Her camera takes magic pictures!

fujifilm Instax camera

A fun thing happened this week….I finally got a Fujifilm Instax Camera!
Well, I guess “we” got a camera.
It sort of belongs to Lucy, and me.

Instax cam

And we’ve gone crazy taking pictures.
Cause it’s a whole new art, and adventurous way of taking pictures! INSTANT photos you can actually hold and share with a friend?…like it was in the good old days?? Yes! But improved, with more features, a tripod mount, selfie options, a cute rectangle shape.
It totally blew my kids’ minds.  And I’d forgotten how fun it was to HOLD a real picture. And to have that instant fun.

instant photos with Instax

You see, Lucy’s friend got an Instax Mini 8 Camera for Christmas (which comes in the cutest colors, omg—Yellow, Pink, Raspberry Ahhh!)…and it sort of started the whole conversation.  She hung out at her house one afternoon and they took all sorts of pics together and wrote notes to each other on the bottom.  And when she got in the car, she kept telling me about this cool camera Kaytlin had.   It was a camera that could take pictures and print them RIGHT away!
“Mom…her camera takes magic pictures!”
I had to chuckle.  What a different age she’s growing up in.
Then she said, oh Mom, I would totally love one for my birthday!

cute colored instax cameras

And then another fun thing happened.
That very week I was contacted by Fujiifilm to see if I’d like to try out their Instax Mini 70 Camera.
Haha. Timing is everything.

Why YES Fujifilm.  In white or yellow please!
A week later this showed up on my door:

Instax camera fits in your zipper pouch

….which just made me smile.  A cute little white camera!  Mmmm.  It’s so small and lightweight; it’s such a great size and fits right in one of my zipper pouches.  Of course we may need to get a cute case for it too.  But I like how this pouch can hold the camera and some packs of film.

Instax film catridges

So the day it arrived I wrapped it up in a box, and Lucy was super surprised on her birthday that I had remembered our conversation about the camera.  Heh Heh.

And then I informed her that I might need to use the camera at times as well, which she was cool with.  And then we started taking pics and figuring out the settings, and flash vs. no flash, AND…taking selfies.
First try, we only got Owen’s eye in the frame.  Second try, we noticed the “selfie mirror” on the front.  DUH.
And we got both eyes in.

How to use an Instax camera

You see, a whole new exciting art to explore: the Instax Selfie.
I mean look at the cute little mirror on the lens!  Brilliant.

How to take a selfie on Fujifilm Instax

I honestly wasn’t expecting to have as much with the photos as we’ve been having.  We all love watching the “magic” happen as the film develops.  And whenever a friend comes over, it’s time to take a pic and give them a souvenir when they leave.

Instax instant pictures
share an instant photo with friends using an Instax camera

There are so many ways you can display the photos:
• on a cute rope with clothespins.
• on a magnet board.
• taped to the wall.
• you can trade them with friends and writes notes on the white space.
• mail one to your grandma.
• use your Instax camera for a photobooth!  Instant photos to pass around.

But here’s what I’m doing with ours…..

Instax camera by Fujifilm

Last year I started a guest book for our new house, and I wanted it to be more than just names.  I thought it would be fun to take a picture of each person that stayed, paste it in the book along with their personal note, and then it would be a Guest scrapbook thing.

guest book

But it just wasn’t working.
Since I couldn’t print the photo right away….I ended up with blank pages…..or pages with photos and no messages.

Pproject Fail.

So then I bought a normal Guest Book instead, and it’s been fine.

old guest book

But when the Fujifilm Instax Camera showed up, the whole vision came together!
INSTANT photos is what I was missing!

I mean, seriously.  How perfect??

use Instax for your Guest Book

Now a guest can take a photo, or two, or three, whenever they want.  They can tape pics into the book, write a little message, and the scrapbook will start working!  They can even draw pictures or doodle or whatever sparks their interest.  I can totally picture my Dad getting into this.

I know it sounds silly, but I’m so happy I figured this out.  And how convenient that I left a blank page at the beginning of the book to get the party started.   The kids and I snapped a photo of each person in our family and wrote our own message on the first page:

How to make a Guest Book with Instax photos

Now whenever a guest comes….I’ll (ask Lucy if we can borrow the camera) and set the supplies and some welcome goodies out in the room.
Instant happiness in the works.

