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“Corn! 20 Cents!”
“Corn! 20 Cennnnts!”
“CORN!! 20 Cennnnnnts!!!!”
Ah. Some takers.
Some of my favorite sewing projects are spontaneous. The idea pops in my mind and I get started as soon as possible (disregarding other responsibilities on my to-do list).

Thursday afternoon we spent 4 hours at the library. I’m not even sure what we did that whole time. I know the kids read books, played in the library “clubhouse”, had a puppet show, and made friends with other kids who stopped by. And I enjoyed the free time to let my mind wander and brainstorm about ideas. When we finally got home, I was itching to sew.

I grabbed some colorful corduroy from my stash and a striped Tee from Old Navy (it’s been sitting in my Refashion pile for months). And I just sewed…….a rather mismatched outfit but I really like it.
My husband however, looked at these photos and kindly asked, “does that outfit match? Shouldn’t the shirt be blue & white striped?” I told him is was an intentional mismatch. To which he excused himself from the conversation, “um, way over my head.”
So, I’ll have to get your second opinions.
Too mismatched? Or fun, bright colors, mismatched with style? I was thinking along these lines (I love her random mismatched cat shirt in there). Kind of an Urban Outfitters messy look? I’m open to your real thoughts.

For the shirt, I used the FREE Warhol Dress Pattern. I shortened the length to make it a shirt and took in the side seams for a more snug fit.
and the skirt is…..The Can-Can Skirt (without the can!) It’s a simple gathered tiered skirt. Been meaning to make this for a while. The lace on the bottom was a last-minute save since I cut the hem too short. But what a happy fix! I like it even better with the splash of white.
You can find the patterns HERE and HERE:

Two simple items; one completely mismatched outfit.
Just throw a pair of boots in the mix and you’re ready to sell your goods.
Okay so…..we didn’t have any real customers but I sure had fun listening to Lucy yell at the passing cars. Baby steps to having a real business one day.
Here’s to corn! (since we clearly like it) and to a future filled with entrepreneurial success!
How was your weekend?

  1. 1) Helen

    I think this looks amazingly cute! Mismatched on little people looks fab xx

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