Pattern — The Anywhere Skirt! — for Women + Teens + Girls

We all need a skirt that works for any occasion.
And this skirt can go anywhere!—to the party, to school, to work, to the beach.
the Anywhere Skirt Pattern
Anywhere Skirt Pattern with a Sash
the Anywhere Skirt for women and teens
the Anywhere Skirt pattern by MADE
It’s dainty, but flirty.
It has pockets. YES.
And though it’s a gathered skirt,it’s quite flattering on all body types.

the Anywhere Skirt for teens and women
the Anywhere Skirt Pattern - kids version
Purchase the Anywhere Skirt HERE – $9

the Anywhere Skirt sewing Pattern
For a while you guys have been asking for patterns for women and teenagers.
This skirt pattern works for both!….and for little girls as well.  But I really love how tailored and fun it looks on the older group.

The Anywhere Skirt is a custom-fitted skirt for ALL ages and ALL sizes.
It comes with a high or low waist and there are minimal gathers at the hips…so it lays beautifully on your body.  And it’s made to fit your body dimensions perfectly!
the Anywhere Skirt Pattern - partially gathered waist
the Anywhere Skirt for teenagers and women
Of course you can also make the skirt FULL–with gathers all the way around.  Cause that’s adorable too.  This black + white gingham version is perfect as an extra-full, extra-short beach skirt.  You’ll find that the beauty of this pattern is that there are so many ways to mix it up, for any body size, for any occasion, and for any season.
the Anywhere Skirt Pattern with a Sash
the Anywhere Skirt Pattern for Teens
• There are button closures in the front of the skirt (or you can wear the buttons around to the back).  If you’ve never sewn buttonholes, no worries!  We’ll walk through everything together.

• The skirt has an optional sash, which ties around the front or back.

• There’s only ONE page of pattern pieces you need to print! Yay!  No piecing pages together.

• And with a separate waistband, the door is wide open for all sorts of creativity:
Gold pleather?  Satin?  Lace?  Color-blocked?
Options, options, options.
the Anywhere Skirt Pattern with waistband options
the Anywhere Skirt Pattern with gold waistband
the Anywhere Skirt Pattern for anyone
Here are the details…

This is a 25-page PDF document, with detailed information and pattern pieces for sewing the Anywhere Skirt, for any size or any age. Instructions are easy to follow, with beautiful photos and illustrations, and a conversational tone that helps you feel like I’m right there next to you, joining in the sewing fun!
I’ve also included a simplified Cheat Sheet of Instructions + Measurement Chart, which you can print for easy reference on future sewing projects.

Advanced Beginner – Intermediate
Because this pattern requires a bit of math/calculations, and the ability to sew buttonholes, I’ve labeled it Advanced Beginner.  Of course I encourage anyone to push themselves and take on a challenge. So if you’re a true beginner, don’t be scared off…because you know I like to share ALL the details with you in my patterns. Just be prepared for the process to take a little longer than a beginner project.  So if you’re up for the challenge, give it a shot!  Or grab a sewing friend to coach you along the way. Sewing is always an adventure!

The Anywhere Skirt comes in multiple styles and lengths.
Each style has a fitted waistband, front plackets with button closures, and pockets!

Styles shown in this pattern:
• Partially Gathered Skirt
• Full Skirt
• Skirt with a Sash
• Various Lengths: Mini Skirt • Midi Skirt • Maxi Skirt • Knee-length

This pattern is for ANY age and ANY size.
It’s all based on your exact waist measurement, with ratios and a few calculations.
So what you end up with, is a skirt that fits YOU perfectly.

For each Skirt you need:
• 1 1/2 to 3 yards of fabric
• 5-10 buttons
• 1/2 yard of interfacing

The exact amount of fabric needed is dependent on your waist size and the style/length you choose.  It’s sort of a choose-your-adventure pattern.  Exciting, right?  It’s safe to say that for a woman’s or teen size skirt you will need 2-3 yards of fabric.

There are so many gorgeous fabrics that work on this skirt–and the best types are wovens.
My recommendations are:
Linen, Cottons (quilting weight, light-weight, medium-weight), Silk + Rayon.

the Anywhere Skirt Pattern for kids and teens and adults

DOWNLOADING the pattern
After purchase, you are sent a link for downloading the pattern to your computer.  This is sent to the email address attached with your paypal account.  It’s best to open the pattern link and download it on a computer or laptop (rather than mobile device).