Fuji Film Instax camera

Okay. Have you ever wanted an Instax camera?
Now’s your chance.  Today we’re giving away a VISA card that you can use toward the purchase of your own camera and film…..

Leave a comment below, sharing what you do to make your photos fun, for a chance to WIN a $100 Visa gift card.

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The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 3/21/16 – 4/30/16.

Make sure to check out Fujifilm Instax Camera.

  1. 1) Abbey

    The camera is adorable! Would love to win the gift card to get one! I’m so bad about getting photos developed!

  2. 2) darci

    My 11yo has been begging for one of these! how great it would be to get her one!

  3. 3) Hannah

    So funny! My daughter just asked me this morning for a camera that prints your pictures so she can journal about our trips. What a trip! Wouldn’t it be cute if she were the one to win one from you? Thanks for the info and the chance to win!

  4. 4) Rita jeffery

    So funny to see how things come back around! Would love to win one to share with the kiddos!

  5. 5) Kristin

    I just bought a similar camera for a relatives birthday and would love to try one out myself!

  6. 6) Melanie M.

    My son and daughter would just be completely tickled over one of these!! I would love to have a summer scavenger hunt with them and turn it into a scrapbook!

  7. 7) Sarah J

    I love that these are “back”– I think the tangible photo is so fun for kids and adults! My kids (4 & 6) just had the best time digging though old photos for the 6 year old’s school project- I had forgotten how fun it can be to actually look at photos rather than just scrolling through online!

  8. 8) Renee

    Love the idea of a summer scavenger hunt. I’m sure my kids will be able to think of a million things to do with such a cool camera.

  9. 9) Tonya

    My Eldest Daughter would love to have one of these to take to summer camp. She goes for 7 weeks this year and wants to be able to have the photos immediately. I think it will be great for her summer memories. Horrible for my wallet supplying her all the film for it, but such is life. She is saving up for it, but it would be awesome if she could win one!

  10. 10) Michelly

    What a neat camera! I am all into photography!

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    My camera doesn’t always want to work, so this would be fantastic!!

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    I love it! That is a really cool camera. Thanks for the display ideas!

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    That is such a fun guestbook idea. My kids would love that camera. My sister in law has one and it is a blast!

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    Yes–I would love an Instax camera! I think it would be so fun to add little pictures to my planner. (I am sure the kids would love it too!)

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    I would use this awesome camera to document our BIG weekly family dinners

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    So much fun! Cute camera, I’d have a hard time deciding what color! I love the idea of the guest book, with the camera even more fun! Would love to do the guest book but I’m pretty sure my littles would steal it for their own fun ????

  18. 19) linda R

    From the moment my 10 year old came home from her best friend’s birthday party, she has been talking about this camera! So glad to see that you are just as happy with it as she has been. Hoping to make this her favorite birthday present this year. She is writing her first book (prologue and first two chapters are already done). This camera will help her add “illustrations” to her words!

  19. 20) Laura

    What great ideas for this camera! I think my niece would love one of these! I would use it everyday, too!

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    So cute little pictures! I have drooled over these cameras for a while, the main thing I love is the small size 🙂

  21. 22) Crystal

    This is fun! My kids and I would have so much fun with an instax! Thanks for the fun giveaway 🙂

  22. 23) peggy

    What a cute camera, just like the good old days! I love it and would use it with my 4 gbabies and 1 on the way! What a great way to document their lives! Thanks for your fabulous sight and creativity! Such an inspiration!

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    What a fantastic idea!!!!! This would be so much fun when we do our seasonal bucket lists!! I could make a whole book!

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    A photo guest book?! You are absolutely genius.

  31. 32) emily

    With 4 kids, the possibilities of cute, instant pictures would be endless! I don’t think my kids even know such cameras exist and so it would, indeed, be “magical” to them as well. 🙂

  32. 33) rebecca

    My daughter is turning 7 this week and she really wants a camera. This is just the thing for her because having the pictures in her hands is going to make her so much happier than having to ask us to open up our computers to show them to her!

  33. 34) Shannon

    Would love to capture family moments on the go and immediately put them into a journal that we keep on the go. I never get around to printing photos and since they are all captured on our phone we never go back and remember our fun times but this would change that!

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    I am SO going to buy one for my guest book for my upcoming wedding reception! Perfect for this photographer and documenting who joined us for a fun evening!!

