Pics of the kids….I’d love your input

I’m so bad at hanging artwork in our home.
To be honest, I kind of like the walls bare because it feels breathable….and makes for simple photo backdrops.
But it’s time my friends.
Time to “finish” the home….so I can actually share it with you! (along with that, ahem, sewing room I painted neon yellow last year. Eesh)

So I took some pics of the kids last month. And I need to pick just one photo I can blow up to a large canvas or frame on the wall.

I’d love your input!

Of course I have my two favorites. Or I could make a small series of 2 or 3 shots?
Okay I’ll stop rambling.
Let me know which group photo you like best (note the small photo numbers in the group shots)…

and a few less usable outtakes…..
I love these munchkins!

  1. 2) Mel

    I love the bottom picture. You can see all of their blue eyes and everyone is looking at the camera.

  2. My vote is #1! They’re all gorgeous, but #1 draws my eyes only to the kids, since the background is all white, and the way they’re positioned is great!

      • 5) Katie

        Ditto – Number 1! (5 is my backup)

    • 6) Aimee

      Definitely #1. Then I’d get a solo shot of each of them and make three smaller canvases to go directly under the big canvas, equal to the width of the big one.

  3. 7) Melissa

    Group 5 is cute (although they all are!!)

  4. 8) Hannah

    I say 5 is the cutest c: I love how lucy is holding Claras hand, and they’re all grinning. :0)

  5. 9) Aliya

    I Love 3 and 5.

    Your kids are always incredibly adorable. πŸ™‚ (unrelated note: I just found out that after 2 boys I’m having a girl! I finally get to use the name I’ve been planning on for as long as I can remember: Lucy. Yay.)

  6. 11) Anna

    The first outtake, definately. That will make you laugh out loud everytime you see it! And my second choice is yesterday’s-munchkinsonslide-instagram. That one was just perfect!

    • 12) Melinda

      I’m with Anna! That face and the responses of the older two are what you see every day. I like #5, it has nice expressions and one you could send to friends and family. I am sorry I missed yesterday’s instagram. I’m also sorry I missed the book signing in Seattle. I’ll be visiting my daughter there next week. I so enjoy you sharing your beautiful children with all of us!

  7. 13) Kim

    I like number 1 (and all of the rest of course)

  8. I like #1 the best for the group pic to blow up big… I’d make an arrangement of them though, if you search “Wall display guides” on google you’ll see some different ways to arrange the images. You can do one big one, and have smaller ones around it in various positions. πŸ™‚

  9. I have to agree with Anna up there — the first outtake is my favorite. It captures the kids perfectly! But if you’re truly against that one, I pick 1 or 5.

  10. 17) Ariel W.

    3 and 5 seemed to stand out more. ADORABLE kids! And…because of your post on Cinnamon Shores, we headed down to Port A this last weekend and loved every minute of it. We stayed at the Sea Gull in a very cute unit, and we were in heaven!!

  11. 18) Justine Powell

    I think #1 is te best to be blown up for a wall photo. But they are all truly beautiful!!

  12. 19) Brenda

    I love them all! But I vote for the first one – I like their positioning best in that one. Tough choice! I’m glad I don’t have the final say! Your kids are adorable as always πŸ™‚

  13. I think #1, but I actually love the last outtake even more…Clara’s expression in that one is priceless!

  14. 21) Nici

    Love #3 & #5 with #5 being the favorite! I liked the last one too!

  15. 22) Nicola

    Number 5! Gorgeous and intimate! I love number 1 too but I once had a similar picture of my little ones on the wall and I never really knew which way up to put it or which way to look at it, it bothered me so much I had to take it down – I like my children all the same way up!!!!

    • 23) Dkb

      I agree with nicola. I like 1 but for a big pic on the wall it would bug me to have kids upside down. I wouldn’t be able to see their faces well. Use that for a smaller pic . So many of the pics are so cute I might pull a few together for a series

  16. 24) Angela

    I vote 3, the expressions on their faces are perfect and I love that the older kids are touching Clara, it is so sweet. 1 is a close second. The 1st outtake rocks, I love Clara’s expression.

  17. #5
    all their faces are so clear and there is nothing distracting from that at all. love the contrast of white and colors and the dark bed headboard as well.
    great pictures of such cute kiddos!

  18. P.S. I have ONE picture hung in this house…I am the same…I like the bareness but do feel like it is unfinished…it intimidates me! πŸ™‚

  19. 30) Rochelle

    Your kids are adorable! I love 3 & 5!

  20. 31) Katie T

    i vote number 3!

  21. 32) Shantel

    #1 & #3 are my favorites! they focus the most on the kids!

  22. Your kids are so super cute! I can see why you have a hard time picking one!

  23. 34) Toni-Maree

    #1 and #5. Just gorgeous! I dont have anything on my walls either πŸ˜›

  24. 35) Susan

    #1 & the first picture of group #5 (all of them in bed) – just adorable. I’m not sure I’d pick a picture where someone is on his head – but maybe that’s just me.