When you open the file:
• First do a “save as” or “export” the file directly to your computer, so you always have a copy.
• Then open the file from that saved copy and print the appropriate pages indicated.
• You can then send that file to your phone or tablet.
• The file size is 1 MB

The most exciting part of this pattern is that there’s only ONE page of pattern pieces to print!
Hooray!  No piecing pages together!

• Pages print to standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper (for printing outside of the US see below)
• Included is a shortened Cheat Sheet of Instructions + Measurement Chart for easy reference, each time you make a skirt.
the Anywhere Skirt printing pages
Printing outside of the US
The pattern was created for standard US printers but should work for other countries as well. There’s a measuring box on the pattern page, so you can see if you’ve printed to the proper print size. The pattern images do NOT print to edge of the paper…so I recommend printing to your standard size paper, checking the box, and make adjustments as needed.

the Anywhere Skirt Pattern with color blocking

And as a bonus, I have a snazzy video showing how the pockets are sewn in place! Just hit the play button below:

Okay. Ready to Sew??

Purchase the Anywhere Skirt HERE – $9

the Anywhere Skirt Pattern for any age and any size
When you’ve finished sewing, share your photos with us!

• Instagram them with the tag #anywhereskirtmade and tag me as well @made_everyday

the Anywhere Skirt Pattern by MADE for all ages and sizes

  1. 1) Samina

    Perfect – That’s exactly what i want in a skirt! I’m off to purchase & download…

    • 2) Dana

      Awesome! Thanks Samina!

  2. Oh my goodness!! This is making me so excited! I can’t wait to start sewing some with my teenage daughters! Thanks Dana.

    • 4) Dana

      Fantastic! Thanks Tessie! 🙂

  3. 5) Beth K

    Brings back memories. Had that midi skirt in a Monet-ish print back in the 90s!

    • 6) Dana

      Bring Monet back! 🙂

  4. 7) Sally

    I love this skirt and I want to make it for myself, however, I have a short torso with a narrow waist and wide hips so this type of skirt tends to look like it’s sitting just under my breasts and sticks straight out when it hits my hips. Do you have any suggestions to adapt it to fit my shape?

    • 8) Dana

      Hi Sally,
      Yes…You can make the waistband of the skirt any width you like, and you can have it hang anywhere you like. So maybe a low-waisted 1-inch wide waist-band would work great on you.

      As for hips: The thing I LOVE about this skirt (and sort of why I designed it like I did) is that there are NO gathers at the hip area, so you get the feel of a gathered skirt, without extra bulk at your hips! This “partially gathered” skirt is actually kind of slimming on bodies. I was so happy when I sewed mine, tried it on, and saw how the gathers and the flat parts all worked together!

  5. I just love your color schemes so much! A beautiful skirt and pattern!

    • 10) Dana

      Thanks Amy!

  6. 11) Mimi

    Just purchased the pattern and went to Jenny’s Fabrics in Huntington Beach only to find way too many fun prints. Can’t wait to get started!

    • 12) Dana

      Ahhh! That makes me so happy to hear! Jenny’s 🙂 mmmm…..

  7. 13) Erin

    Just bought your pattern. I can’t wait to get to the fabric store. Thanks Dana!

    • 14) Dana

      Awesome! That makes me happy to hear!

  8. 15) Kim Heggins

    This is just as cute as can be…love all the beautiful fabrics you made your samples out of. Can’t wait to make one too. You are a genius!

    • 16) Dana

      Thank you Kim! It’s always fun to put the fabrics and colors together 🙂

  9. Yessss! This is gorgeous Dana! Just bought it and it’s amazing. That partially gathered style and those cheat sheets?? GENIUS! Can’t wait to use it.

    • 18) Dana

      Haha. Thank you! I thought the Cheat Sheets were in order 🙂

  10. I can’t wait to make mommy and me skirts for my daughter and grand-daughter! Thank you!

    • 20) Dana

      Aww that sounds adorable!