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    What a fun giveaway! I love printing my photos and using them on blank cards for people’s birthdays. They love getting printed photos of themselves!

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    Hey! Thanks for a chance to win! I love to do Project Life with my photos! And your new fabric coming out is fabulous! I cannot wait to get my hands on it! Eek!

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    I had one as a child but never really thought about the modern ones. Love your guest book idea, what a special way for your kids to remember visitors.

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    Amazing idea! Thank you for the chance to win one! I think this camera would be great at my nephew’s first birthday party where all the guests can take a picture and sign a party book to commemorate his special day.

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  68. 71) Mami2jcn


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    I just got an Instax Mini 90 for my birthday. Your pictures look great! I’m finding there’s a bit of a learning curve now that I’ve logged 5 years with my DSLR. I haven’t found the perfect light for no flash yet. I’m sure it’s nothing a few more packs of film won’t cure… 😉

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    Love our new blog look!
    Thank you!

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    To make our photos fun I like to take action pictures where everyone on is in motion and not looking at the camera.

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    This is so cool! I’m a new Mommy and need a way to document my little one and display them instead of just keeping them stored on my phone! This is such a cool camera!

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  119. 126) Julie Wood


  120. 127) Tiffany

    I make photos fun by making photo cubes for my little girls to play with. They play with colorful blocks that have far away family members faces printed on them so they can remember their relatives and be excited to see them the few times a year that we do.

  121. 128) Michaela

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  129. 136) Sarah E Vine

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  130. 137) Martha

    We had the old instant camera which my son took to college with him. He had a wall of photos. They stopped making film for those cameras but we’ve always wanted to get a new one. I would love to send him one of these cute cameras. He now lives in Paris. I would love for him to again have a wall of photos.

  131. 138) Janet Berquist

    This is my first glimpse of this fantastic little camera. It would be so much fun to have because we care for our grandchildren and do many fun things. I would love to be able to document each excursion we do in a scrapbook for each of them!

  132. 139) Mary Boshell

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  133. 140) MargueritE

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  134. 141) andrea

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  138. 145) Erika Torrejon

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  139. 146) Kathryn Chavez

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  140. 147) Rachel

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  141. 148) Julie

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  142. 149) Collette

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  143. 150) Samantha

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  144. 152) Nancy Curtis

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  145. 153) Torrie

    I am always thinking I’d like an cutie little Instax camera but have never really looked into buying one. It looks like so much fun. I think that I need one now. I am glad that you got one just in time for Lucy’s B-day, who is the best mom ever now in her eyes?

  146. 154) Anya

    A blast from the past!! What fun to be had with these instant cameras! I love the guest book idea-thanks for sharing it!

  147. 155) Jackie

    I would use this camera for the kids to do writing prompts. If we were going to the park, or museum, or for just a walk around our small town, the kids could take their own photos and then make a little scrapbook about their adventures. This would be so fun for the summer time as well! Any fun way to get the kids thinking, and writing would be awesome! They would totally love it.

  148. 156) Heather

    I think the fun part is taking the pictures. We have lots of fun taking silly pictures as a family.

  149. 157) brenda

    How retro and current, at the same time!!!

    Its perfect for the guestbook.

  150. 158) RUnaway Deb

    I have the same “holey” scrap book problem. I used to print the pics once every few months…then 6 then…This fun little camera would solve that. It is interesting to see the instant photo cameras back on the market. The pictures seem to be of good quality too.

  151. 159) Nancy Bailey

    I love this camera. Amazing we have gone full circle, back to instant pictures. But how nice to have real photos.

  152. 160) Mars

    My 19 yr old grandson and myself are taking a vacation to NM where friends and family are. It’s been up to 20 yrs for me to see a lot of them and he hasn’t been back for 8 years. It would be great to take pictures of us with friends and family and let them keep the picture as a memory….

  153. 162) Ailar

    What a lovely camera and pictures! I would so love to have it to document my life with my precious children! Thank you!

  154. 163) Melissa Shultz

    I have a purple Instax 8 but would love one of the smaller cameras with the selfie mirror. I love your idea of the guest book. I do Project Life and want to incorporate my Instax photos into it. So fun to have the little “magic” photos. Thanks for a chance to win.

  155. 164) Kathy

    I would love an instant camera to take photos of people as they arrive at a party and give them as favors to those people.

