my new line of Fabric!

BWD Fabrics

Ahhhh! You guys!  I’m designing fabric!
And it’s already being printed.
And you can buy it in MAY!
(in any online or brick+mortar shop that carries Art Gallery Fabrics)

It feels really weird to say all that outloud.
But this has been such a fun adventure.

Busy Beach fabric from Boardwalk Delight collection

You know, I never really thought I would design fabric because my style is so simple and minimalistic.  Last year at our Baby Lock conference, we were sitting around sewing and a fellow fabric-designer friend asked me, “when are you going to design a line of fabric?” I totally laughed “well, it would just be stripes and dots”.
Which I guess it sort of is!  Haah.

Soda Straws Fabric

But her comment got me thinking.
Could I design fabric?
Would it be more than just cabana stripes?  (like that would be a bad thing?)
And on the plane ride home from the conference I started making lists of different fabric line concepts.  Then when I got home I started drawing, and tweaking, and drawing some more, and pushing my Illustrator skills more.  And eventually I contacted Art Gallery Fabrics to see if they’d be interested in working together.

And it was a YES!
Oh man, don’t you love Art Gallery fabrics?  Beautiful, soft, fun yet sophisticated.
I’m really excited about this!
And I really wish I had a Mango-Strawberry ice cream cone right now…

Flavor of the Day Fabric

Instead I’ll give you a virtual scoop, of the scoop?
Okay, the collection is called: BOARDWALK DELIGHT

And it’s all about summertime + treats.  Because I love summer.  I love color.  And I love playing at the beach. (I’m starting to sound like Olaf).  I wanted to make a collection that captured all those summertime pieces that make me feel carefree like a kid again.  So I hope that through the fabrics you can imagine walking on the boardwalk, ordering your favorite ice cream flavor from the chalkboard menu, laughing with friends, stopping to take a photo against a colorful wall, and just enjoying the bright colors of a busy beach. That way, it can feel like summer all year long.

Who’s with me??

I did an interview with Art Gallery Fabrics on their blog HERE if you want to read more about designing fabrics and the process.  And you can see my full collection on their website HERE.

Ferris Wheel fabric from Boardwalk Delight collection
I Scream You Scream fabric from Boardwalk Delight fabric collection

And I have so much more to share with you over the next couple months as fabric is printed, and as I prepare for Quilt Market.  Yes!  I’ll be showing at the spring Market in Salt Lake City at the end of May.  So many ideas, balloons, and taffy flavors are swimming in my head right now.

But in the mean time, how about THIS box of “strike-offs” that showed up last week!

Art Gallery Fabrics Boardwalk Delight

The way fabric printing works (though I barely know what I’m talking about), is that once the designs are sent to the fabric mill, a first batch of fabrics is printed called “strike-offs”.  It’s about a 1/2 yard of each print, and the colors are compared against the pantone swatches we selected to see how well they match up.  Slight tweaks are made and then a second set of strike-offs are done, and those colors are also compared.  And then the process continues until everything is just right.
Such a learning process for me to see how it all works.

Okay, want to see the whole collection together?

• There are 10 designs.
• Each design is printed on quilting cotton.
• Three designs are also printed as KNITS!  Yay! (more info below)
• One design is printed on Canvas!

Boardwalk Delight Fabrics by Dana Willard

Fabric names (from Top>Bottom + Left>Right)

• Ice Cream Shop (also comes in Knit)
• Twinkle Lights
• Flavor of the Day (also comes in Knit)
• Candy Dots
• Busy Beach
• Sprinkles
• Soda Straws (also comes in Canvas)
• I scream, You Scream
• Eat-It-All (also comes in Knit)
• Ferris Wheel

Oh my gosh these fabrics make me so happy.

Flavor of the Day fabric coming to shops in May
Ice Cream Shop fabric from Boardwalk Delight collection

Now I just need to get busy and start sewing.
Quilt Market will be here before I know it.

You can check out ALL the new spring collections by other Art Gallery designers HERE (warning: there are adorable pandas and swans)

If you want to share about the new collection on social media, Art Gallery made the cutest little buttons for each collection.  There are two versions for Boardwalk Delight…but I’m kind of partial to Sprinkles.  Find them all on their blog.  Or here’s a button you can share (tag it with #BoardwalkDelightFabrics):

Happy Thursday friends!

  1. 1) Mad

    WOO HOO!!!! Awesome! Love those cones! Congrats!

  2. 2) Pamela

    Wow, I love them all! So summery! I have a pretty big fabric shop nearby, I’ll have to get them to order it!

