I just painted the room, and I hate it.

At 10pm last night, we painted the office/sewing room.
Yellow seemed to go with our house….
But when I woke up, it was more like Mountain Dew, glowing yellow.
I hate it.
And I don’t know where to go next.
You guys always have excellent advice…like all the curly hair tips. Wow! Thank you! I’ve already tried a few! So I’m hoping you can give me some input (don’t worry, this isn’t any kind of product review…just me needing an extra pair of eyes).

I used the same yellow paint from Lucy’s room project, which I love. It looks so happy and cheery in her bright room:
But when painted on all 6 walls of our darker office, it turned out like this:
I know it’s hard to see the real potential with all our furniture shoved in the middle of the room.

This is an old photo of our house but I was hoping that when you looked over at the office from the front room you’d see a cool transition of colors….blue, gray (the hallway), and then yellow.
Instead you see this:
Want me to lament and complain a little more?
I thought so!
My sewing space went…
So what should I do?
I’m having a creative block….both with the house and sewing projects. Nothing like a finished-project-gone-awry that makes you want to throw everything aside and hang at the pool for 4 hours.

I’d love your input.
What color do I paint it?
A lighter shade of yellow?
Just one yellow wall like Lucy’s room?
A pale shade of blue (lighter than our front room)?
Back to Utlra Pure White?
The room used to be so soothing.

No wonder my sewing mojo has been temporarily sucked out. This mess gives me a headache. Okay. Debbie Downer is done. Thank you for your input!

  1. 1) Lisa

    I came for the helpful comments! I’ve got the same problem.

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