Living in Texas: Happy Fall? Y’all

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Flonase Allergy Relief 20
As much as I’ve been lamenting Summer coming to an end….there’s really nothing as refreshing as that first, cool Fall morning when you realize shorts are no longer an option.
And you run to the store and buy 5 pairs of jeggings as if the apocalypse is coming.
Dude. I do that every year.
Planning ahead is not often my strong suit.
But after a hot Texas summer I’m definitely ready to throw on a pair of jeans, and start dreaming in pumpkin again.
I love to pull out the corn bread recipe and I scheme over Fall crafts and sewing projects (hey, maybe I’m kind of a planner after all.)

Flonase Allergy Relief 3
Flonase Allergy Relief 2
Flonase Allergy Relief 4

Fall is definitely a welcome friend.

Maybe it’s that whole yin-yang of seasons that makes me a little less sad that Summer is coming to a close.

Flonase Allergy Relief 5
Flonase Allergy Relief 6
Flonase Allergy Relief 7

(pumpkin cinnamon rollsspaghetti box feathersmodern leaf pillows)

Of course those cooler temps mean Halloween costumes are right around the corner.

Flonase Allergy Relief 8
Flonase Allergy Relief 9

Along with raking up leaves.

And pretty Harvest Sunsets.
And tangerines.
Oh I love Fall + Winter citrus.

Flonase Allergy Relief 10

But what we love best about Fall in Texas, is that the temperature is just perfect.

Going to the park with friends is suddenly pleasant again!

Flonase Allergy Relief 11

And it’s fantastic weather for some Friday Night Lights.

Or any kind of football.

Flonase Allergy Relief 12
Flonase Allergy Relief 13
And it’s also the beginning of Fall baseball and soccer.  So as a family we spend plenty of hours outside.
Which means we’re also doing this:  
Flonase Allergy Relief 14

Remember my post about seasonal allergies?

And how most of our family has them?
And how FLONASE® Allergy Relief contacted me, asking me to share about their product….
And coincidentally we were already using it?

Well we still get our FLONASE® on every morning.
Consistent usage is the key.
For adults and children (12 years and older), ask your doctor if you can keep using after 6 months of daily use. 

Flonase in the Fall 1

I actually learned recently that allergies can be hereditary (source).  So if you’ve been using FLONASE® for yourself, it’s an excellent idea for your kids (ages 4 and older) to use Children’s FLONASE® when they have allergy symptoms.
Just make sure you talk to your child’s doctor, so you know if your child should use the spray for longer than two months a year.

The best part is….the relief is so pleasant that I kind of look forward to it.
Is that weird?  Just try FLONASE® and you’ll understand.

Flonase Allergy Relief 15

Okay, how do you manage your allergies?  Let me know in the comments and you’ll be entered to win a $100 Visa gift card!

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  1. 1) Erin Gustafson

    Zyrtec everyday

  2. 2) christina

    DD and DH have allergies. DD was using Nasonex but at over $200 a refill, we switched to Flonase. She also has another prescription based spray for high allergy season — we use both in spring, summer and fall. DH muddles through with OTC Benedryl as his allergies have calmed down since childhood. We’re hoping DD’s do too.

  3. 3) Michelly Seidel

    I don’t have allergies to weather, only animals with fur. My eyes get all red and itchy and my nose clogs up. I’ll mainly use Zertec if we have it.

  4. 4) HokieKate

    Claritin stopped working, then Zyrtec stopped working, so I finally got up the courage to try Flonase last year. It works fantastically. I just used it this morning. 🙂 I was hesitant to try a nasal spray, but now I like the idea that the medicine is delivered right where I need it (near my sinuses) instead of being a pill that has to work through my whole body.

  5. 5) Kris

    Flonase is my hero!!! Got me through a very rough spring! I’m all ready with it for fall!

  6. 6) Sara

    I don’t have allergies, but my boys do. They take Claritin every morning. I haven’t tried Flonase yet, but it has been recommended by friends, so I probably will this season.

  7. 7) Anne

    I use kick ass allergy mixed in with local raw honey in my tea

  8. 8) andrea

    Too funny. I just started using Flonase this week. I’m hoping the slight headaches will go away. I take Zyrtec too.

  9. 9) Lynne tilley

    I never had much trouble with allergies except around my sweet dog, Freddie (terrier mix). I just dealt with the sniffling and didn’t really take any medication. My nose would drip like a leaky faucet every time I groomed/clipped him. Unfortunately, we lost our Freddie last October. He was 15 years old and just couldn’t go on any longer. Now I rarely have allergy symptoms to anything, but what I wouldn’t give for a few sniffles to hug my sweet Freddie a little bit longer.

  10. 10) MIranda

    I don’t have many allergies, but when I feel some start around here (since moving to TX) I use tea + Claritin + we use Flonase for bad days. My kids kind of love the nose squirt! haha

  11. 11) Amber

    Daily dose of Claritin with a side of baby benedryl

  12. 12) Kelly

    It is funny you blogged about Flonase, I just started! I friend recommended it and so far so good!

  13. 13) Rebecca phalen

    I use Flonase!

  14. 14) Ashley

    I use flonase!

  15. 15) Jessie C.

    I keep my house allergen free by vacuuming daily and keep the windows shut.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  16. 16) Becky

    I usually just suffer through my allergies. Maybe I should try taking something for them.

  17. 17) LilYA

    I use zyrtec and when they get out of control, I add flonase too.