    • 37) Bridge

      I agree. 1 takes the cake but I adore 7 as well… if only clara’s hand wasn’t blurry. And for that, 3 gets my runner up pick.

  25. I love number three!

    I’m sure you’ve been told this tons of times, but your kids are soo adorable!!

  26. 40) April

    one and three are my favorites! All are great photos of your beautiful children. : )

    • 43) EstherH

      Number 3 popped out at me right away πŸ™‚ my favorite! well, they are all gorgeous

  27. I replied to this on Twitter, but will weigh in here, too. I suggest a collage of all of them (group shots and individual pics), with some of them larger than others, some cropped to be squares, etc. They’re all adorable! (And I’m bad at whittling down beautiful things.)

  28. 45) LucyL

    #3 or #5. So love kids smiles~

  29. 1 and 3 are my favorites. πŸ™‚

  30. 47) Christy

    Love #3

  31. 49) emily

    #5!!! so cute.

  32. 50) hillary

    3 & 5! So so so cute.

  33. 51) Lulu

    #3 and #5 are great. And the baby’s face in the first outtake is priceless!

  34. #1 – because it looks very natural and all the kids looking at the camera and enjoying themselves. #6 is my next favorite, but I think #1 is a better picture of Lucy.

  35. 53) Melissa

    #1 for my pick. I love Clara’s face on the first outtake…how precious!

  36. 56) Maria

    1 or 5. 3 is also good but you’ll always have someone upside down πŸ™‚ I also like the collage idea. I’m sure you can get to something really pretty (I always loved pics of babies’ feet and some of your individual shots are GORGEOUS!)

  37. 57) Cate

    1 and 5 are my favorite group shots.

  38. 58) pj

    My vote is #1. So sweet of all of them. By the way, it’s refreshing to not see any burlap headbands on your girls. Too over-done on my opinion.

  39. 59) SuperErin

    Definitely #1.

  40. First choice: #3. Second choice: #1 (but maybe with Clara at the bottom edge?) The bed photos are ADORABLE, but I envision them more in a hallway near the bedrooms rather then in the living room.

  41. 63) nikki

    I love that they are all touching in a very affectionate manner and the smile on Clara’s face is priceless!

  42. 64) Charlotte

    I pick #1 or #5! πŸ™‚ They are all so adorable!

  43. Hi Dana!
    It’s very difficult but I choose the n.1 for a bigger poster, but also a collage to put in an other part could be interesting.

  44. 66) Katharine

    #1 for sure. It’s captures all your kids in a natural pose, it’s modern because it’s vertical (I have too many photos of my kids lined up in a horizontal row).
    Great pic!

  45. 67) Dagny

    I love #1 and 3. The look on Clara’s face in that last one is hilarious.

  46. 68) Fiona

    Fantastic pictures! I vote for #3, with #1 being a close second.

  47. 69) Amy D.

    I can’t choose between 1 and 5! All so cute!

  48. 70) Erica Renee

    1 & 5— SO CUTE!!! I also love 4 for the color! love them all!

  49. 71) Lissette

    Number 3! Although they are all adorable. πŸ™‚

  50. 72) Dianne

    Number 1!

  51. oh my gosh! I love the odds – 1,3,5,& 7!!
    good luck – such a difficult choice!!

  52. 74) Emily

    I like #3 the best… but the one with Clara’s stink face is precious!!!

  53. number 1 for a poster-size. 3 would work too, but with two of the kids upside down in that framing, it makes me literally a little dizzy to look at it even on a small scale. If you did 3, I’d turn it sideways.

  54. 76) Emily

    I have comfort in these photos… It may just be because they are taking pictures but I notice that Owen has his hands on Clara’s cheeks…. this is a position that my kids are in ALL THE TIME! I have 2 sons ages exactly like Owen and Clara and my oldest is obsessed with caressing his little brothers (chubby, mind you) cheeks! Even if it’s just in these photos… it makes me feel better!!

  55. 77) AubreyB

    Love 3 & 5 the best!

  56. 78) Julia C K

    I like number one, followed by number five (but one is by far my first choice).

  57. 79) Anie

    Number 3 and 5!

  58. I like #3, and the individuals best. They would make a nice grouping if you did the large group shot and 3 small individuals below or above no longer than the large frame- if that makes sense. Fun pictures! πŸ™‚

  59. As a group shot, without a doubt, no. 1 by a large margin. Blown up way big! πŸ™‚ You make some cute kids.

  60. 82) HW

    I like #3 best!

  61. 83) Megan

    So cute! I can’t get over that little poof of hair on top, adorable!
    Maybe 3 or 5? I don’t know they are all cute!
    I was wondering what happened with the Mtn. Dew sewing room…I am excited to see what it turned out to be!

  62. 84) Gaynor

    You have captured your children so beautifully. I love the movement and smiles in photos 7, it shows them really enjoying being together. Otherwise photo 3. However, I think the collage idea is fantastic.