  156. 165) Natalie

    I make photos fun by having everyone participate in the photo taking! I will help my little niece take pictures of the family and other friends and family how to take cool pictures! I also like to create neat scrapbooks out of fun pictures!

  157. 167) Jodi

    I love these little cameras. My daughter has one and I would love to have one of my own for the whole family!! Instant scrapbooks!!!

  158. 168) Sandra

    Oh my gosh, my daughter would go CRAZY for one of these!!

  159. 169) mARSHA

    I would love this camera. It brings back wonderful memories of using my grandparents’ Polaroid camera when we were young. So much fun!

  160. 170) Kelly D

    We make photos fun by taking them in a memorable setting.

  161. 171) CARRIE

    I would love one of those cute little cameras!

  162. 172) Tara

    This sounds like a party in a box! What a fun giveaway!

  163. 173) susan hatfield

    It’s fun to see these cameras come back into fashion! We used them when I was a kid 50 years ago. I think I would take photos and make an area on the wall for a framed in fabric covered board and post some of our photos there. You idea was fun for a guest book!

  164. 174) ChristyP

    We let the kids take a silly pic before a more serious one to help keep them invested in the process :0

  165. 175) Heidi V

    We let the kids take pics too which they love!

  166. 176) Erin

    We would love to have a camera like this. I love your guest book idea!

  167. 177) Tiffany

    This would be so fun to do with my kids! I know my girls would love to take pics of and with their baby brother.

  168. 178) Adrienne

    I am so happy to know about this camera! My kids love taking pictures and I love the idea of letting them display the pictures they’ve taken in their rooms! I love this!!

  169. 179) Angie

    This is amazing! When I was little I loved my grandma’s instant camera and watching the photos come to life. Now my son can share the experience as well.

  170. 180) Meggan

    My kids and I would LOVE one of these cameras! So fun.

  171. 181) Toni

    Love this! So Cute!

  172. 182) Mikea

    I need this!!! The girl is having her 4th bday at school and i want to do it BIG. We are doing a photo “booth” but i would have to email pix to the parents. This is a much easier and better option!!

  173. 183) Kelli O

    So nice that some older technology is still being used. Nothing like it for your guestbook! Such a fun post, too.

  174. 184) Melanie Price

    I’ve wanted to get an instant camera for my ten year old for a while now! She would love this (and so would I!)

  175. 185) heather

    My favorite fun moments to capture in photos are action photos when no one is looking at the camera. I love to take outdoor pictures of family, friends and pets at the beach or park.

  176. 186) Alexis

    I have an Intax Mini that my stepdaughter and I bought the other summer and I’ve really enjoyed it. I took it to my first sewing retreat this fall and even through I look pretty terrible in the photos -they are some of my most favorites and I have them in little wooden phyoto holders on the shelves near my mirror so I can see them every day as I get ready

  177. 187) Angie

    Oh my goodness! Sign me up! 🙂 Soooo cute! And I love your idea for the guest book- brilliant. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  178. 188) Michelle

    When my kids were younger and couldn’t read yet, I made a picture chart of them doing their daily routine–brushing teeth, getting dressed, making their beds, etc. Each day they could go through the list without me having to remind them what they needed to do. This camera looks like fun!

  179. 189) Megan L.

    I would love (LOVE!) to have this camera! I never had a camera when I was growing up, and only recently saw that these magic cameras still existed!

  180. 190) Lexie B

    I would love one of these to document our summer adventures! What fun!

  181. 191) Laura

    How fun! I think this would be awesome at a party.

  182. 192) Ashlie

    To make pictures fun I sometimes let my kids take the pictures. I love seeing things from their perspective.

  183. 193) Julie

    LOVE THE GUEST BOOK IDEA!! My daughter has been begging for one of these cameras- she’s close to Lucy’s age and her BFF got one for Xmas too- my daughter said she’d do a million things with her camera but mostly make presents for friends 🙂 thanks for the chance!

  184. 194) Melissa

    I have my own little 7-year-old photographer in training who would just go crazy for instant pictures! Thanks for the opportunity!

  185. 195) Julie

    i make my photos fun by including my wild wacky kids in each one!

  186. 196) Susan Balsom

    I have wanted one of these for a few years now,I too am bad at not printing out my photo’s.These wouls be great for taking pictures of my granddaughter Averie.