  11. Congratulations, Dana! It looks like another wonderful pattern! And I just LOVE your photography, both of the modelled skirts and the arrangements of the outfits. I really love your sense of which colors to put together. Lovely! 🙂 Lisa

    • 22) Dana

      Awww, that’s so great to hear! Thanks Lisa! I had fun putting those outfits together 🙂

  12. This is like Christmas!!! Would be able to tell me where you got that large black and white gingham? OR could you do a post of all the places your buy fabric online? I NEED that gingham!!

    • 24) Dana

      Oh that’s a great idea.
      Okay. This gingham is from
      It’s Robert Kaufman, 1 ” Carolina Gingham…and it’s SO lovely. REALLY good quality cotton (not that cheap stuff you see at so many fabric stores). It also comes in navy/white, but every time I tried to buy it was on back order! But I think that would look adorable too.
      Here’s a link:

  13. 25) Fran

    Hey Dana! Lovely work, they really look amazing. I just thought I would give a small suggestion about the printing outside the US box: maybe it would be nice to add a little centimeter square box there as well, since mostly all non–Americans use the metric system. It would really help people from other countries check if they have printed the pattern in the right way (and even Americans living abroad may not have access to rulers in inches, I guess).

  14. 26) kristen

    Love the pattern! I was wondering if the skirt is lined, and if not, would I be able to add a lining fairly easily?

    • 27) Dana

      The skirt is not lined, but most of the raw seams (except for the side seams) are enclosed, so it has a really nice finish. And in the pattern, I discuss how to finish off your side seams.

  15. 28) Heather

    Thank you for making a pattern for teens!! I have a skinny 11 yo and finding ready-to-wear in her size is not easy. I’m about to finish up a pair of shorts from your pattern and then we’ll move on to a skirt!

  16. 29) Joy

    Hi Dana! This pattern is adorable and I am hoping to try it. I have to admit that I am a little disappointed that none of the photos show the skirt on anyone who is not thin. As a person who wears a size 18, I’m very hesitant about choosing patterns that might not be flattering. It would seem that if you’re advertising the skirt as something that will flatter any body, it would be more convincing to see it on someone bigger.

    Regardless, I love your stuff and this pattern too!

    • 30) Dana

      Hi Joy,
      Sorry for not showing the pattern on more body sizes. It’s hard to juggle every size, age, and available models 🙂 that I know into photos.
      If you would like to try out the pattern for free and provide with some photos of your finished skirt, I’d love your feedback!
      Let me know what you think!
      – Dana

  17. 31) Sibyl

    May I ask the size this skirt goes through? You did not mention it on here–would not want to purchase if it doesn’t fit. We are fluffy girls here.

    • 32) Ashla

      It’s for all sizes. There is a measurement chart included on which you do your own calculations, so it really can be anything

  18. Okay, these are so adorable. I think this may make me get out my machine and give it a try. I really want one! And I LOVE Lucy’s turquoise, orange, and yellow button version.

  19. 34) Carole

    Hi Dana! I purchased your pattern and just finished sewing 2 lined Anywhere Skirts at the same time. I LOVE THEM! You are so right about them being flattering. (I made the partially gathered versions.) THANK YOU for the lovely pattern.

    • 35) Dana

      Awesome! That’s so great to hear! If you have any photos, I’d love to see :)….or share them on Instagram with the tag #anywhereskirtmade
      Thanks for sharing!

  20. 36) mia

    Hi dana, I love all the patterns your patterns i just sewed a skirt for my daughter and it looks fantastic! Thank you for the amazing patterns

  21. 37) Regina

    Hi Dana…..just bought your adorable Anywhere Skirt pattern. Anna MADE me do it, corny huh lol!! It’s absolutely what I’m looking for….it will be cute in a light corduroy with tights and clogs for the Fall (in Massachusetts).

    Thanks for a great pattern Dana, keep em comin!


  22. 38) Honey

    Hi How can I download educational videos?

  23. 39) Tori

    I love the navy blue/white polka dots skirt. Where did you get the waistband? I look for different waistbands and can only seem to find a few colors in the Dritz line.