  63. 85) Christina

    1, 3 and 5…and I like the outtake where she looks like a Cupie doll πŸ™‚

  64. 86) Leigh

    1, 7 and the last out take

  65. #3 as a big canvas and then one individual shot of each of them on smaller canvases underneath or scattered around the main canvas. The group of photos under the #5 group shot would be perfect (though I am also very partial to the photo of Clara’s legs from behind that makes it seem like you wanted to get a shot of her and she scooted too fast for you πŸ™‚ )

  66. 88) Candice

    Number one!

  67. I love the first one. I love all the others too but don’t care for the big kids being upside down. πŸ™‚ I love the expression on Clara’s face in the first outtake! So cute!

  68. 90) Rachel

    5 or the very last one

  69. 92) Jessica

    I love #1! So cute!

  70. 95) jodie

    morning dana, the first outtake is a cracker, makes me laugh…thanks for the happy start to the morning :O)

  71. 1 and 3 are my favorites. 5 would be my next choice#2 is cute but the little one looks like a Cabbage Patch doll, it doesn’t capture that little spark I see in other pics where she is smiling. I LOVE her expression in the first “unusable” out take, you should crop in to just her face and blow that up to like a 8×10, that would be so cute on the wall and it would probably always make you smile

  72. 98) Olga

    Five and six! And C has a great look on her face on the first image that is not numbered.

  73. 99) Kristen

    Not to throw a wrench in things, but I just had this same problem and I ended up making a collage with picasa and then got the collage blown up on a canvas…

  74. 100) mary

    Number 5. Pure cute!

  75. The first one is my favorite!

  76. Outtakes??? I don’t think so! Of course #1 is #1 for a reason, but the last one is precious too! That little one has poisonality! πŸ˜€ Your kids are beautiful… just don’t use the ones where their eyes are closed and you can’t miss! πŸ˜€

  77. 104) Xanthe Grundy

    Absolutely definitely #1!

  78. I love #1 and I also love the first out take picture too! Clare is so cute!!

    Good luck deciding – it’s all part of the fun!

  79. 106) emily

    first choice 1, second choice 3

  80. 107) RaeLyn

    Tough choice! I like #1 and #3

  81. 108) Alexandra

    I loved #1, also liked #7. And the 2nd outtake is great

  82. #5 for sure. πŸ™‚ I love it- and all three of the kids’ photos, too.

  83. i love 3 and 5. this would be easier to pick if your kiddos weren’t so cute!

  84. 113) Netty

    1 or 3!! Love them!! So super cute! πŸ™‚

  85. I saw 1, then I saw 3, then I saw 5, then I saw 6. Definite tie between 1 and 3.

  86. 115) Dana S

    3 and 5 are my favorite! Such adorable faces!

  87. 116) Amy G

    #1 is my favorite. And the outtakes, of course. Clara has great facial expressions!

  88. 117) Sheerin

    Definitely #3.

  89. 118) Rachael

    Call me crazy, but I actually like that last “Outtake” best. It seems more candid and much less posed.

  90. What does it say about me that my favorite is the first outtake? I just love that little face that Clara is making and Lucy and Owen just look so full of spunk and love for their little sis!
    Such beautiful pictures!

  91. 120) Amanda Angert

    All are super cute but #1 is my favorite πŸ™‚

  92. 122) Christina

    My fave as a stand-alone pic is the first one!

  93. My favorites are all of the ones with the baby. Sorry, I know it isn’t helpful, but she’s just so darned charming!

  94. 125) Whitney C

    1 and 3 would be my picks. They are so cute! The first outtake is awesome! I would totally frame that one as a pick me up πŸ™‚

  95. 126) Heather

    My favs are 1& 3…I guess it depends if you want some kids upside down on the wall…

  96. First and last are my favs!

  97. 128) Rachael

    1 and 5. (All of the pics are great.)

  98. 129) Julie Neff

    Love number 1 (and the first outtake πŸ™‚

  99. 130) Lindsay

    either #1 or #3 definitely!

  100. 132) katie g

    3 and 7 are my favorite!

  101. 133) Crinkled

    The three individual shots between #5 and #6 would be great, if you could edit the legs out of the last photo.

    I like #7 because it shows the children interacting, but I think my favourite is the very last one in the outtakes – it seems to show each of their individual characters.

  102. #4 is so awesome and unexpected and I love #1

  103. seriously ??? you really want us to choose ???????

  104. 137) Sandi

    I like #3 best, then #1. If you were doing a series of several shots or a collage, I’d include the first “out take” It’s very cute and funny

  105. 139) faye

    i like the outtakes one and two ! but of the ones you asked, 1 and 7 are my favs

    beautiful pics of the kids! and i love the sheets

  106. I love them all. It’s hard to choose. But I have been SUPER curious about how your sewing room turned out. So curious that I’ve searched your site several times to see if I missed the post. πŸ™‚ I am excited to see your home projects and ideas!