  187. 197) Cindy

    Would love one of these cameras for my grandson.. He could take pictures of all the things he and his little sister do and make an album we could look at together when I visit.

  188. 198) Angie

    My 15 year old would love this! She and her friends love to take selfies and group shots when they get together, how fun to actually have a real picture to hold in their hands and “post” on her bulletin board or in her locker! 🙂

  189. 199) Ashley

    This camera is completely adorable and your family is adorable. I just love everything about this post!

  190. 200) Larissa

    I have wanted an instant camera for our family for sometime. Magic pictures are the best! Love your guest book/scrapbook idea. Very cool!

  191. 201) Jeanette Georgiadis

    My four year old Grand daughter, would love this camera. She begs to use every ones phone to take pictures, to have an actual picture in her hand, would thrill her to no end!! I would love for her to have a picture history as she is growing up, that would be so awesome. Taking the pictures herself would be the great bonus, of sharing her growing up years with her friends, and family. We had an instamatic camera years ago, it seems like the dark ages now, this little camera looks awesome, can’t wait to help her use it. I have a Fuji digital camera, but it doesn’t compare to seeing the pictures instantly, great idea Fuji!!

  192. 202) cassidy

    Fun! I had an updated kind of version of a mini polaroid camera in the late 90’s. But the photos were tiny and came on a long strip of paper. It ended up being kind of lame. This one is so much better! So much fun for the kiddos! A selfie you can print out instantly?!

  193. 203) Courtney

    What do I do to make my pictures fun? Use an instax camera I could possibly win. 🙂

  194. 204) Joanne

    How wonderful! I need to get one of those cameras, our granddaughter is eight months old, hundreds of photos have been taken but not one printed. Thanks so much for telling us about it.

  195. 205) Christi Pike

    I love to make pictures fun by takin silly ones of my grad babies !

  196. 206) Bev

    Make great memories with my nieces and nephews!

  197. 207) Amanda

    I love to scrapbook or make smash books with my photos. Keeping them in a book and documenting memories to flip back through is most fun to me.

  198. 208) Christy W.

    I’m having OutKast running through my head on repeat now. Even if it isn’t required, pretty sure I’ll still be sh-sh-shaking the prints like a Polaroid picture! Real photos would be so much fun. I think I’ll need to steal your guest book idea if I get one too!

  199. 209) Ellen Barth

    I love the camera! It would be a lot of fun to have one!

  200. 210) Linda gerig

    Try to get pics of fun things. None of my subjects want pics anymore. Have to catch on sly Linda getig

  201. 211) Leslie

    I can think of MANY uses for this tool/toy in my classroom!

  202. 212) Wei-Yann Chen

    Ahhh would love to have a Fujifilm Instax for taking daily photos of my baby boy who is growing up so quickly!

  203. 213) Karen

    I used to have an instamatic camera in my classroom many many years ago. It finally died. Intook pictures all year long and kept them in a small album. I had atleast 15 years worth of albums. They loved looking at kids from years past and sometimes finding older brthers and sisters. When they were in the 8th grade and ready to graduate, I’d send the album down to their class . What fun they had! Laughing at the pictures and remembering friends that left. I’d love another one to use with my grandchildren now. fun times ahead.

  204. 214) Jamie

    Wow-how would I use it? So many ideas!
    I think I would try to figure out how to make them into post cards. I have 2 girls and I am trying to teach them about snail mail. It would be so fun to take pics and send them to friends and family. Happy mail for all!
    Thanks for the give away!

  205. 215) Ginny s.

    I love instant photos!!!! I still have the larger bulky version from about 15 years ago. My kids ask me, “what in the world does that thing do? ” instant photos rock!

  206. 216) Holly Martinez

    So fun! I need to get one of these!

  207. 217) Karen

    I’d love to do that same scrapbook idea! I have failed at the guestbook for a solid 6 years now. Such a fun idea!

  208. 218) Mary Kay

    This little camera is so cool – I would love to have some insta photos when the family is together. Easier to hand a photo then going through the whole upload and email thing!

  209. 219) Wombatish

    I loved that they brought polaroids back but they were soo pricey. These are much much more reasonable!

    To make photos fun I’d take and more importantly -share- them more. This makes that second one super easy!

  210. 220) Antonette Hall

    I have been wanting one of these cameras for so long! They are so much fun!

