it’s go time

we’re off to the hospital!
If all goes as planned I won’t be looking at this view for too much longer.
The funny thing is, I’m starting to feel a wee bit nervous. I thought by the 3rd child I’ll feel calm and relaxed. But I’m sure everything will run smoothly.
Talk to you soon!

  1. 1) Terri P

    Dana –
    Have been reading your blog for years now, and let me just wish you all the best today as you head off to meet your new little one. What excitement!!

  2. 2) Lisa

    Good Luck! I’ve been reading you for a while – I love your projects – and I’m one of the ones who have been eagerly coming here every morning, waiting for baby news. Prayers for a smooth delivery and healthy baby!

  3. 3) Joanna

    YEAH! Super excited for you. Hoping all goes smoothly, uncomplicated and quickly. Happy Birthday!

  4. 4) Anna

    All the best for a speedy and smooth labour and delivery! Enjoy your newborn snuggles!

  5. 5) Jillian

    hooray! praying for you, dad and baby!! Can’t wait to see that baby!!!

  6. good luck and all the best for you and your family!

  7. 7) Gosia

    Dana – Good luck! Come back with your baby girl only on this side of belly πŸ™‚

    I love your site. I read everything you publicate. You are soooo pretty, intelligent and talented! I wrote an essay about you on my English lesson.

    Greetings from Poland.

    Your loyal reader,

    Once more – GOOD LUCK!

  8. 9) Anna

    Can’t wait for another cute blonde face in your pictures! Good luck.

  9. 11) Blythe

    So exciting!!! πŸ™‚ Cant’ wait for the pictues

  10. Oh Yay! So glad I stopped by to see if there was any baby news! Looking forward to ‘meeting’ her! All the best for a quick and stress free (painless?!) delivery!

  11. Good luck, good luck! πŸ™‚

  12. Woo Hoo! I am so excited for you and your family! Good luck Dana!!!

  13. 18) beth

    Oh, so excited for you! The joy of bringing a baby into the world is indescribable ! Take care of yourself and send out the news ASAP! Praying for you and your adorable family.

  14. 19) Kristie

    Good Luck!!

  15. 20) Jenny

    Good Luck Dana!!! I am, too, looking forward to another sweet blonde to look at on your wonderful blog!!

  16. 21) Jessi Jo

    Praying for a speedy and healthy delivery. P.S. My son Ryder’s 1st Birthday is today and would love to share a birthday with your sweet girl.
    Love and Prayers, The Parkers

  17. 22) Samantha

    Best of luck to you! I read your blog daily, but have never commented before. I thought now would be a nice time to start! From my family to yours, prayers for a safe and *fast* delivery!

  18. What a news !!! Hang In there Dana !!! And we’ll be welcoming this little princes of you in just la blink !!!! Love from here to your family !!!!

  19. 24) Kristi

    Hooray! I’ve been checking for updates every time I sit in front of the computer. Best wishes–I can’t wait to ‘meet’ your new arrival!

  20. woo hoo!!!!!!! what a great day to be born! all the best wishes and prayers your way today.

  21. Best wishes! I hope everything goes well and you’re back home soon and posting pictures! πŸ™‚

  22. 27) Emily

    Oh goody! Thanks for letting “us” all know! Just had to check this morning to see if it was THEE day! Praying for your comfort! πŸ˜€

  23. 28) Astrid

    Good luck Dana and baby!

  24. 30) Amanda D.

    Yay!!! Hope you have a smooth, easy labor for that beautiful baby in there!! πŸ™‚

  25. SO exciting! Good luck, can’t wait to see pictures!

  26. Woohoo! Wishing you and baby all the best. Can’t wait for the happy announcement!

  27. Oh yay!! Praying for good labor and safe delivery. πŸ™‚ All the best!!

  28. Congratulations! Blessings! Let us know how the big brother and sister fulfill their wonderful roles! πŸ™‚

  29. wheee!! can’t wait to see all the pics!

  30. Good luck!! Can’t wait to see all the beautiful pictures you will be taking of that sweet little baby! (I don’t mean that to sound so stalkerish, I just love babies!)