  107. I love the first one. and the first one you said was in the less usable section. they are very adorable kids!

  108. 142) Michelle

    #3 is the one that caught my attention! Love ALL! πŸ™‚

  109. 143) Nina

    I really like the first picture of the outtakes, but that might be one for just Clara. Number 3 is my vote. Great pictures!

  110. I love #7 best. I first liked #1, but 7 shows interactions between them all and has more personality and life. (They’re all pretty great!)

  111. 145) Eleena

    #5 and #7.

    Your kids are very cute!

  112. 146) Naomi

    Your kids are very photogenic!! I like #3 and #5.

  113. Your kids are adorable! I like one and three and actually think the last outtake is super cute and totally useable.

  114. 148) Mary

    I’s do a grouping of 1,3, and 5. Cute!!! Love the outtakes!!

  115. I love number 1 best of all! I think you should blow that one up and then use some of the individual ones in smaller sizes as a collage with it…the three between 5 and 6.

  116. 150) Erin

    I love #4. Unexpected and original.

    But the first out-take is pretty special too. And #5 is a great pic of all three kids.

  117. Unless it’s going in the bedroom, my favorite is #1. If it is going in the bedroom (or a more personal place than a living room, for example), my favorite is #5. πŸ™‚

  118. I love #1 and #5. What great pictures!

  119. 153) Shari

    1&3 great photos and beautiful happy family!

  120. As a mom of 3, I have some valuable advice. Your older 2 look roughly how they will look in the next few years, but that sweet babe will change conitinually. Pick individual shots so you can update as needed! I love the baby shots of #3, but it’s been great to update them. (leaving the older ones!)

  121. The first outtake is the best! Every time your kids are stressing you out, you can look up at those charming smiles and feel your tension slip away. If not an outtake, then I think #1 looks great too! Such cute kids!

  122. 156) kim

    what cuties!!

  123. Of course they are all great but my favorites are 3 and 5. I love Clara’s face in the last one, “Hey!”

  124. 158) Jackie

    1,3, or 5. You are so brave to let hundreds of your closest friends help you with this decision. But I must say, we love seeing your photos of the kiddos.

  125. 159) Lis

    Definitely number 1. Good luck choosing!

  126. 160) Kristi

    Ooh! 3! And that first outtake, which is just hilarious. Great photos all around!

  127. 161) Erin

    I love #1 but I also think the first outtake would make an adorable/interesting/full of personality canvas!

  128. 165) Marci

    I love them all, but number 5 is my fave!!

  129. 166) Cari

    1 or 2, but I’d crop out your alarm clock and get a little tighter. I’ve tried several staggered kids shots, but inevitably, you can’t hang it in any direction that doesn’t make it look like you favor the kid that is right-side-up the most. You might try putting their heads all together in the same direction so their ears are all touching (or the tops of their heads are all touching, but no one is completely turned another direction). Great pics though. CUTE KIDS!

  130. Number 1 πŸ™‚

    And I love the way in most of the pics Owen is touching little Clara!

  131. I think 5 is the best group shot because it’s the one that prominently features all three kids, whereas the others seem to center around Clara. Other than that, the first one is my true favorite (other than the outtakes, of course. Hilarious!)

  132. Oh, see I LOVED the first “unusable” pic. LOVED IT. Totally the one I would keep :).

  133. 174) Megan

    I love #1 as well. But they are all so great that I would consider doing a big wall collage with many of them πŸ™‚

  134. 175) sarah

    1 & 5 (tied)

  135. 177) bdaiss

    I think you need a giganto one of all three kids (I like #1 and #3). And then on a different wall, a triptich of each kid by themselves.

    I’ll be honest though – I love the 2nd outtake. It’s very real.
    Cutey patooteys. : )

  136. 178) nopinkhere

    The odd numbers–3, 5, 7. But especially 7. It looks good, but real.

  137. 179) Nathalie Harris

    1 or 3

  138. #1 and #5 for sure. I love the first outtake. Too cute…and real… you know? Sometimes I like the goofy pics I take the best because the kids aren’t staging a smile just because I am telling them to! πŸ™‚

  139. 181) Rachel Horton

    I like 1 and 4. And the outtakes. Could you do a small outtakes series (not on canvas) somewhere else in the house?!

  140. 182) anna peterson

    34 and the 1st out take are my fav’s.

  141. 184) lena

    I love 4. Less posed and a little artsy. Just your style.

  142. 185) cara

    1, 3, 4; bottom 3 of 5 πŸ™‚ — wait, we’re supposed to pick just one? Crap… Well, a wise friend once told me that if you find yourself disagreeing with someone’s suggestion/opinion, you should pick the other option πŸ˜‰

  143. I liked #2 immediately, but I like #1 too. πŸ™‚ All of them are adorable! Where does the time go?

  144. 187) Antonella

    hi Dana,
    number 1 is my favorite! though the majority of the other pics would look awesome on a wall …plus …..did I say how much I love your blog????

