3 little stacks arrived from Fedex today! Well, the stacks actually arrived in boxes but the boxes weren’t as cute as what was inside. Any idea what they are? (aside from the post title. heh)
Clue: They’re 4×6 inches, slightly glossy on top, and made of ultra-thick cardstock.

new Business Postcards!
I’ve never had business cards before. Dumb, I know. Get with the program. So I did! But instead of standard size business cards, I went with a larger postcard-size format so people can take a real piece of MADE with them.
I individualized each card with a picture title in the corner: the can-can skirt, the market skirt, the shirt dress. I wanted them to feel like little pieces of art in a way.

And of course I wanted to print more looks, but I (or my realistic husband) decided that 3 versions were plenty for now.
On the back of each card is a brief intro to the site:
I used THIS place to print my cards.
I created them one day, they went to print the next day, and in a few days they showed up on my doorstep! (for a great price too). I’m so happy with how they turned out and really love them. I only wish the green shirt dress pic was more vibrant but, oh well.
Want to know what spawned the sudden need for business postcards??

I’ll give you the fun travel details tomorrow….

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