  31. Ohh wow! I’m reading your blog for a long while now and I love it. Normally dont comment that much, but this is too exciting!! I wish you all the best for you and the little one!! Hope all goes well!! Looking forward to the day you are coming “back”. Until then enjoy your time together!!

  32. 39) erin

    yay! congratulations!! i’m pregnant with #2 and due in 7 weeks and i am getting majorly nervous! i thought i wouldn’t be this time around, but i am! i think it’s because i now know what to expect, where going into the first i had no idea what it would be like. congrats again and can’t wait to see that beautiful baby’s face!

  33. Good luck! I’ll be thinking about you! Can’t wait to “meet” her!

  34. 41) Cc

    Ohh good luck ! We will all be thinking of you x

  35. 42) Laura J.

    Best wishes for a great delivery/recovery! Can’t wait to see her & have you back!

  36. 43) Dianna

    Yea! Yea! Yea! Many blessings and best wishes for momma and sweet little one!

  37. Good Luck Pretty Momma!!!! We will be sending prayer and good birthing JuJu your way!

  38. Hooray!! I’ll say a prayer for you and baby. ‘Can’t wait to see your next post! :o)

  39. 47) Jenny C

    Hooray! What an exciting day for you and your family. I’m offering prayers for a peaceful and speedy delivery.

  40. 48) christine

    How exciting! Best wishes to you and the little one. Can’t wait to see pictures and to hear about how the big sister and big brother are doing.

  41. 49) Annie

    I’m thinking super happy thoughts for you and your family.

  42. Yeah!!!! Today is my birthday too! Best wishes today! Can’t wait to “meet” your little one! Hugs!!!!

  43. 52) Stephanie

    Best wishes on the birth of your third little one!

  44. Yay Dana! I can’t wait to see some gorgeous pictures of your sweet, new little one. I am going to miss those cute pregnant pictures of you, though!

  45. 54) Rachel

    I hope everything goes really well for you and baby! Can’t wait to see her!

  46. yay!!! I’ll be praying for you throughout the day. And checking back often for news πŸ™‚ happy BIRTH day

  47. good luck! can’t wait for your little one’s debut on your blog πŸ™‚

  48. 57) Kylie

    Oh wow, good luck!! You’ll do great.

  49. 59) katharine

    Baby Willard! I hear it’s your Birth Day! It’s my birthday, too, yeah!

    It’s a good day, so I know you will be welcoming a wonderful little darling!
    good luck and congratulations!

    oh, you should name her Katharine, yes you should πŸ™‚

  50. Good luck Dana! Can’t wait to meet the new addition!!!

  51. How exciting! Sending good thoughts your way as you bring a new life into the world!

  52. 63) Laura

    Congratulations! How exciting! Best wishes from a new follower (I came across your great site last week and love all of your very helpful tutorials and creations!)

    All the best to you and yours.

  53. 64) Rosalee

    Congrats! I hope all goes well!

  54. 65) Sara

    Good luck!

  55. 66) Jane

    Best of luck! I’m so excited for you and your family!

  56. 68) Alexandra

    Hi Dana
    All the best and big hugs to the little baby girl.

  57. 69) Rosa

    Desde Barcelona, España, mucha suerte y felicidades ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘

  58. I am so new to your blog, wish I had seen things from the beginning, but good luck!! Can’t wait to see that baby. I love your photos, they just make me feel happy.

  59. 71) Molly Peters

    God Bless as you welcome your precious new daughter into the world. Praying for a swift and smooth delivery and recoveries for you both! πŸ™‚ <3

  60. I wish you the best… Good luck, I hope you’ll have your little girl in your arms soon!!

    • I think you’ve just captured the answer preeftcly

  61. 74) Whitney

    Sending good vibes your way!!

  62. 75) Nicki

    Woohoo! Good luck!

  63. Good Luck, a little nervous is good! no matter how many times you’ve done this before…every child, every delivery is different! hope all goes well and we get to see the new wee beautiful face soon:)

  64. Hooray, hooray, hooray!! I was just wondering when that baby would get here!! Hope it’s a really wonderful day–can’t wait to see another beautiful baby at your house. πŸ™‚

  65. 78) Sue

    Good Luck!!!

