Austin Book Signing recap

Last Thursday was the local book signing and I had a blast! Hope you did too!

With Mr. Mom home with the kiddos, I packed up a bunch of these (why do things in piles and rows look so pretty?), I threw on my favorite solid colors, actually did something with my hair other than a bun, and headed to Stitch Lab for the night.
If you’ve never been to the Sitch Lab….you MUST. Such a treat. I mean it’s in an old house! What’s not to love?? The honestly have the best selection of designer fabrics that I’ve seen in a boutique shop….along with wonderful sewing classes.

They had a signing table set-up in the front room of the shop (more piles of books = Pretty)
….and more Sharpies than I could dream of. I loved asking each person which color they wanted me to use. (And for my statistician husband I should report that 80% preferred turquoise blue, then red, purple, and mint green tied for the other 20%.)
But, on to less geeky matters….
My favorite part of the night was just sitting and chatting with you guys—and looking like a dork at times. Making personal connections with people is what makes blogging come to life. So thanks for taking time to tell me your stories and sewing adventures!
We gave away a few prizes during the night, snacked on tasty treats, and roamed the store for fabrics. I came away with a few laminated cottons. More baby projects in the works!
And how cool is this quilt?
I. Heart. Solids.
Overall it was a great night. Thanks for coming!
And a huge Thank you to Stitch Lab and their volunteers for making it all happen.

A Dallas signing at City Craft is in the works. Date to be announced soon!

  1. If you had a book signing in Boise, I’d come…just sayin’ šŸ™‚ You look adorable and I am completely in love with that quilt. Then end.

  2. I’m so sorry I missed it. It’s been way too long since I’ve been to Stitch Lab, and I would have loved to meet you. But I’m very glad that it went well and that you had fun dong it.

  3. 3) Rachel Q

    Maybe your necklace inspired the color choices!

  4. Sounds and looks like it was a fun night. Gotta love a good fabric store!

  5. I’ve been to Stitch Lab too, and I spent about 45 minutes pawing through their button jar. LOL. Love that place. And your hair looks great!

  6. You look so great, Dana! What a fun little shop that looks like!

  7. 7) Connie Sanders

    I wish you could come to Michigan for a signing!

  8. 8) Belinda

    Dana, You met my daughter at your Stitch Lab book signing night. She thoroughly enjoyed meeting & chatting with you (UT Art History student graduating in December). I look forward to doing the same when you visit CityCraft in Dallas!

  9. 9) Rocio Estrada

    Hoping Chicago makes it on your book signing list!

  10. Oh man…I was so going to make the drive up from San Antonio…but then my husband happened to be out of town. I would have loved to meet you…next time. (Because of you I actually took my girls on a little day trip to Austin this past summer and Stitch Lab was one of the first stops.)

  11. I had so much fun meeting you! I was in the 80% blue and my friend Carrie was the 20% mint green:) You really are just so sweet and we loved getting to chat with you! I’m excited to learn more about fabrics with your book too. Maybe my next big pocket skirt won’t be such a fail…

  12. 12) Cara sullenger

    How fun! I have that cotton fabric you got on the right on top and I love it! I made a baby carrier cover out of it and my sister gets lots of compliments on the fabric!

  13. 14) Hennahands

    Tell your husband that this statistician girl revels in the stats he provided of the book signing since I was wondering about that as I was drooling over the sharpie colors myself.

  14. You are so very cute! Thanks for the fun night!!!

  15. 16) BrinleesMommy

    Great places like this are one of the MANY reasons I miss living in Austin!!! It is hands down my favorite city!

  16. 17) Carla

    I know I have mentioned this before .. but there are some great fabric stores in the greater Chicagoland area that you should come to visit and do a signing. Let’s get your PR people on this!! I want my book signed!

  17. I really enjoyed meeting you at Stitch Lab. Glad the pics turned out. You never know when you’re using someone’s camera.

  18. 19) nopinkhere

    I enjoyed meeting you at Stitch Lab. The lovely fabrics I came home with were just a bonus. Thank you for the reason to head south! (I was a turquoise, to match my hair.)

  19. What a cute shop! Looks like a good time. šŸ™‚

  20. 22) Sarah K.

    Seattle! Come to Seattle! It’s not too far north, right?

  21. This shop looks like the kind of place I could spend hours! The next time I am in Austin, I need to check it out. Looks like fun was had by all!

  22. It was great to meet you at the book signing. And the book is great! I got out some voile to make a top, and it was a great quick reference on needle size, etc. Thanks!

  23. 25) Jennifer

    Thanks so much for coming to my favorite fabric shop ever! You are such a neat and sweet gal. I enjoyed meeting you. And you know what, after I got home I smacked myself because we talked about some of the things I’ve made from your site and I forgot to say the Rollie Pollie! How could I forget the biggest thing I think I’ve ever made (besides my wedding dress :)?!

    Anyway, thanks so much and FYI, the Austin Public Library will soon have a copy of your book on their shelves. šŸ™‚ Cheers!

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