big ole roundup

There’s not much to do around our house.
We completely cleaned and organized everything on Saturday. I finished some last minute baby projects…and started a new knitting one. Btw, some of you have asked about the chevron blanket I started months ago. It’s done! But I’m waiting to take pics of the blanket with a real babe in it. So more to come on that.

In the mean time, I’ll continue pinning Valentine’s ideas and inspiration since I just can’t get enough hearts. If you need more hearts in your life too, this one’s for you….
Gotta figure out how to make a scalloped sweater like that.
And how cute is Anna with her big heart pillow?
TOP: Scalloped sweaterheart lightsspoonflower fabric love is in the air
BOTTOM: wall of heartsred heart pillowprintable vintage valentines

I’ve seen these felt fortune cookies around blogland and always thought they would be a pain to make. But did you know they only take 3 stitches?? What? Check out Curly Birds for the info.
Valentine project overload?
No prob. Just add 9 more to the list:
TOP: fortune teller valentine’sorigami garlandpaint swatch bookmarks
MIDDLE: paper heart garland love bug valentine’sfelt candy pockets
BOTTOM: burlap bannersugar packet valentine’sheart friendship bracelets
Remember when katy did was blogging? I heart that site…..and her heart headband.
I also love:
Valentine’s dishes with edible paint from how about orange.
A pillow made of chalkboard fabric for writing love messages at mer mag.
From the MADE archives, everything I’ve ever done with hearts:
TOP: felt cookieswall of heartsheart hotpads
MIDDLE: placemat apronsvalentine’s sackslittle gift pouches
MIDDLE: heart garlandheartbreaker valentinescrazy heart pants
BOTTOM: doily heart shirthanging heart charmsmetallic hearts shirt

And of course what would Valentine’s be without some treats?
A slice of six layer dark chocolate and strawberry buttercream cake or chocolate chip cherry cheesecake?
Both please.And these too.Homemade Snickers and carrot cupcakes with pink lemon frosting.
Have a great Wednesday!

  1. 1) fern

    loving the heart overload! Happy Wednesday to you too!

  2. 2) Jean

    So much Valentine’s fun!!! You’re making me feel even more festive!

  3. 4) Jenn

    I am making the fortune cookies in red felt for my son’s classroom valentines– they are super easy and so cute! He is typing up the sentiments and I am making the cookies. We will put them together and he can deliver them to his little friends in class on Valentine’s day. You should try them for sure!

  4. 5) iris

    Lovely ideas! I am also curious about the results of your sewing room make over 🙂

  5. Love all the heart love. That scalloped sweater is really pretty. I agree.

    We haven’t been decorating at all for Valentines Day yet! I plan to get us festive this Friday when Owen is out of school.

    Good luck tomorrow! I’m thinking of you!

  6. 8) Michele

    You are amazing! I am always blown away by how much you accomplish, even at this stage in your pregnancy. Thank you for inspiring me to get Valentining!

  7. 9) Paula Titel

    Hey Dana, I made the felt fortune cookies today!! I think I got the tutorial from “somewhat simple” which just uses floral wire and hot glue instead of sewing. Super easy. (My Dh and I are finding out the sex of our baby on V-day, so we’re sharing the news in person with my in-laws by adding the gender to the fortune cookie message. Oh, and I put them in craft take-out boxes. )

  8. oh i love friendship bracelets!

  9. I saw you painted heart shirt and immediately got one of my daugter’s plain shirts and painted “A B C” on it.

    I did the “hearts on the wall” but instead of using newspaper I used trader joes grocery bags. I never do lovey stuff in February, but this year you got me into it! Good job!

  10. 13) alissa

    I made those homemade snickers and they are amazing! Here is a tip though, make sure to use salted peanuts. I didn’t and I later had to add salt to the chocolate layer! The salt really helps bring all the yummy flavors out. They are a bit too sweet without it.

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