  66. 79) zealousgirl

    Is THAT all you’ve packed? I had at least 3 times as much stuff πŸ˜‰ Good luck!

  67. 80) Melody

    Wishing you tons and tons of luck and a speedy delivery. My delivery days have been the best days of my life. I can only imagine how excited you are. I, too, can’t wait for the pictures later! Good luck!

  68. 81) sarah

    all the best. i am sure your other two are very excited!

  69. 82) Julie

    Thinking of you…God Bless!

  70. I’ll be keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers! Best wishes!! πŸ™‚

  71. Hooray! Saying a prayer now for a safe and healthy delivery! Can’t wait to “see” the newest member of your family. πŸ™‚

  72. Wishing you a quick delivery and speedy recovery. πŸ™‚

  73. 88) Kirpi

    Yay! You will meet a baby girls soon, best thing in the world! All the best!

  74. Oh I’m so excited! I hope everything goes well! πŸ™‚

  75. 90) Sarah

    Good luck! Feb 9th is a great day to have a baby (it’s my first baby’s 14th b-day today)!

  76. How exciting!! Thanks for letting us all know. Good luck, I hope everything runs smoothly.

  77. Good luck! I am very excited for you!

  78. Good Luck! Can’t wait to see a pic of your new sweet one!

  79. Best of luck. Cannot wait to see the Chevron blanket with the baby wrapped in it!!

  80. 96) Shannon

    Will say a prayer for you. Can’t wait to see pictures of this sweet baby girl.

  81. 97) Manuela

    Wish you & your family all the best!
    “Easy” delivery and time to enjoy this special newborn-smell.

    *hugs* from Vienna!

  82. 98) RT

    Have been reading your blog for a few months now. Can’t wait to meet your newest addition! Prayers for a safe and healthy delivery!

  83. 100) Patti

    Good luck and congrats to you and your family!! So excited for you all!

  84. Congratulations! I’ll pray that all goes smoothly!

  85. 102) Jenn

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear an update!

  86. 104) Melissa

    Sending you smooth L&D vibes!!!! Good luck, Dana! I’ve been following your blog for over a year and a half now and I’m very excited for you!! God bless!

  87. 106) jessica

    Good luck! I hope all goes well and you have a beautiful birth experience!!

  88. 107) Amy

    Yay! Congratulations! I am 40 weeks pregnant today and am so jealous that you get to have your precious baby girl on my due date!! I’m praying for a safe and quick delivery for you! Can’t wait to see pictures of your beautiful little girl!

  89. 108) Ashley F.

    How exciting! Can’t wait to see your newest little one! Congratulations!

  90. 109) Rebeca

    Wishing you have a healthy baby and everything goes well.

  91. YAY!!!! wish you lots of happy thoughts for a smooth labor and a healthy baby girl!!

  92. I am so excited for you! I’ve been reading your blog for several years and I can hardly wait to “meet” your new little one.

  93. More positive wishes headed your way! Birth is amazing, awe-inspiring, incredible, life-changing… (and I’m glad it’s you, not me this time πŸ™‚

  94. 114) Meghan

    Congratulations!!! Best of luck!!

  95. Hooray! Best wishes for a smooth and speedy delivery and recovery! Yay for newborn snuggles!

  96. 117) Valerie

    You are such an inspiration! I have been on such a sewing kick since finding your website. Thank you for your great tutorials. God Bless you and your family as you welcome your new baby into this world. You’ll do fine, no need to be nervous, just remember you’ll soon look into those precious eyes….its all worth it.

  97. 118) Simona

    Hi, excited for you. The moment when you see the baby is unforgetable and I could experience it over and over and over…Today is a nameday of our third girl (Apolena, Poli) in our country. Best wishes to you and your newborn and her cute siblings.

  98. 119) Leigh Anne

    Yay! How exciting! Can’t wait to hear the news of the little one’s arrival πŸ™‚

  99. 120) Kristy

    I’m 34 weeks pregnant with #2 and can relate to your nervousness! I look forward to hearing that it was all for nothing, all went well, and you’re all happily consumed with a beautiful new baby!! πŸ™‚ Good luck — thinking of and praying for you today!

