I love Lucy

Today my little girl is 7 years old!
The expression is true: the days are long, the years are fast.  And a fun ride it’s been.

She got to be Star Student of the week at school and (though it took waaaay longer to put together than I envisioned….always, right?) we had so much fun looking back through the old pics and making a huge Lucy heart.



But with that same little face and smile

What I love most about Lucy is that she truly loves life.  She finds joy in simple pleasures and creates fun out of anything around her….a spoon at the restaurant, a rock in the dirt?   She’s on it.  And she’s always in motion, rain or shine (as you may remember from the Jumping Lucy video I shared last year).

She loves her family and friends and would be lost without Owen, and now Clara.

From her autobiography, she says:

We love you being you.   Thanks for being the peacemaker of the family and an easy-going spirit.

For her big day she requested vanilla cupcakes but knew that most of the kids in her school class liked chocolate, so she asked me to make both, so everyone would be happy.  That’s Lucy for you.

Happy Lucky 7!   We love you Luce Goose!

  1. 1) K

    Awww…happy birthday Lucy!! 😉

  2. “I love being me.” What a happy sentiment! I hope she always feels like that – it’s a great way to go through life.

    Happy Birthday, Lucy!

  3. 3) Sonja

    SO CUTE! You have to share how you made the heart poster.

  4. Gorgeous! She sounds a lot like my seven year old, my sunshine kid. Aren’t we the luckiest people in the world? Happy birthday Lucy all the way from New Zealand.

  5. What a sweetheart. Happy Birthday to Lucy!

  6. What fun! My girl is also 7 today…the most generous human being I know!

  7. Awe happy happy birthday to her! We celebrated my daughter’s 5 yesterday…wow oh wow, does time fly!

  8. ohhh she’s so sweet!!! happy birthday!!!

  9. 10) Collette

    Adorable! I love that letter. Happy Birthday, Lucy!

  10. 11) Kate

    What a gorgeous wee girl – happy birthday to Lucy. Also my “baby’s” 7th birthday this Tuesday…. a nice age, but 7 going on 17!

  11. I love so much about this post. Happy Birthday Lucy! I love what a good mom you are to her Dana. She is obviously such a generous girl because she has loving parents. Also, I think it’s really telling that your school allows homemade treats. You guys must live in a great place. 🙂

    Oh and love all those fun pictures of Lucy!

  12. Happy Birthday to Lucy! She is so sweet! Her spirit and ability to make a spoon or rock entertaining reminds me of my son. He’ll be 8 this April! What an age!! Time does fly!

  13. Your kids are so gorgeous and you capture them so well. Happy birthday Lucy! What a happy soul.

  14. Happy Birthday Lucy!! She is a doll. I LOVE the giant photo heart! I will have to remember that!

  15. Oh, wow 7? Such a special number. Happiest of birthdays to Miss Lucy!

  16. 21) Gina

    Happy birthday Lucy! I have my own Lucy, age 4 months, that I look forward to seeing grow.

  17. She is ADORABLE!! Reminds me a lot of my (dark haired) 8-year old girl. Happy birthday! 🙂

  18. Happy birthday!! My oldest, Helen, is 8 today. Birthday twinners. 😉 Have fun celebrating!

  19. Happy Birthday darling Lucy! She is so sweet and beautiful gal. God bless. xox..

  20. 26) Paula

    She’s adorable. I love how you said, “from her autobiography”…she seems so sophisticated 🙂

  21. Happy b-day from this side of the world !!!!!

  22. Such a happy and beautiful girl! Happy Birthday, Lucy! It’s been so fun watching her get bigger through your blog over the years, it’s clear she’s a well loved little girl.

  23. Aw what a sweet post! Happy birthday, Lucy! And happy becoming-a-mama day to you, Dana!!

  24. 30) Jackie

    Happy Birthday Lucy! This is a great post Dana. You are an awesome mom.

  25. she is so precious! I love seeing this post!!! I’m freaking out about Natalie turning 7, seems like they’re getting to be ‘big kids’ now!!

  26. 33) Jennie

    Lovely post! She’s such a doll!

    They do grow up too fast–my big boy somehow turned 7 this week, on Wed(the 20th). Sob. 7 seems to big to fathom.

  27. Happy birthday to Lucy and happy Lucy’s birthday to you! I LOVE her autobiography.

  28. always love being you lucy! hope you have had the best birthday.

