How to sew a Diaper Cover two ways: VIDEO!

It only seemed appropriate to turn one of our most used tutorials into a video.
how to sew a diaper cover--two ways
Today I’m gonna show you in-person how to make Diaper and Nappy covers for your babies and toddlers!  Because seeing things in-motion often makes the process easier (of course you can always read the step-by-step info here).

And seriously.  This elephant fabric??  It was a cloth napkin at Pier 1, and I had to buy it.
how to sew a diaper cover
That’s the thing I love about making Diaper Covers….you only need a little bit of fabric!
how to sew a diaper cover--video
If you’re ready to make a diaper cover, download the free pattern HERE.
And press play below!

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how to sew diaper covers

  1. 1) Katie

    This would make an excellent reusable swim diaper with the right fabric! I love this simple pattern — so CUTE! High reward for minimal frustration — that’s my kind of project. 😉

  2. Oh Thank you dana for the free template! it would be so helpful for me as i am about to prepare Eid clothes ( a celebration for us Muslims) for my baby boy aged 1 year 2months old. this diaper cover seems easy to make, and i plan to make lots of it for my boy! and i can sew some for my 3months old nephew too- as gifts!

    thank you for everything dana- you da bomb!


  3. 3) Marion

    Very nice pattern. Well written explanation. I used to make something very similar to this. Every time I made my daughter a dress ( up to about age 8 or 9) I made a pair of “match-panties” to wear over her panties and under her dress. Decency on the monkey bars and no “I see Paris, I see France”. I thought it just looked cuter than a pair of shorts under her dresses and took so little time and fabric”

  4. 4) Kylie

    I noticed that you did not finish the seams in the crotch – is this because it was to hard to do with serger?

    • 5) Dana

      It’s such a small area, and secured at both ends with casings that it would be really hard for that area of the seam to fray.

  5. Dana this is such a cute tutorial! Videos make it so much easier to understand. I think I will try making some and add some ruffles for my little princess! Thanks again for this great tutorial! Sharing on Facebook and pinning! Taya

  6. 7) Amanda

    You have done an amazing job with this tutorial. Thank you.

  7. 8) cora

    These Diaper Covers are SO CUTE!! I made these for my twin toddler cousins, and they look adorable! And before you ask….. I am a kid. My name is Cora and I love sewing. These Diaper Covers are really fun to sew! Thank You so much Dana for making this video.

    P.S. Nice Pattern

  8. 9) Tiffany

    Just want to thank you for this tutorial! I’m a beginner of all beginners, and this was easy to understand and follow. I cranked out my first diaper cover for my baby, with a few mistakes, but overall I was just so happy that I was able to understand how/what to do! Keep them coming! ❤️❤️

  9. 10) jasmine

    So sad…. the step by step info page is gone or not working.

  10. 11) Susan

    I am a seasoned sewer. I had trouble with this pattern and the tabs. They were very frustrating. Bi

    I started over and used my serger.

  11. 12) PAula

    Did you sew on the heart applique first, before you sewed the crotch? I had to adjust the waist length to accommodate my smaller grandbaby sizes.

  12. 13) Robin

    I would first like to say thank you so much for this free pattern it is so cute I made it for my grandson and I just love it I have been looking for something like this for a good long time but I am wanting to line it with PUL for cloth diapering is that possible and how would I do that.

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