  3. 3) MJ

    Couldn’t not comment. SO CUTE!!! SO HAPPY!!! Everything you touch is absolutely wonderful!!!! Thanks for always sharing with us.

  4. 4) AshleY

    I am so excited for you!!!! And for me too because I love each and every one of these designs. I am a summer girl and this is got me itching for those carefree days. Can’t wait to create some fun things with your designs. But above all I am thrilled for you Dana! Your passion and enthusiasm, which is so infectious on your blog, is totally captured in your fabrics. Thank you for sharing it all with us.

  5. 5) Sami

    Amazing! You are so talented! The fabrics are so fun and can’t wait to purchase them!

  6. 6) Jordan

    When will these be available for purchase? LOVE them!

  7. 7) Erin

    I love them all!! I can’t wait to order!

  8. 8) Melanie

    I just love your designs! I need these, ASAP! The soda straws print is such a great take on a stripe! This is just so exciting, I can’t wait to see everything all put together at Market. Over IG, of course 😉 Someday we can have side-by-side booths!

  9. 9) Joanne

    Beautiful! Congratulations!

  10. 10) Sally

    WOW! Congrats Dana!!! You did it! So cute and summery…love it. 🙂

  11. 11) Alexis

    I am SO excited for you (and me because I get to sew with it). I have visions of amazing photoshoot with Boardwalk!

  12. 12) Penny

    DANA – CAN YOU ROCK ANYMORE???!!!!!! HOW COOL IS THIS!!! YOUR OWN FABRIC LINE!!! I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!! I LOVE SUMMER!! I LOVE SEWING!! I LOVE READING YOUR BLOG!! I LOVE YOUR PATTERNS, VIDEOS, STYLE, EVEN YOUR RECIPES (and I hate to cook!) and don’t even get me started on your cool house! YOU ARE JUST BEYOND COOL!! Congrats to you and have a great day! (you rock!!!)

  13. 13) Emily Camfield

    My daughter is obsessed with ice cream. I can’t wake to make her a dress with the ice cream cone fabric!

  14. 14) Christelle

    Sooo pretty!!! Love it! Well done!!

  15. 15) Mikea

    My goodness! You are moving moutains this year! Those prints are delicious! The girl is having a rainbow birthday and i already had a dress in mind but now im having second thoughts! Cant wait to get my hands on some in May! Great job Dana!

  16. 16) renna hanlon

    I love your fabrics! I only recently discovered your website a few weeks ago when googling for sewing tutorials. I instantly fell in love with your upbeat personality, and the simplicity with which you demonstrate your tutorials. Thanks for the contributions you are making on the net!

  17. 17) Michele Robbins

    These are so fun and full of life! I can see some summer skirts for my little twins. Congratulations and THANKS!

  18. 18) Julie

    I am SOOO EXCITED FOR U!! The prints are awesome – this is a perfect combination of your vision and having more control to bring it forward- how much time do we spend looking at pattern after pattern to find the perfect one for a project- which we all have a love hate relationship with – u get to create it 🙂 -feeling complete joy for you right now – congratulations!!! Job well done And thanks for being u!

  19. 19) LiEr

    Yay, Dana! So excited for you!

  20. 20) Megan Jewett

    Yay! Congrats. And Yessssss for the knits. But I should have known that you’d have kints!

  21. 21) Catherine Hodge

    WHAT?! A fabric that says “eat it all”?! I must have that!

    Also, congratulations!

  22. 22) Mark Suman

    Awesome, it’s finally here! So cool.

  23. 23) Amy

    Candy dots is calling my name. Love all the colorfulness!!!

  24. 24) Christy haggard

    Yay! It is beautiful! What a fun new adventure for you! And I’m really excited to buy some of your designs in knit. 🙂 Also, I’m really excited you’re coming to SLC in May. It would be so fun to meet you and say thanks in person for so many awesome tutorials and ideas and patterns!

  25. 25) Deidra

    Congratulations on tackling and accomplishing this creative project.Strikingly beautiful results!

  26. 26) Connie

    Pretty cool Dana! Love your fabric!,

  27. 27) Becky Brink

    I am so excited for you! Love the fabric!! I can hardly wait to get my hands on some to make stuff for my grandkids. That ice cream fabric would make the cutest bag!! So much fun!!

  28. 28) Nancy Bailey

    CONGRATULATIONS Dana!!!! Adorable designs.

  29. 29) Patti McGarry

    I love it! Congrats on a great line of fabric!

