Phil Collins vs. Peter Gabriel

I told Casey the other day, “I think I really like Phil Collins.”
I mean, he’s got some great songs!
But then I realized that I can’t tell him and Peter Gabriel apart.
Now, in all fairness they were both in Genesis together. But certainly some of you are scratching your heads at this notion. I know, I know!
Do I like Phil Collins or do I think I like Phil but really I’m just singing Peter?

You see,
I grew up in the 80s with two older sisters so I definitely heard my share of Depeche Mode, the Cure, Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys, Marc Almond, Madonna, Cindi Lauper, etc..
I love the 80s.
Who doesn’t?
I went to a George Michael concert 2 years ago and forgot I was in my early 30s, and that GM was gay–since he was clearly singing right at me.

But with all that 80s music in our house, I don’t recall much Phil Collins. It was so middle aged mom.

I guess I am that middle aged mom now.
So it’s okay to admit that you enjoy a little Su-su-sussudio? and you get emotional listening to him (Phil?) belt out “take a look at me now-ow-ow”….(while thinking about the time Scott sang it on American Idol and referenced his father who never believed in him).

So Casey decided to give me a little quiz, to see if I could tell Phil and Peter songs apart.
He picked 15 songs, pulled them up one-by-one on iTunes and I had to guess who was singing.
Phil vs. Peter.
It wasn’t easy. And I did horrible–missed half of them.

Then I had my younger brother take the quiz.
And he got all but one correct!
Did we grow up in the same house?

So uh, since the post is already random enough….you want to take the Phil vs. Peter quiz?
I have a pdf link for you with a list of the songs. BUT let someone else click on the link and conduct the quiz for you. No fair peeking at the answers ahead of time.
(Click HERE for the quiz).

Let me know how you do!
Tonight, tonight, to-ni-ight. Woa-oah.

  1. I missed this post when you first posted it. My Mum is a huge Phil Collins fan, so I listened to him a lot growing up. Must have my hubby quiz me and see how well I do!

  2. 2) Rebecca

    My husband is the same way! I have teased him for years for not being able to tell the difference between them. I suggested a quiz in hopes of convincing him that Peter is the better of the two (sorry I choose Peter over Phil). He never has been able to tell the difference between them! As we were laughing about it tonight he said ,” I wonder if anyone else has this problem” so I googled it and then we found your post! Thanking you for sharing and letting him know that he isn’t the only one!

  3. 3) Mireya Pagan

    Thx for the flash back. I grew up in the 80s and I feel so sorry for those that didn’t. I did the quiz and proud to say I aced the thing. I wasn’t surprised and neither was my sister since I always been a fan of both, lol and still love them both.

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