know but let’s try.” I was hopping with all my heart that they would pop, for his sake.

That above is the result.
Four kernels sorta-kinda-poped.
And Enzo was stoked.

In Enzo’s world everything should come in fours, because he’s four, because there are four people in our family….but mostly really because he’s four.

He ate his four yellow semi-popped kernels and pronounced them delicious. Later on I stuck my hand in the same container of popcorn where Enzo had gotten his dear popcorn to plant, and I made a big bowl of popcorn for all of us to eat together.

In our home our favorite yellow food is popcorn.
What’s the favorite yellow food in your home?
Hmmm, that’s a hard question. Probably anything that’s a desert!
Thank you Damaris for sharing your stories, your food, and your beautiful site with us.
Head over to Kitchen Corners for all sorts of wonderful recipes and photos!

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