Heirloom Skirts

A few months ago I purchased this lovely pile of towels, sheets, and vintage scarves from our local thrift shop. The towel has another sewing fate in the works. But the polka dot scarf immediately caught my eye.
It was just the right size to make this.
A simple skirt with an old-fashioned twist. An heirloom skirt of sorts (if only my grandma had handed that scarf down to me. I’m sure someone’s Grandma passed it along).

It’s just right amount of “vintage” for an old-fashioned get-together with friends. Dial them on the rotary phone, mail them a letter, invite them over, and enjoy a tea party with your girls.
Heirloom skirts are easy to make. Of course having a real heirloom passed down to you makes the skirt truly special. But finding a vintage gem at the thrift store counts too.
We’ll use the Simple Skirt tutorial and add little embellishments.
Vintage Lace and Trims:
I can’t remember where I got this old lace but I know my mom had something very similar in the 70’s (the fabric is from Joanns—not old). This polka dot skirt seemed unfinished on its own, which is why I added the lace. And wham! It really brightened up the skirt!..and makes it look more expensive than it is (can’t beat $3).
To add a trim/lace, first serge or hem the bottom of the fabric rectangle–before sewing the skirt together. Pin the lace over the top and sew it in place. Then sew the skirt together and add the waistband (using the simple skirt instructions).

Vintage Scarves and Fabric:

When my grandma passed away 3 years ago, I inherited a box of her old fabrics which I’ve used from time to time on projects. In fact, creating a dress for Lucy from one of her fabrics was the motivation that started my blog!…and was one of my very first blog posts (when the photography was a bit shaky).
This green scarf below doesn’t have the same sentiment to me as the brown dotted swiss. But I just love the scarf’s look, vibe, and symmetry. And it’s the perfect size for another skirt!
I cut the scarf in half and added a strip of off-white fabric to the top (to make the skirt a bit longer and for a contrasting waistband color). Then I pulled the elastic through…
And that was that. Another heirloom skirt.
I hate to sound morbid, but I hope someday my kids enjoy thumbing through my stash of old fabrics cause you know there’s gonna be plenty left over when I’m gone. Yep, she’s already brainstorming project ideas.
Not so fast little lady.
I’m only 34.

  1. This is my first time on your blog, and I love everything about it–your photos are fantastic! I can’t wait to make a skirt for my three year old using your simple skirt tutorial. Also, I wanted to let you know that the FABULOUS Hobby Lobby scalloped dot fabric that you used for the simple skirt tutorial is called “Silly Spunky Dots” and can be purchased online through the Hobby Lobby website.

  2. 2) Lena

    I found your site when looking for a simple skirt for my granddaughter …not only I found what I was looking for but a series of simple projects all very lovely. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  3. 3) Jaedyn S

    Thanks so much for this! I love the skirts! SO cute!

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  5. 5) Jacqueline phillips

    Hi Dana
    Thank you for all your great ideas. I hadn’t made anything before I found your site. You’re an inspiration. I keep churning out your easy skirt for my granddaughters now.
    Can you please put some easy dresses on tutorial and I will buy your pattern.
    Many thanks and kind regards

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