  100. 121) Eleonora

    Good luck, heartily πŸ˜€

  101. 122) Jen

    Good Luck! Can’t wait to see her!

  102. 123) Katharine

    Best wishes to you on this special day!

  103. Good luck to you all, can’t wait to see pictures :)!!

  104. 125) elaine harris

    Wonderful News! Best wishes for a short labor πŸ™‚

  105. Hooray! Good luck to you Dana!! Happy pushing!

  106. 128) Carmen Russell

    I wish you all the best. good luck

  107. 129) tuba

    good luck Dana, I have been following your blog for a while and I love it.
    I wish all the best for you and your family !
    A follower from Turkey:))

  108. been a bit (a lot) out of the loop lately (dealing with my own new 3rd baby!) but a very belated congratulations on the pregnancy, and I suppose early congratulations on the birth. I can’t wait to see and hear all about the new wee one!

  109. 131) Faith

    Good Luck! Can’t wait to see pictures of the new little one. Congratulations!!!!!!!

  110. 132) Lizzie

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to see the beautiful pictures of your gorgeous baby girl! Crossing my fingers that your labor and delivery went as smoothly and painlessly as it possibly can!

  111. 133) Wyndee

    So wonderful and exciting! Good luck, hope all goes well.

  112. Sending prayers your way for a smooth and easy delivery! Can’t wait to see your new precious bundle! Good luck!

  113. Every child is different and so is every labor! Wishing you all the best and hoping that baby is here by now! May your transition to a party of five will be smooth!

  114. 136) Netty

    SO excited for you! Good luck!! Can’t wait to hear your good news! πŸ™‚

  115. Oh yay-yay-yay!! Good luck, Dana! Here’s hoping for an uneventful labor and delivery and a healthy mom and baby! I cannot WAIT to see pictures of her!!

  116. 138) Tara C

    Eeeek so excited πŸ˜€
    Cant wait to see your new little one.

  117. 139) Forever You

    Good luck Dana ! Hope to see little girl soon!!!

  118. 140) Jaimie F

    First, I cannot believe the time to take and post pictures. But now that I am over it, I can’t wait to see the things you create as this little one grows!! I LOVE your work!

  119. Awesome πŸ™‚ I hope it goes well for you, husband and baby!

  120. 143) Spark*Amy

    Aww! Well, Hopefully by this time of day you are cuddling a new bundle of joy. Or enjoying some rest while others cuddle her! Best wishes for a safe and healthy delivery and recovery! And Congratulations!!

    • Whoa this was WAY hard! I am a fan so I’m gonna vote for two. Dad and Son #9 and Rainbow #16. Both just take my breath away. Of crsuoe, all of them do but since I have to choose!

  121. Congratulations! My thoughts are with you and your family as you welcome your newest member!

  122. 146) Allison

    YAY! Good luck! I’m just about there myself so I understand the nervousness…Health and happiness for you and your growing family!

  123. Prayers and thoughts are with you and the baby today!

  124. 148) Tricia

    Congrats and good luck! Today my youngest turned 5!

  125. 149) Carol

    Go Dana, Go Dana, Go!
    Go Dana, Go Dana, Go!
    (I went into labor and gave birth 5 years ago today, too! It is a good day to have a baby girl!)……………………….c.

  126. 150) Cara

    Praying for you all

  127. 151) Rach

    Yay! Wishing you a wonderful, smooth and joyful delivery!!!

  128. Yey! So excited for you! Praying that you have a smooth, relaxing (ahem) delivery! Can’t wait to meet the new baby girl!

  129. So excited for you! Hope you are having a healthy non-eventful birth, sending positive vibes your way!!

    I too was 4.5 cm for 5 weeks (she ended up being a week late). I had an easy fast labor because of it though!

  130. 154) Allison

    Hi! Congrats on the new little one! I hope your third delivery goes as smoothly as mine did. Take care of yourself and enjoy every minute!

