froggie pjs–I don’t love em but they’ll do

I had a friend once who was always apologizing for her daughter’s strange mismatched outfits and disney character shirts, “I hate it when she wears that hideous princess shirt. It looks horrible! and with those shorts?” Of course all I could think in response (though I never verbalized it) was, she’d never have those dreadful shirts if you didn’t buy them. Kids only put on what’s in their drawer. I realize there are times we receive unwanted items as gifts and well, in that case you just do what you need to do. But where possible I try to limit the ghastly stuff in my kids drawers, except when it comes to pjs. So….

I totally went against my better judgment last week and bought an “ugly princess shirt”…or some fabric (from Joann) that I thought was not very cute, but Owen liked it.
And I knew he’d love a simple pair of jammie shorts out of it.

You see, I try to do my fabric shopping at night without the kids or when they’re at preschool. But sometimes I drag them along and honestly, they’re really good sports. They usually hang out in the shopping cart, eat a few snacks, browse the button wall (and actually clean up the stray buttons that have fallen). I can’t complain.
So on this particular shopping day, we were on the flannel aisle and Owen spotted the frog fabric and got excited. I decided that a 1/2 yard can’t hurt. No one really sees jammies anyway; I’m a little more lenient with what my kids wear to bed. Lucy however, was begging for a real bad Princess Tiana fleece print which I definitely vetoed. Sorry Luce.
So, Owen got these little shorts. They ended up cuter than I thought. And they’re real cozy with a soft Tee.
The pattern is the Basic KID Pants, with the Shorts twist (no flat front).
Simple, and fast! They were done in less than 30 minutes.

He likes them.
That makes me happy.
And just for fun, want to see inside my shorts?
Sorry that sounds bad.
But who shows the insides of their sewing stuff? I should really do it more often. Here’s the leg hem and the crotch area, with serged side seams. No fraying edges!
I also added top-stitching on the outer side seams and a double-stitched hem. Just little touches that add more style.
Good Morning friends.

  1. 1) Stevie

    I love these!! Owen is a doll & what we call SDC!! (SO DARN CUTE) On another note.. I just scooped up some powder grey flannel on clearance yesterday..I’m going to make these for my twin boys!! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

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