    • 40) Dana

      It’s a metallic coated cotton fabric I found at Joann Fabrics in the “costume”-like fabric aisle

  24. 41) Pramudita

    Hi Dana! This is a beautiful pattern! I have to say I have been enjoying your video tutorials on YouTube so I know that this pattern would have nicely written instructions! I think I’m going to buy the pattern tomorrow! I do wonder though, is this pattern for personal use only?

    • 42) Dana

      Thank you!
      No, you can make and sell skirts using the pattern!….for a small-scale shop, like an etsy shop. But if you have skirts produced for you or sewn by others, you’ll need to come up with your own pattern.

      • 43) Pramudita

        Oh that is awesome! Just bought the pattern 🙂 Can’t wait to make me a fabulous skirt!

  25. 44) Anne Samuel

    Hello Dana,

    Just purchased the pattern, as a newbie sewer wondering if the skirt can be made in corduroy or light wool or would the look be too structured?



    • 45) Dana

      Corduroy or light wool sounds gorgeous! Go for it!

  26. 46) charisma carroll

    I’m only thirteen but I luv to make DIY clothes and you help me so much with the tutorials (:

  27. 47) BRidget

    I’m not sure if you still remember but the linen look fabric with the multi-colored, multi sized polka dots on one of the girls is making me drool. Do you know where it’s from?

    • 48) Dana

      It was an IKEA pillowcover! So. Sorry….that doesn’t really help!

  28. 49) Adrienne

    With this pattern, would I be drafting pattern pieces for the skirt panels or is it more like the simple skirt where you’re just measuring and cutting based on measurements?

    • 50) Dana

      You will be cutting rectangles for the back skirt panel, the two front panels, and the waistband, all based on your waist measurement. There are a few calculations involved, but we walk you through it step by step, with a sheet to write it down.
      It really helps you get a perfect fit for your body.

  29. 51) Katie

    This looks great, but I had one question! Is this adaptable to a flat front/elastic back at all? I tend to have some discomfort if a waistband is too fitted when sitting down, so I like a little bit of give, but this pattern looks fantastic. Just wanted to ask before purchasing. 🙂

    • 52) Dana

      Hi Katie,
      You could add elastic in the back, but it would take a lot of tweaking to do that….you’d have to not gather the fabric in the back of the skirt, create the back of the waistband differently. It’s definitely doable, but I don’t have any instructions or tutorials for that. Sorry!

  30. 53) Martha lyle

    I need a little help with the Anywhere Skirt. I have my granddaughter’s waist measure, but she wants the skirt to sit just above the hips, a measurement that I don’t have. Would it work to make the front and back waistband in separate pieces, then sew band and skirt side seams in a straight line, so it could be taken in later if I’ve made the waist too large? (Hope this makes sense!).
    Thanks for your help, and for this lovely pattern!
    Martha Lyle

    • 54) Dana

      Hi Martha,
      I’m not sure if I understand what you’re asking. Sorry!
      I would just see if she can measure that area for you before you get started.
      Or, just leave part of the waistband un-attached until you’re able to talk to her and make adjustments as needed. But it’s probably best to wait till you have a good measurement, so you don’t have to redo what you’ve already done. Hope that makes sense! 🙂

      • 55) Martha lyle

        Thanks! I need to get the skirt made by this weekend for her birthday, so no chance to get a measurement. I think I’m just going to add one inch to her waist measurement, that should make the skirt sit a little lower, but hopefully, not too much! She’s slim as a reed!

        • 56) Dana

          Sounds good! 🙂

  31. 57) Kate

    What do you think of replacing the buttons with snaps? Could that work? Thanks! LOVE your fabric, patterns and videos!

  32. 58) Stephanie

    The buy button isn’t working. Is this still available, its just perfect for what I want?

  33. 60) Just Elly

    I wanted to buy the pattern, but I couldn’t. Can you tell me how to get the pattern?

  34. 61) Chantel Adele Touryan-Schaefer

    Any chance for a video tutorial?

  35. 62) Mary

    wondering if you have a pocket pattern to use to add to a skirt? I tried tracing my hand but not sure the angle is right

  36. 63) Jacqueline

    Can this be made without the front buttons, but instead a side zipper and buttons? If so, how do I measure for the front panels? I already purchased the pattern but that alteration isn’t available. Thanks!

  37. 64) Kimberly

    Is there anyway to print this AO? Also I second a video, please! 🙂

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