  131. 156) daniela

    Congratulations for new baby!!
    I have long times read your blog and had never made a comment … but today is special!!
    blessing, blessing for your family… I love you blog

    Sorry for any error .. my inglish is not good πŸ˜‰ (thanks

    xoxxo from MΓ©xico

  132. Sending you many thoughts and prayer’s for a smooth delivery!!!!!! So excited for you from NC!

  133. 158) Diana

    Dana, I am so excited for you. Our family will be thinking about your family. Happy Birthday little one, you are already so loved.

  134. Oh yay, so glad she’s finally on her way (or probably already here at this point, since I’m late to comment)! Yahoo, congrats Dana!

  135. 160) Edris

    Sending up prayers for you. Can’t wait to meet the newest edition.

  136. 161) Sascha

    Oh I was nervous for baby number three, but I will say once he arrived it wasn’t the same kind of nerves as the first two. That felt more “normal”. I was just nervous about the birth. One thing… I couldn’t believe how tiny he looked. At 8 lbs you would think he seemed quite average but after taking care of big kids he just seemed so darn tiny. Like leprechaun tiny.

  137. 163) Tyree

    Enjoy your sweet baby I’m sure she’ll be here by the time you read this. Hope all went well.

  138. All the best, Dana! Looking forward reading your wonderful news!!

  139. 165) Viki

    Isten Γ‘ldjon!

  140. Baby nr 3 are always special πŸ™‚ Congratulations to all of you!! I love your blog <3

  141. 167) frammboise

    je vous rend visite tous les jours depuis quelque temps , j’avoue j’étendais ce moment !
    belle et heureuse journΓ©e Γ  vous et votre petite famille et Γ  bientΓ΄t.
    et bonne chance…

  142. O wow…good luck, have ‘fun’, enjoy the meeting with your babygirl. I wish you all the hapiness and joy!

  143. 169) mrs r

    Best wishes and blessings to you and your family, Dana! I pray your delivery went smoothly and was filled with moments of joy. Welcome, new Willard, to a beautiful and gracious family! What fun lies ahead!

  144. 170) Karina

    I hope you’re holding your precious baby by now so CONGRATULATINS!
    (I’ve been stalking you on your site for soem time now and always get very inspired to make something for my little girl)

  145. Yaaaay! I’ve been waiting for this news for days now πŸ™‚ haha, feeling with you, hope you’re all okay!

  146. Thinking of you, Dana! Good luck with everything! πŸ™‚

  147. 173) Penelope

    Hurray!! Wishing you and your family all the best for the arrival of No3- enjoy what is the most amazing, loving, joyous experience one can have in life.
    PS Awesome Aquarians are born on Feb 9!! (me πŸ˜‰

  148. 175) Kathy Laird

    Good luck! I hope that all goes as planned! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see that tiny baby!

  149. 176) nannergirl

    Yippee! Good luck Dana, hope all goes smoothly!

  150. Good luck! Wish you a quick and safe delivery!

  151. 178) Heather

    Good luck Dana and Baby!! Wish you a safe and quick delivery

  152. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I really enjoy it! Good Luck with your baby! πŸ™‚

  153. 181) becky

    have been logging on daily to check on you….and saying a little prayer too…saying another one, a special one as you soon get to meet you new angel…God bless xx

  154. YEY YEY YEY!!! All the best! Sending lots of good vibes your way and waiting impatiently for more news!

  155. 184) Alex

    Good Luck! Can’t wait to see pictures of the wee one! You’re a pro at this point!

  156. 185) Marion

    So wonderful and exciting! Good luck, hope all goes well. Can’t wait to see the new family addition!

  157. 186) kristie

    So happy for you!!! congrats!

  158. 188) sabrina

    Oh congratulations! No matter how many times you do it, you are always a New Mother afterwards! Give yourself permission to not know everything about *this* new baby & how to mother 3! Happy Babymooning!

  159. 189) mo

    Oh my – Congratulations.

  160. 190) Susie

    yay yay yay!!! Every day I’ve been checking to see if it was the day for you to welcome your new little one! Best of luck, you beautiful crafty lady πŸ™‚

  161. 191) emra

    Best of luck and hoping health and happiness to you and your family. Thanks for the homemade snicker’s link – made it today and DELICIOUS. Also, the alfajores recipe from December was AMAZING; I’m making it again for Valentine’s – maybe topping it with pink or red sugar sprinkles (stenciled) in heart shapes. I also made a couple of doily stenciled heart tees and tried freezer paper stenciling (using cricut machine for image) and my kids love their re-newed shirts. Thanks again for great ideas and tutorials.