  145. I like 3 – they’re all looking at the camera and the interaction is great!

  146. 190) Melanie

    The first one is by far my favourite! But they are all cute. Reminds me of my own three blondies! : )

  147. 191) Jennie

    #6 and #2

  148. 192) Gloria

    Three! Your babes are too precious.

  149. Th first or fifth ones are my favourite – you’re kids are so damn photogenic though, any would look great πŸ™‚

  150. I’d say #3 hit me first. That one is great and then I would choose from #5 the individual pics of your son and older daughter. Those are really great photos.

  151. 195) Rachel

    Lots of cute pictures but 3 is my pick.

  152. 196) Karen

    My favorites are tied with #1 and #5. How can you go “wrong” with any of them, though???? Great job and good luck choosing! Oh, and only you and your family should choose because you know the children and how their personalities come across in these photos, as well as the “feel” of what you want to portray.

  153. They are all cute but 1 is my favorite and 7 is my second favorite

  154. Dana they are all gorgeous but from your pics 1 and 5 are my favs. I have to say though the very last photo from your out tatkes is really sweet and you should consider that one. Have fun

  155. 199) Emma

    I love # 1 to hang up! But I gotta say, I LOVE the first outtake and the last outtake, priceless! Your kids are adorable!!

  156. 200) Felicia Mathis

    I vote number 1. Your kids are darling!!!

  157. 201) Lindsey

    I like 3 and 5. Although I might change the crop or rotate number 3 so that Lucy and Owen aren’t upside down!

  158. i like 3, 4 and the last one the best but
    i would probably do a group of a bunch of small canvases they are all so cute!

  159. 203) Jen

    3 is the cutest thing EVER!

  160. 204) Caru

    Number 3 and the last ones without number are really perfect.

  161. 206) Janelle

    Many cute ones, but the favorite by far is #1

  162. 207) Liz Sloan

    I love number 3 but I think that when you hang it on the wall – it will truly look as if the older kids are hanging upside down:) I love the mix of number 1, 4, and 5 together! They are all so cute!!

  163. Love the first and the last <3 They are adorable!

  164. 209) Ivana

    #1 is the best πŸ™‚

  165. 211) Katy

    5, because each kid is equally visible and gets their share of the shot whereas in some of the other photos one or two of them are harder to see. All are great shots though. And thanks for sharing the “outtakes”. Super cute!

  166. 212) Adi

    Your kids are super amazing! I really liked 3, 4 and the individual close-ups. BTW, i know you defined it as “less usable” but if I had to choose one it would definitely be the last one – it rocks!!!

  167. 213) Hedija

    Number 5 is so gorgeous πŸ™‚

  168. I actually quite like the last one of the outtakes! I think it is really great!

  169. 216) sarah watkins

    definitely number 3 – they all look so cheeky and like they are having lots of fun, which after all is what siblings are all about.

  170. 217) Dorota

    1, 3 and 7, but 1 is the best one – bright and all have eyes open + perfect for framing it and hanging on a wall πŸ™‚

  171. ohh all of them! 1 & 3 the best though πŸ™‚

  172. 220) Milly

    Number 1. Alot of the others seem too blurry to be suitable for blowing up on a cavas?

    I really dont like the ones where the older kids faces are upside down as my brain cant really compute their features properly and they look strange.

    Hope you dont mind my blunt feedback!

  173. 221) Kate

    I like 1, 3, 5 and the last outtake!! OMG you have gorgeous kiddies!

  174. 222) Jaime

    I like three…and the first outtake-that face is awesome :).

  175. LOVE the first one! Though I do love the outtakes too. πŸ™‚

  176. 227) Emilie344

    My favourite is the first one, I think you should use this one !

  177. My favorite of all three kids is #3. They are so cute! Love those baby cheeks!

  178. 230) Lisa

    1 and 3. πŸ™‚

  179. 232) Holly

    Number 5

  180. 233) Genevieve

    The 1st one is my favorite πŸ™‚ Your kids are so cute!

  181. 234) Annie

    #1. Simple background, all kids clear (and adorable!).

  182. 235) Devin

    #3 and #5 are my favorites

  183. 236) Georgi

    The “outtakes” definitely need to be in a collage next to the final choice…love that silly side mouth on baby girl:)

  184. 237) Kristie

    My cousin did a 3 by 3 grouping. She used one “normal head shot” and a silly one of each of her kids, with the center being a big group shot. It turned out so cute!

  185. 238) Melanie

    Triptych style, #3 in the middle with the baby as the center, and the left picture of your son (after #5), and the right picture of your daughter (after #5). This way, everyone gets an immediate recognition in an easy to see photo, and the shot in the middle adds a fun punch, without having to look sideways too long. πŸ™‚

  186. I like the first one and I’d also use an individual shot of each kid. I’m a gallery person.

  187. One word: Collage.

    (Ok, more than one – pick your fave and make it the biggest, then maybe choose three more to go with it.)