  211. 221) Kristi

    Sounds like so much fun!! My kiddos love taking pictures and having their picture taken and it would be great to have the picture so instantly. I also love that my kids could see the wonder of Polaroid pictures!

  212. 222) LAURA

    LOVE the guest room idea! I’m going to have to use that myself!

  213. 223) HeatHer collinS

    My 9 year old daughter was just saying how much fun it would be if we had an instant camera! We would love to try one.

  214. 224) Julie C

    I remember my mom having one of these as a kid. What fun ! Hope to win the contest our family would have a BLAST with it.

  215. 225) Holly

    I have a 9 YO and she loves, loves taking pictures with my old phone. Problem is, she can’t ever share her masterpieces, other than huddling around the screen. This sounds like a perfect solution. Thanks!

  216. 226) Aairyn

    My daughter would love this for a birthday present too, and hers is coming right up!

  217. 227) Nanci Fitschen

    My husband would love this! He likes a REAL PICTURE,

  218. 228) Leslie C.

    What a fun sweepstakes! The pictures were magic when I was little and are still magic now! My daughter (okay, and I) would love to play with this… because she “has real magic” too. 🙂

  219. 229) Sarah

    I’d take magic pictures 🙂 on an adventure one day and make a “flip book” on a wall in my son’s room!

  220. 230) Teressa P

    I love it! My niece who is now 16 was little when the first digital camera’s were coming out. My brother had one but I didn’t. I took pictures of her and she kept asking to “see” them, but I had an old 35mm and she couldn’t “see” them. I miss those old polaroids. I still have a few from childhood and even one from my mission! So much fun and thanks for the chance to win an amazing prize 🙂

  221. 231) Kristine

    My daughter and I would really enjoy this!

  222. 232) Dawn

    I dying to finish my home office remodel with an art wall full of pictures. The Instax would be a great way to add to existing photos and update it constantly!

  223. 233) Heather @ What Does She Do All Day?

    Oh, how fun is your guest book idea?!?!?! I love that! I’d love to have a camera to make mini photo albums for my kiddos.

  224. 234) Nicole

    In order to make my pics fun, I tell my subject (usually my son) “don’t smile. Whatever you do, do not smile”. Makes him break out in a silly grin everytime. ????

  225. 235) Rachel

    I make photos fun by taking them when no one is expecting it. Then you capture people’s true expressions and actions.

  226. 237) Erica

    I love the instant pictures! It really is pretty magical!

  227. 238) ConnieC

    I tell people “relax…I’m just checking the camera settings”…..then boom..take pics when they aren’t looking. This lil camera looks awesome!

  228. 239) Emily Gardner


  229. 241) Keri

    This camera would be great for our girl scout troop. The girls can take instant pictures and have something to take home after each meeting or outing to share with family and friends. Perfect to make a girl scout scrapbook too especially for when we do charity work. I like that it’s small and compact..

  230. 242) Chandra

    I keep photos fun by documenting everyday things. Instagram is awesome and allows our extended family to keep up with each other. This little camera would be so fun to play with and have photos print right away!

  231. 243) Correne

    What a fun camera! It would be great to take on trips to keep a journal about what you do each day!

  232. 244) Robbie

    Adorable and such a fun idea with the guest book! Thanks for entering me in the drawing!

  233. 245) Kristen

    It would be wonderful to have one of these cameras. Then maybe all of my photos wouldn’t be on the computer!

  234. 246) Sarah

    I have wanted one of these since I was a kid (and everything was still on film back then!) and years of trying to convince myself I don’t need one have clearly not worked! I love the idea of doing a snapshot souvenir when friends come to play.

  235. 247) Jane

    What fun to have instant pictures! My daughter has been wanting to get one of these cameras.

  236. 248) Dena

    I have wanted one of these for awhile and see them almost everywhere in stores. I hadn’t heard much feedback from users so it was nice to read your thoughts on it.

  237. 249) Wendy

    So cool! Our family would love this!

  238. 250) Barbara Fahrendholz

    I love picture s of my grandkids on magnetic boards or hanging with small clothes pins on burning.

  239. 251) Brianna P

    I would create a quilt journal with my photos! Take pictures of the process and then finally one with the quilt and the lovely recipient! It’s something I read about and think it would be a great idea to keep track of everything you’ve made and given away to loved ones.