  162. Congrats Miss Dana, I’ve not been on here in awhile and knew you were expecting but didn’t realize how close. Love your blog and so happy your family is growing πŸ™‚


  163. 193) Janelle

    Be blessed – can hardly wait to hear the birth story and see how much she looks like your other two cuties. And, for what it’s worth, I was still apprehensive with #5.

  164. 194) Sarah K.

    Congrats! Hope all is well with your beautiful family!

  165. 195) Katie

    Good luck Dana! I hope that all goes well and look forward to hearing about your new arrival soon.
    Katie x

  166. Espero que vaya todo muy bien
    Y quΓ© ganas de ver al bebΓ©!!
    (I hope that all is very well
    And do want to see your baby!)

  167. 197) jennie

    good luck

  168. 198) Jean

    YAAAAAY! I hope everything went great! BAAAH!!! πŸ˜€

  169. Happy Birthday baby!! I’m sure you’ve had the baby by now, so Congrats! #3 is a whole new ballgame…have fun!! Can’t wait to read the birth story and see pics of the new babe πŸ™‚ xoxo

  170. Hi Dana!
    Just got off the plane home from Singapore so I don’t know what day it is, or what time of day it is, for that matter. Did I miss Baby Willard? Anyway, I hope you have(d) a wonderful, uneventful, safe delivery and an easy and smooth transition for everyone. You’re a family of five now! Very exciting, but a bit of an adjustment all around, I know, so I hope you find your new normal soon! Thinking good thoughts for you!

  171. 202) bdaiss

    I hope you had this post stashed dear girl. Posting while getting ready to run out the door to have a baby? So like you. : )

    Welcome to the world precious little one!

  172. 203) Nena

    I just came across your page by way of Prudent Baby and I love it! Congrats on baby #3! No need to be nervous. I was nervous when I found out I was pregnant with #3 but not nearly as nervous when I found out I was pregnant with twins a year later. Now we have 5 kids ages 5, 4, 18 months, and 6 month old twins. If you can handle 3, you can handle anything! Good luck!

  173. 204) Yifat

    GOOD LUCK!!!
    I am in a delay…. so –
    Hope everything and everyone is well.
    Wish you all the best!!!

  174. 205) Markee

    Yea, I have been following your blog for a while now and I love, love, love it! You have such wonderful ideas and they are very easy to follow. I have a very active 6 year old girl and recently gave birth to my new bundle of joy 3 months ago. I would like to say congrats on the new baby and enjoy every little sweet moment, they fly by so fast. Yea, new baby can’t wait for the sweet angel’s debut.

  175. 206) ravia

    goood luck take it easy breath deeply…wish you both full health and joy.

  176. 207) Laura

    Good luck! My third was scary too (first time I went into labour naturally – and in a foreign country!). Enjoy each moment – especially the ones lying in bed with the little one while everyone is busying themselves around you getting things done…bliss! Will keep checking back for updates!!

  177. I’m a regular visitor from Germany and as you’ve mentioned in an earlier post, it’s always really excited if another blogger is pregnant! So, now I just hope you all are doing fine! Can’t wait to see your little baby!!

    Liebe Grüße,

  178. I just read it! Hope everything went well – I’m sure it did :).

  179. So exciting, been checking daily these last few days, hoping for happy news and a picture of the newborn… Hope all is well and you’re enjoying your family by now!! If it all takes al little longer: good luck, we’re sending our best wishes across the ocean…

  180. Ohh! The suspense is killing me. Bebe #3 must be here now…looking forward to the pics

  181. 213) Mary Ann B

    Another reader checking in daily waiting patiently to see the photos of your newest angel! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  182. 214) Vianely

    Congratulations, WIllard family!
    Enjoy this blessing!

  183. 215) j

    hey congrats on the kid!!
    oh and.. did you make those shoes in the picture??

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