    That is all. πŸ˜‰

  188. 242) Katie

    Definitely #1 for a large picture.

  189. I love #3. But I totally love the first outtake ~ the expression, oh the expression. It is fabulous!

  190. 244) Trish

    i like 5 and then 3. very cute kids!

  191. 245) scout

    i think #5 is my favorite

  192. 246) ruth

    #1 and #3…. I like that all the kids are looking in #3, but the way you framed #1 is great.

  193. I love #1! Plus it would look great on a wall. The one between 6 and 7 is super cute too. πŸ™‚

  194. 248) sheila

    I like number 1.

  195. 249) Libby

    3 = PERFECT!!!

  196. 250) Christine

    I love 3 and 5! So cute!

  197. 251) Kate

    Number 1 is my favourite πŸ™‚

  198. 252) Angie

    #3 and 5 are very cute and the first outtake is adorable!

  199. My favorite is #3 but only if you turn it vertically (so that no-one looks upside down). I also love #1 and #5. Keep the “unusables” and crop them down to focus on one or two people or a detail, like a loving touch or a baby’s smirk. Then use the cropped photos to surround your large group photo. Look forward to seeing what you do!

  200. 254) Annie

    I love 3 and 5!

  201. 3 and 4 together. I love the 4, so unexpected but still has all that childhood sweetness to it. Plus I think it ‘breathes’ just like you like your walls. They’re so complimentary, 4 gives you that visual space you’re looking for and 3 gives you their super cute smiles that everyone wants πŸ™‚

  202. 257) moesha in mn

    I think you should do a collage of several pictures in different, but matching frames (like different sizes but same color). For the living room, 1,3,4,6, and the last one you called unuseable (I love her expression). And then you could do the same thing with some of the other ones above your bed.

  203. 258) ira lee

    #5 or similar. i dont really the current tren where some people are upside down. i want to see the faces! like # 3 would be awesome if they were all in a line. since these are siblings its so cool to see them lined up and note how they resemble each other

  204. 260) Julie

    #1 … nice and big. Perfect!

  205. # 2 and then #5 for my favorites. I love how they’re gentle touching in #2, and #5 just looks like they’re fun! I think two big prints #2 and #5 and then individual prints of each kid around it, maybe in fun mis-matched frames. You have such beautiful children!!

  206. 262) Laurel

    I like #1

  207. 263) Sarah Durst

    like number 1….but DANA! SERIOUSLY!!!! That last one is to DIE for!!! You’ve GOT to put that puppy up somewheres.

  208. #1 & #5. But the first “outtake” one is pretty cool. You should consider using it, too. πŸ™‚

  209. 266) Martha

    No. 5. cute!

  210. 267) Dirose

    #5- they are all looking straight into the camera! Hard to pick.
    Beautiful, beautiful children.

  211. 268) Terri Sue

    Well it is going to take you a while to tally the responces! I’m going to leave my input just the same. I absolutely love number 1!!!!!

  212. 269) Mary Kay

    #1 & #5 – Your children are just beautiful!

  213. OK so i’ll give my 2 cents here…why can’t you make a collage of all the pics together and blow it up like that? Because there is not one picture here that should not be shown. Talk about angels from heaven!!! Oh and I SO wanna squish their cheeks! πŸ™‚

  214. I like the first one best!! They are all adorable though! πŸ™‚

  215. 272) Emra

    1, 3 and 5 are great. Any combo, any size.

  216. 273) Stefanie Ann


  217. 274) lynn

    4 and 7!

  218. #1 or maybe #3. I like the first one because it’s closer on their faces and doesn’t lose focus on them for the surroundings (bed, etc) in the picture. I agree with someone who said many of the others may not blow up as well either. I think they are all adorable shots just think #1 is your best bet πŸ™‚

  219. 276) Sara

    One and five! I think all the kids look great on the first bed shot, but it is a little too predictable.

  220. 277) sally

    The first one…..I took almost exactly the same picture of my 3 girls when they were 4, 2 and 3 months and its gorgeous. If you cut it square you can hang it any way up.

  221. 278) Tiffany

    Number 1 and 3!

  222. 279) celine

    numero TROIS!!! beautiful!

  223. oh actually, the second out take where bb is getting kissed is precious! truly, they are all so usable, bright and happy! I think a cluster of your faves would be nice. how very fun!

  224. I have to say my favorite is the first one. And I actually love that last picture. Clara’s expression while stuck between her brother and sister is just priceless. Makes me smile big. They are the most adorable kids on the planet.

  225. #1 and #3 one because of the background, but three has such cutes smiles hard to decide im sure every single pictures is cute!

  226. 287) Melissa

    I looooove #1. (Crop the bottom and the top close, maybe so it’s square…?)

  227. 288) Sally

    I vote #3! I love them all.

  228. 290) Suzanne Anderson

    Love number 3 then 5!

  229. 291) Nicole G.