  240. 252) Theo-Ann Johnson

    Oh my….I loved Polaroids as a kid…so many fond memories of my childhood. I would love to win this Visa to go towards this camera. As I was reading your post, I loved your guestbook idea and thought, “I would love to do this, since we might be moving to a new state/new home and making new friends.” We love having people in our home and our possible move (will be finding out any day now if my husband gets this job), will be so exciting. I have to get this camera and do a picture guestbook. Love it, Dana!:)

  241. 253) M.flory

    Love this camera! Would be a perfect gift for my daughters birthday as well!!

  242. 254) Eva

    I ey to make my photos fun by including my large breed dogs. Beanies and giant dogs are a winning combo!

  243. 255) amy

    Yes! We’d love this camera and would put it to good use!! My kids love taking photos 🙂 Thanks Dana!!

  244. 256) Susan

    I just looked at these tonight! I’d love to win one of these considering the photos I just downloaded of my son’s birthday are mysteriously missing from the computer!

  245. 257) Erika

    I like to rotate the ones hanging in our room every so often. Keeps it interesting. 🙂


  246. 258) Adair

    Oh my gosh! This would be so nice to instantly print photos and share them with your friends. And it would make hanging photos on a clothesline so easy and cute!

  247. 259) Yvonne

    Hi Dana,
    LOVE your made everyday videos on YouTube, I’ve learned so much from them.
    I would like to be entered in the chance to win the FujiFilm Instax camera. I have 2 beautiful granddaughters that I’m always taking pictures of. When I have an occasional girls night out, my one friend brings “props” with her to make the night and pictures more memorable. My husband and I may be moving shortly to a new state and I love your idea of putting the guest book at the entrance and creating memories while making new friends.
    Glad I found your blog and love your videos, keep them coming!!

  248. 260) May

    Gosh this blog is a God sent ???? I found you a minute ago though your basic t shirt video for kids! Then followed all you social media ☺️. Now this! I’ve been begging my hubby for one. I would totally make a hanging display with a wooden stick and alternate pictures above my couch in our living room. ???? These are great and thank you for sharing your passion for sewing! ????

  249. 261) Jessica

    I’d love little camera! I’m going to Disney this year with my fiancée and this would be perfect to document the trip 🙂

  250. 262) Jess

    I love this idea for a guestbook! I would love to do this for birthday parties and other gatherings too!

  251. 263) Tara

    That camera is awesome. My girls would absolutely love to have one of these.

  252. 264) Annie

    I try and take a photo of the kids each day and then post it to a blog that my parents, inlaws, and some other close family have. Even though the family is spread out geographically…they still get a daily snapshot into our life.

  253. 265) Stacey Morgan

    We make chatbooks that my kids LOVE to look through. We love recording memories!

  254. 266) Margaret Smith

    I love to scrap book and I have lots of stickers, designs, and special decoration’s to make our photo books look great.

  255. 268) Jessie C.

    I make photos fun by making story books of them.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  256. 269) Jessie C.


  257. 270) Dana

    Ever since trying a relative’s over the Christmas holidays, my daughter has been hinting that she’d like one. 🙂

  258. 271) Lisa Brown

    I like to make photos fun by doing a lot of scrap booking with them.

  259. 272) Lisa Brown


  260. 273) Melanie

    So fun! I try to go on adventures everyday with my two girls and we love to take pictures and look at them later. This would be perfect so I don’t have to use my iPhone! Instant gratification!!

  261. 274) Amy

    I saw those in Tokyo last week and nearly bought one. They look so adorable!

  262. 275) Lauren

    It looks like we may be moving back to rural Tanzania this summer. Giving Photos to village friends goes a LONG way. Instant photos…EVEN BETTER!

  263. 276) darcy

    This is such a perfect little camera. We would love this as a family of 6 to catch some great memories together. Our 6 and 7 year old girls love to look at pictures and remember memories.

  264. 277) mel

    Ohhh! That camera looks like so much fun.

  265. 278) Carrie

    How perfectly cute is this camera! While I take hundreds of quick pictures with my phone, this would be so much more fun. Yeah… I need one. LOL

  266. 279) Sarah

    Would love to get something fun for my girl’s birthday!

  267. 280) Elise berry

    I used to have a polaroid camera when I was younger, and I loved it so much!! The pictures hold such dear memories for me! I’ve been lusting after these ones for awhile now!

