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I hope you’re having fun with the FLIP Vest Pattern.  Some of you have shared your versions with me and I love it!  If you have a vest to share….add it to the youMADEit Flickr group, or Instagram me a photo at @danamadeit, or if it’s boyish add it to the Celebrate the BOY Flickr group!

(above photo by One Little Minute)

And speaking of boys….
Boy oh boy I’ve been sewing all week.  Got some fun stuff to share with you starting Monday!

Okay on to the FREE part of this post.
Before releasing a pattern, I always have a few people test it out for me and provide feedback.  And seriously, their feedback is invaluable.  Their suggestions totally made the pattern better for me and you.

And today three of them are sharing Pattern Reviews and Giveaways on their site!….starting with a totally girly version by Maggie of Smashed Peas and Carrots.  Isn’t her daughter a doll?  Her expression is killing me.  And she’s got a secret fabric inside her vest…..

Kristin from Skirt as Top made a cool old-timey version with black linen and buttons down the front.  You gotta head over to see the front…..and her adorable O.

Then if you really want to amp it up, check out what Miranda at One Little Minute did!  She added snaps, pockets, zippers, different pockets on each side,  four options!  It’s a vest full of surprises!  And cute little models to show them off.

So that’s 3 reviews, 3 giveaways, 3 patterns per giveaway.
Here, Here, and Here.

And if you wanna just go ahead and do this thing, purchase the Flip Vest Pattern HERE!
(You can also preview a 4-page sample of the pattern HERE.  Your computer will prompt you to download/open a small 400KB file in Preview or Acrobat, etc).

  1. Oh how exciting! Off to check out the pattern reviews! Congratulations on the new pattern!

  2. Wow, some people (not me) are so talented! Love this!

  3. I have the robe pattern and that is so great I might just have to buy this one and start this weekend!

  4. yay! Love your patterns! If you ever need anyone to test little girl things or womens I’d happily volunteer 🙂

  5. 5) Kelly

    What is this sticky tape that holds clothing up on the wall for picture purposes? is it a special kind of tape?

  6. Snap! I was in the shower this morning thinking about this vest pattern and it occurred to me that using snaps down the front could be a good idea. Glad to see someone tested that idea out for me already. OK, off to work some more on my vest sewing now.

  7. 7) Vanessa

    Will the Flip Vest come in bigger sizes as well? 6-12 years would be great!

    • 8) Dana

      Pobably not at this time but thank you for showing interest in it!
      You could extend the pattern yourself by using something that your child owns as your guidelines! It would be a fun project if you’ve never done that sort of thing before. Just tape extra paper to your pattern pieces and draw everything further out.

  8. 9) paola

    dice que el patrón es gratis , pero no se puede descargar, y solo sale el tutorial

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