    Giant canvas or foam core backed poster of #1 would look so crisp and refreshing on a wall.

  230. 292) Kelly Sawyer

    Definitely the first one!

  231. 294) peggy

    I like #5 and then #1. Adorable kids!!!

  232. 295) Sally

    Number 5. Your kiddos are beeeeutiful!

  233. Loved #1. It would look great big.

  234. 297) Sarah

    They’re all very cute, but I like 1 or 3 best.

  235. 299) Denise

    #3 is PERFECT!

  236. 300) gena

    #5 is my favorite.. They are all looking & they look so sweet!!

  237. 301) Maja

    Number 1, no doubt!

  238. Hi Dana, I know you have a ton of comments already! Not sure if this is something already mentioned, but I love number 5….also love the idea of using a close up shot of each one and framing side by side. Adorable little faces! : )

  239. numbers 3 and 4 are my favorites — I like them as a pairing because three focuses on their faces but four is more artistic and non-traditional.

  240. 304) sarmar

    All of these are fantastic. I really love the shots taken from above. If you have a square canvas you could rotate it in the wall now and then to keep one image fresh, just keep giving it a quarter turn and it’s a whole new composition. Well done Dana!

  241. I vote for 7. I love the movement and that each kid shows a different feeling…

  242. I really love No.5 because all of the kids are just looking great!

  243. #3 is my favorite group shot. Everyone is looking at the camera, and Owen’s hand on Clara’s ear/face is super cute. πŸ™‚

  244. 309) Corrine

    #1is number one in my opinion. Good balance of a candid moment and art.

  245. 310) Amandalane


  246. 311) Deborah Jennings

    I like #1, and #5. These are awesome!

  247. 312) Theresa

    #1 and #3 are drop dead cute!

  248. 313) Valerie Nelson

    #3 because everyone is looking at the camera & #7 because it’s SO playful!

  249. 314) Kelly

    #1 !!!!

  250. 315) Sandra Ross

    I don’t have an URL, but my talented daughter has started one! I also read the reviews, and my conclusion is that you make beautiful children! I selected #1(One) for the reasons already voiced – it was a perfect picture and everyone is looking right at the talented photographer! I would like to see it vertically, but it’s my favorite choice of a large, striking canvas used as a interesting focal point. God Bless and Thanks for sharing!

  251. 316) Agnieszka

    #1! They all are beautiful but #1 is definitely the best!

  252. 317) Martha J.

    I like the first outtake and (awesome) and then #3.

  253. 318) Maggie S.

    I like #1 but your son is not looking at the camera. Not a problem but I think #3 is better because you have all their attention. Either one would be great.

  254. 319) Sarah

    I like 3 & 5 the best!

  255. 320) Lauren

    Love #3! It’s not perfect or structured, but looks playful and natural, and you can still see everyone’s faces!

  256. I like the three close ups with three different canvases. Your children are so beautiful!

  257. 322) eve

    absolutely #5

  258. 323) elin

    numero 1!

  259. I actually love the first and last outtakes. And the 3 close ups of them by theirselves. 1 & 5 are cute too… Haha goodluck!

  260. 325) Maria

    #1 is my favorite!

  261. 326) Connie in California

    You have a beautiful family and all the pics are fantastic! B..U..T having said that…my favorites are #3 and then #5.

  262. the one that really makes me smile isn’t numbered: 4th from the bottom. Personality galore and artistic love it!

  263. 328) Katie

    Number 1 definitely! Probably can’t go wrong though.. You’ve got some cute kids!

  264. 329) KimL

    1 or 5 – beautiful kids!!!

  265. 330) KΓ€the

    #5 and the first out-take πŸ™‚

  266. Whew – you asked for input and you got a lot of it! Well, I can’t be left out! I’d say #5, cropped a little tighter and printed large, then put individual prints of each of the 3 kids either below in a horizontal row or beside in a vertical row. I love #1 as well but I find that in most of the pictures where your older 2 are upside down or sideways, Clara is always a little straighter and it becomes a beautiful picture of her with her lovable sidekicks as supporting models rather than the 3 of them all being the gorgeous stars they are. And there’s my 2 cents! πŸ˜‰

  267. they are all so cute! for a big canvas, i actually like #4 the best.

  268. 334) Kyla

    I love #3 and #5 best!

  269. 335) CarinaRdz

    I like a lot of them however, I would choose #1 for a hanging wall picture because all the kids will be horizontal. I love the ones where two are upside down but I think having upside down pictures of my kids on my wall would grow old after awhile…. It’s a great wall photo! (and just a great photo overall)
    Bottom line though, you have to pick the one that fits your home and the one that you love!

  270. 336) Megan L

    Number 3! Number 3!!!!!

  271. 337) Tina

    # 3
    but i love all πŸ™‚

  272. 338) Summer

    One or three. I love that they are holding hands in 3. It’s so cute!

  273. 340) Mrs. P

    I’d go 3, 5, or 6. They’re great pics!

