H&M grab-bag

I finally got around to emptying the suitcases today. Doesn’t it seem that you either put things away the first hour you get home…or it sits there for a week? Let’s just say our house has been a disaster for 4 days. But today I tidy-ed up. And discovered my grab-bag of H&M treasures sitting in the bottom of the suitcase. Every time I’m in a city with an H&M, I have to stock up. I have no idea why there isn’t one in Austin! It seems a bit absurd–along with the absence of Trader Joes. Thankfully we enjoyed vanilla Joe-Joe’s at the beach in California.

Just for fun here are my H&M finds, purchased a few weeks ago. All sorts of bright, cheap summery stuff.
Hair accessories ($4 each). I couldn’t say no. Lucy wore the little rose bud in the grandkid beach pictures.
These Owen undies are probably the reason I even wanted to take pictures. I mean, does it get cuter? And how many times have showed to Owen’s underwear to thousands of strangers? Someday he’ll forgive me.
I really love the boys undies though at H&M. They’re so much softer than the standard Cars and Toy Story stuff.
Yellow sandals ($12). Super comfy. I’m excited.
These little tote bags were on clearance. Not sure what I’ll do with them, but I bought 5.
Classic sunglasses ($5). My 13-year-old niece walked out of the store with the same pair. We looked at each other and laughed. Either she’s looking old or I’m looking young. I guess I’ll go for young.
Clearance pink dress for only $3. Great beach coverup?
And in case you were wondering, I just sent emails to H&M and Trader Joes asking them to come to Austin. Every little nudge helps, maybe?
Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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