  18. 18) Nancy

    Here in Arizona we have two blooming seasons which means twice the allergies! I’ve found the best medicine for me is Zyrtec. But even still I usually end up having to suffer through the worst days. I’ll have to try Flonase this year and see if it helps!

  19. 19) Linda Kernodle

    I have used Flonase foorevver. I used to get bronchitis twice a year, but since I started using Flonase and medicines I haven’t had bronchitis.

  20. 20) Susan

    Claritin and Flonase daily is a must! If not I get the worst ear infections, as an adult!

  21. 21) Anna Brooksby

    We just moved up to the mountains of Arizona where there are juniper all over, and allergies were driving my husband crazy this spring. He tried all the over-the-counter stuff with little success, but at a health food store I found a product called Allergena that is a homeopathic treatment specifically formulated for the plants in this area (and they have other varieties in other parts of the country too). It builds effectiveness gradually but really made a big difference for my husband. And no side effects, yay! 🙂

  22. 22) Nancy

    For the Texans: HEB also has OTC drops that are specifically for Texas grasses and weeds. It is in the Healthy Living section. Dana, I know you haven’t lived in our wonderful city very long. But, as a native Austinite, I regret to inform you that those nice Fall days and temps don’t usually show up here until October!

  23. 23) Will G

    I manage my allergies by taking allergy meds.

  24. 25) Ellen Barth

    I use Allegra D and Flonase daily!

  25. 26) Natalie

    I stay indoors during peak pollen times and I shut my windows!

  26. 28) KATIe

    Chiropractor.Yes it really can help allergies.

  27. 29) LetitiA

    We use essential oils, specifically peppermint and lavender. Works for us.

  28. 30) cg

    Gorgeous pics! I LOVE autumn!! I manage my seasonal allergies by taking Zyrtec. It’s the only thing that works for me and doesn’t amp me up or make me drowsy. I don’t like shooting anything up my nose, even if it’s supposed to help me out, I don’t like the feeling of it.

  29. 31) Linda

    During allergy season, I shower every night before bed. My hair is like a dust mop and seems to pick up pollen all day. Clean hair and skin at bedtime gives me 8 hours of respite from sneezing and weepy eyes.

  30. 32) 80stees

    I use Nasalchrome spray. Flonase gave me awful migraines (worked great on my allergies).

  31. 33) TabithA

    I haven’t tried Flonase. I’ve used Zyrtec in the past for my springtime allergies.

  32. 34) Veronica

    I find that I need to switch up, or rotate, medications. If I use Flonase one season, I need to use a different brand the next. It’s like we tend to become immune to them after a while. Also, using local honey has helped us.

  33. 35) bdaiss

    We don’t have seasonal allergies in our house…so far. Although my son is one of those that every little illness ends up in his chest. The nebulizer makes a regular appearance about this time of year (back to school – ugh). That being said – I love Flonase! It’s been a game changer when a sinus infection hits! Those ornery infections that can’t be treated with antibiotics but your head feels like it’s going to explode from the congestion. The Flonase opens your sinuses right up and relieves all that pressure!

  34. 36) Christina A.

    I haven’t yet tried Flonase! Thanks for the info! We moved to central TX over 5 years ago now and allergies here are SO much worse for me than they were in VA!

  35. 38) kjasus

    i take benadryl when allergies get bad

  36. 40) Snannarone

    We use flonase in this house….spring and fall! Seems to work faster than over the counter pills and without drowsiness 🙂 we also use essential oils for those of us who have less severe of a reaction to the pollen and spores in the air those times of year.

  37. 41) Rachel

    I manage my allergies by watching the pollen count and using air purifiers in my home.

  38. 43) Jessie C.

    I vacuum daily and keep the windows shut to help
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  39. 44) Jessie C.


  40. 45) mami2jcn

    My son has allergies and he takes medicine every night.

  41. 46) mami2jcn


  42. 47) Elena

    I don’t get allergies

  43. 48) Elena


  44. 49) Julie Wood

    We take medication to treat our allergies and keep the windows closed and use an air purifier.

  45. 50) Julie Wood


  46. 51) Kelly D

    I take my allergy medicine and wear sunglasses to keep pollen out of my eyes.

  47. 53) Lindsey

    Fortunately, I don’t really have any seasonal allergies but my husband uses Flonase every single day.

  48. 54) Jessica To

    I change the filters in my house often.

  49. 55) Steve Weber

    I take pills to manage my allergies

    groogruxking40 @ gmail dot com

  50. 56) mel nav

    with both my kids having allergies, we tackle it from all angles – we use the albuterol inhaler, in the nebulizer, take Flonase, take allergy meds and try to use the air purifier as much as possible indoors. in this Houston weather of hot to hotter to less hot then COLD in the same week, my kids deal with allergies year-round 🙁

  51. 57) Kim

    Living in south, south, south Texas where it’s almost always warm (or dreadfully hot) means that allergies are year-round for me, and to that I say “boooo.” I’m currently using Zyrtec + Benadryl + Allergy injections, but that’s not cutting it anymore, and to that I also say “boooo.” Maybe I need to move….or learn how to live without breathing…or try Flonase?

  52. 58) Mita

    I use Flonase!

  53. 59) Paige

    I use essential oils that I roll on my temples and right underneath my nose. I have only used this past spring, but didn’t have to take any allergy medicine for the first time in 20 years.

  54. 60) Ellen A

    A spoonful of round rock honey in my tea twice a day and an Advil if the sinus pain has rolled into a headache. The honey seems to keep the sneezing and runny nose to none annoying levels. ????????

  55. 61) Erica Best

    I take a pill daily

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