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I promise my blog won’t turn into a Project Runway gossip column. And I’m not starting a weekly Runway Rewind feature (because Leslie at A Room Somewhere is so good at that). And I rarely type-out the letters “LOL” because well, I feel silly and frankly, they should be reserved for moments where you truly do laugh out loud, right? But last night, when Michael Kors started talking, I did just that…..LOL.

**small SPOILERS here if you haven’t watched the Project Runway premiere yet**

I can’t say that I loved anything I saw last night. But the outfit that won was by far the best and on the flip-side the outfit that lost was NOT the worst. Take a look. SERIOUSLY? How did this thing move forward to the next round??

BEST (left) and WORST, but didn’t get kicked off (right)

I don’t even know where to start with that unsightly um…..scarf? that she’s wearing as a “dress”. So I’ll just put in Michael Kor‘s words, which is where I LOL’d.
Michael is perplexed. He looks at the dress and totally dead pan, starts trying to make sense of it all:

It’s…..odd. It’s the only word for it. She’s like….the mother of the bride of the belly dancer. I mean, she’s sexaholic, but she’s conservative. I don’t know who she is? She’s a pole dancer in dubai?

Thank you Michael for completing our evening. You always bring a chuckle to my living room and I expect more unintentional humor in the months to come!

In closing, there can never be enough Tim Time, right?
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