  30. 30) Pamela

    Such very cute fabric. I can see this working in so many projects from quilts to appliqué. Congratulations!!!!

  31. 31) Melissa

    I’m so happy for you! And me. Cuz the fabric designs are beautiful and I can’t wait to plan a project for them. =) Congratulations!

    • 32) Deena

      Gee wieskilrl, that’s such a great post!

  32. 33) Delia Randal

    How exciting Dana! It’s so fun and so YOU! I’m so excited for you!

  33. 34) susan terrill

    I wondered what was going on in your creative brain. You have been very quiet lately. Like everyone else, I will take them all. They have that wonderful crisp, young, look that all of your designs convey. Effortless. But behind them all there is so much creativity that reaches out and touches so many of us. Thank you again for the freshness and joy.

  34. 35) CAte

    Yay, Dana, and congratulations! This is so exciting. Already imagining creating something deliciously fun with the I Scream, You Scream and Flavor of the Day! Can’t wait!!

  35. 36) Eline

    Sigh… These are the times I wish the free-trade agreement between the US and Europe would be operative… How funny it would be to, on holidays the upcoming summer (lots of ice-cream involved) wear matching shirts in “flavour of the day” with the whole family (I’m going to Portugal with my husband and parents, so getting an ice-cream with four adults in a matching shirt with the flavours written al over it, sure would make the ice-cream guy laugh out loud!)…

  36. 37) Dara Harper

    Congratulations! Dana SEW HAPPY for You!

  37. 38) Kristen

    I am SOO excited for these fabrics!! They are so fun (and so you!)

  38. 39) Rebecca Pitt

    Woo hoo! Ferris Wheel is my fave. Hope you will ship to Canada!

  39. 40) Stacey

    Huge Congrats Dana! You should be so proud. They are really, really beautiful!! I love them all — can’t choose a favorite….just like when I’m in Baskin Robbins!

  40. 41) Dzintra

    Oh, Dana, I’m sooo glad about You! Beautiful fabrics – dots and stripes, and all the others – and Your very own fabric line is what You’ve realy deserved! Hope someday they will ship to Latvia, too 😀

  41. 42) judy

    This is so exciting! I love the soda straw one, and the dots, and the ice cream… oh I love all of it. 😉 So when are you having a giveaway of your new fabric!!! 😉

  42. 43) RaeLyn

    Wow! These are fabulous! You are awesome Dana!

  43. 44) Alissa

    Congratulations!!! What an awesome thing to accomplish! I love the fabric line and can’t wait to buy it!

  44. 45) Jessica

    so exciting! I wish I knew how to get into Quilt Market to see your booth!! Your line has such a fun theme, I’m sure you’ll have an amazing booth. Good luck these next weeks which I’m sure will be busy! Can’t wait to make myself an eat it all skirt. (excited it comes in knit!)

  45. 46) Amy

    O! You should collect and compile what your readers make with your fabric line. That would be an exciting post! I’m already planning a fit and flare dress for me out of boardwalk delight.

  46. 49) valerie

    Your ice-cream shop print would make the cutest whole cloth cheater quilt!!

  47. 50) JW

    Yes! Cute patterns in knits! They’re usually so hard to find in stores. I love the designs – they’re so fun and happy. I always love your pattern and color combinations, and now that you have a collection started I’ve got something foolproof to work with. I know what I’m getting my sewing friends for birthday presents now: some of your new fabric! Congratulations on the new venture!

  48. 51) Krystal Grant

    This is wonderful! Congratulations. I will certainly be ordering some of your fabric. Whoo Hoo!

  49. 52) Kim

    OHGosh they look delightful!!! I can’t wait to buy some and make something cool out of them. Congrats Dana!!

  50. 53) claudia

    Love it!! Nice job! Can’t wait to see more of what you come up with! Congrats, Dana! ☺️

  51. 54) mel

    Yay for knits!

  52. 55) Ninna

    I loved fabrics. Are beautiful! I live in Brazil and would like to buy. How do I do?

  53. 56) Carol

    THIS has brought me out of my (very comfortable) lurking closet!
    So excited.
    And KNITS!
    You’ve just MADE my day, Miss Dana…
    …now let go pre-order…

  54. 57) Hilary

    My life would be complete if these were printed on oil cloth!

    • 58) Dana

      I toooootally agree! 🙂

  55. 59) abigael

    Wow, am so happy for you. I love all the fabrics. Keep up the good work. Congrats.

  56. 60) Maddie

    Congrats!! You are so amazing where can we buy them

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