  29. Happy birthday Lucy! Love the heart and autobiography and pictures.

  30. What a sweet little girl! She is absolutely beautiful, and this post just warmed my heart. I have actually already planned to name one of my daughters (hopefully I have more than one) Lucy. I just think it’s such a pretty name — and your daughter fits it perfectly.

  31. Why am I crying now????
    Happy birthday Lucy.
    Hugs from across the ocean!

  32. How sweet is this little girl? Happy birthday, Lucy!

  33. 40) sabrina

    Happy Birthday, Lucy! & Happy Birth Day, Mama! My youngest turned 7 at the beginning of the month – they definitely seem “big” by 7, don’t they? (I love Lucy’s autobiography! I’m going to see if I can get my 7 year old to write one!)

  34. Happy belated birthday Lucy!!! Hope your day was great!

  35. Happy Birthday Lucy! I pray you have an awesome birthday. I love your big Lucy heart! Sounds like it matches the size of your real heart. 🙂

  36. Love this!! Happy Birthday, Lucy!!! What great pics and sweet sentiments! Next thing you know, she’ll be turning thirteen. Trust me, it happened to my biggest girl last summer — and left my head spinning.

  37. 44) Kayla K

    Happy birthday to Lucy! I had to go back and watch the video from last year because I recalled it being so cute! Still just as cute… 🙂 I am constantly amazed at how fast my kiddos grow too.

  38. 45) Mirabelle

    What a smile !
    Happy birthday sweet Lucy.

  39. oh my, she is so so cute! My middle is turning seven. I love the big heart idea. Such a fun project to do together and look back. Happy birthday Lucy!

  40. 47) Uta

    Happy Birthday to your Sunshine Girl! The Lucy Heart is such a lovely idea!

  41. Such a sweet girl! I hpe you had a great day celebrating her.

  42. Happy Birthday to your Lucy!
    Our girls (your oldest and my youngest) are the same age! 7 is fun.
    I hope she enjoyed her day.

    • 50) Carolyn Thornley

      Happy Birthday, Lucy!

  43. 51) Aliya

    She exudes so much joy! I love it. My own little Lucy was born this Thursday – the 21st. 🙂

    I love Lucy’s thoughtful heart and the way she finds joy in the small things (like the triangles you sewed onto her leotard!).

  44. 52) Nancy

    Such a happy post- happy birthday Lucy! Wonderful photos and such beautiful happy children/family!

  45. 53) Allison Hansen

    … and happy 7th anniversary of being a mom!

  46. What a sweet post! That girl is such a sweetheart! Happy Birthday Lucy!

  47. 55) Laurel

    Hey, Friday was my birthday too! Happy Birthday Lucy, it was a great day to be born!

  48. 56) Mary Kay

    Happy Birthday Lucy <3

  49. Sweet Lucy! I love most how all the words you use to describe her really shine through her eyes in the picture. And what a gift to have a child who loves being who she is, and can say so at such a young age. You’re a terrific mom, seriously, and your kids are dreamy and so, so cool. Here’s hoping one of these days we can both have our kids in the same place and they can meet! What fun that would be. (Although my children could probably take more than a couple lessons from yours, so maybe I have an ulterior motive…)

  50. 58) Jenn

    Oh goodness, they grow so quickly. My baby was 9 in December, and it seems impossible to fathom. Sweetest of birthday wishes, young Lucy, and here’s hoping the years don’t fly too fast, Dana.

  51. I love her little autobiography. I pray every day that my kids will always love being who they are. I hope the same for Lucy. Happy birthday Lucy, thanks for letting your mama share sweet pictures of you so we can all enjoy watching you grow up.

  52. She is very pretty, my daughter is going to turn 18 this year, I have lots of treasured memories, childhood seems to be over in a flash so make lots of time for them!

  53. Your children are wonderful ^,^ and so sweet..
    You always be happy..

  54. I know it’s late but Happy Birthday! My daughter, Aevarie, turned 6 the same day, so we were celebrating here too! 😀

  55. 63) Joy

    What a sweet girl to remember her classmates likes/dislikes! She is a cutie and I hope she is always as happy as she is today. My husband and I always say….whatever comes our way, oh well. We just pray our kids are happy and at peace.

  56. 64) Susan Hamilton

    My daughter is student of the week in 2 weeks and I have been looking everywhere for ideas. I just LOVE how Lucy’s heart turned out! Any pointers/tips/tricks??? Did you start in the middle and work your way to the edges? Happy #7!!!

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