  274. 341) Jen

    #3, but it’s a hard choice!

  275. whoa. it looks like you’ve got plenty of input, but everyone likes to give their opinion πŸ˜‰

    my favorite is the first outtake. it shows personality and interaction πŸ™‚

  276. 343) hannahk

    1 is just gorgeous ~ you get eye contact with them all
    3 is kinda cool with the older kids looking like they are hanging from the ceiling

  277. 344) Kim P.

    I like #5 the best, and #1 second. Love the colors against the white!

  278. 345) Jennifer O.

    3 and 5 are my favorites.

  279. 346) Holly Luzzi

    1 AND 5

  280. 347) Danielle

    I LOVE #1 but close second is the first one of “the unuseables” that is a true captured moment.

  281. 348) Claire j Corry

    So cute. I y
    Think the first one and number 5 plus the first outtake is is simply fab. I have an unusual canvas of my eldest yawning as a baby which my sister did. Not something I would have ever done myself but I simply love it. You have such lovely children and a great way of taking photos need to take more of my own. Good luck finishing off the room xx

  282. 349) NaomiRuth

    Oh my gosh! The first two and the last outakes are my favorites!

  283. 350) Amanda Kondo

    1, 3, 5 and the individual shots! They’re great! I wish I had cute photos to put up on my walls!

  284. 1,2,&3 are perfect for framing. the candid ones are so cute too.

  285. 352) Kathleen

    #1, without a doubt…solid white is better as background than the check. And, you HAVE to use the first outtake as well. Crop out your son’s left arm from the elbow down (it will look as if it’s behind baby girl instead) and it’s perfect!

  286. I love 1 and 7.

    Also, I featured your blog on my blog!!

    Just wanted to let you know!

  287. I think #1 is my favorite! They are all soooo cute. The individual ones are great too. It looks like Clara’s hair is getting blonder. ADORABLE!

  288. 355) Jane

    wow even your outtakes are amazing! i vote for #1, definitely!
    ps I bought your book online (live in Aus) and it arrived yesterday = so excited to get into it!!

  289. Definitely #3! It is unheard of to get a cute pic of three little ones all looking at the camera AND smiling! πŸ™‚

  290. #1 is pretty awesome. I can’t say I like the checkered sheet as a background though the pictures are still cute.

  291. My favorite is #3. the ones in the bed remind of John Lennon and Yoko Ono

  292. 360) raisingcropsandbabies

    3 or 5!

  293. 361) Connie

    I like #1 and #3… and I love the first and last out-takes! Seriously cute kids!!!

  294. 362) Carina Garcia

    I love #5!! Besos!!

  295. 363) Erin

    #1 is my favorite. I’m a big fan of series, so maybe put it up with the individual shots of each.

  296. 364) Shauna

    3 and 5 are my favorites.

  297. I love #1, but if you decide to go with separate pics of the three of them, then I like #5!

  298. 367) Hope

    Love the photos so cute.
    Hard choice but I would go with number 1 followed closely by number 3.
    I also love the face Clara is pulling in the first out-take photo. I would put that up on my wall if that was my kid. πŸ™‚

  299. #1 is my pick, but I would do a large of it surrounded with the individual pics of the kiddos(the 3 posted below #5) in a smaller size. And you HAVE to hang a shot of those sweet little chubby baby legs.

  300. 369) kate

    (Mambo) number 5 is my favorite.

  301. 370) bjahlstrom

    Number 1.

  302. 371) Amber Reece

    number one : ) sweet kiddos!

  303. 372) Giselle Zangirolimo

    Coloca todas em tamanho menor!
    Lindas, lindas, lindas!!
    Faz pequenos quadrinhos e coloque todas em sequencia…
    Vai ficar legal!!!

  304. 373) Nadia

    I vote for 5 because it’s adorable, of course. But also it doesn’t have the busy pattern from the sheets to draw the eye away from your cuties.

  305. 374) Amber M

    Picture #1 is adorable! Love everything about that shot. Simple and sweet. #3 is cute too!

  306. 376) Kesa

    #1 and #3 So Precious!

  307. IMO Number 1 and Number 5 are fantastic if you want to big impact shot, but there’s so many gorgeous photos that I can totally see the appeal of doing a collage of smaller prints

  308. 378) azeima

    Love them all……can’t really choose which one……1 & 3 I guess…..or just combine all together………^_^

  309. Dying of cuteness! OMG! How awesome are these pics!!! You are a lucky momma πŸ™‚ I’d to a wall and just plaster that cuteness all over it…..

  310. 380) erica

    #3 stood out the best for me, I think because they’re all looking at the camera, and smiling:-)

  311. 381) Sarah

    3 is my favorite because it looks less planned than 5. 4 is cute too. I like 1 like many said, but it has motion blur on the hand.

  312. MERAVIGLIOSI,i tuoi figli sono MERAVIGLIOSI…e complimenti per il tuo sito un’ispirazione continua!!

  313. great article. thanks for sharing

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