  268. 281) Jessica reyes

    What a cute little camera! Nothing beats getting an instant picture in your hands to remember the moment. Great id on using it for guests when they cme visit. Thanks for sharing.

  269. 282) merissa ramoz

    Yes, the Instax camera sounds awesome!

  270. 283) Jo

    Love the guest book!

  271. 284) Heather M

    I would love one! I love the idea of having an instant photo for my kids to hold & have- so fun!

  272. 285) Kimberly

    instax? Yes, please! So fun ◡̈

  273. 286) Lynet Witty

    OH EM GEE! This guestbook is the best idea ever!
    I would love one, they’re so cute & fun!

  274. 288) Kelly Smith

    I have noticed this camera in stores but now I think I need one!!

  275. 289) OFG

    I avoid staging and poses. I try to capture the moment just as it is.

  276. 291) Tanya

    What a fun idea to incorporate into a guest book. We did something similar for our wedding guest book, but back then it was hard to find a camera and film. Then we had the camera, but no more film. It’s also interesting to see how the “old” is becoming “new” again! How much fun would this be to have?

  277. 292) Giovanna

    Have been wanting one of these! So cute!!

  278. 293) Shanna Graff

    I try to capture the everyday moments and then leave a good caption so that we can remember everything about that moment!

  279. 295) JENNY HALL


  280. 296) Amy W

    This looks so fun. My kids would absolutely love it!!!

  281. 297) Elle

    I love scrapbooking. It’s a great hobby and a fun way to display pictures and memories.

  282. 299) Kathleen Day

    I’d take pix of kids opening gifts at a party, mount them on cards and give them to the gift recipient (child or adult) to use as thank you cards. S/he could send the card with the appropriate picture to the giver of the gift with the thank you inside. I think it would be awesome. It would be even better if the giver sat with the receiver as the gift was opened. Then both would be in the picture—a treasure to save forever! What a fun camera–I will check it out. And I always wanted a Polaroid as a child. I had 100 ideas of ways to use it—now, as an adult (senior!), I’d try them all!

  283. 300) Queycy

    I have been wanting a new instant camera! I had one of the old polaroids i used to use until they stopped making the films! Ive been telling my son about instant pictures and would love for him to actually have that experience.

  284. 301) gray

    Some of my most treasured pictures from my teen and college years are from what was even then an old Polaroid! Way to go Fujifilm for bringing back the fun! Also love the guestbook idea.

  285. 302) Debra Hewitt

    How fun! We would use it at parties and to make a guest book too.

  286. 303) ChristinA

    This is awesome! An instax has been on my amazon wish list for ages.

  287. 304) Erin Evans

    what a wonderful camera! my kids would love to create memories with this camera!

  288. 305) Erin Cox oney

    This looks like lots of fun!

  289. 306) Natalie

    that’s so cool! My mom had an old polaroid camera when I was a kid and it was so much fun to play with and take those funny yellow-y pictures. Gosh things have come a long way!!! It would be so cool to get to use one of the new ones! My mom and I are planning a trip to Germany and it would be so awesome to document it with an instax camera!

  290. 307) Liesl Carlson

    Oh how fantastic!!! i love it. My son would be amazed by this camera. Thank you for sharing and well i hope that I win.
    have a wonder filled day

  291. 308) Lisa

    My kids and I could have so much fun this summer with the new camera that reminds me of when I was a kid! Thanks for the sweepstakes!

  292. 309) meg browning

    Looks like endless fun! I’d love a chance to win. Thanks!!

  293. 310) Hillary R

    My son would adore pics of himself and his friends hanging out! So fun!

  294. 311) Jeffrey

    An Instax Camera would be awesome and very convenient! My wife is very crafty when it comes to displaying photographs. Sometimes she has me build frames and then decorates them in a theme taken from the photo. She recently tore apart a baseball and used the ball skin to wrap a frame, using it to display photos of my kids playing the game.

  295. 313) Haley

    An Instax camera would be so fun to win!! I love your idea with the guestbook too. That’s perfect!

  296. 314) Joelle

    I LOVE these!!! I gave my sister-in-law one for Christmas because you know you always give what you want!!! <3 <3 <3

  297. 315) Lindsey

    We print off a shutterfly “yearbook” for our family every single year. My kids absolutely love going through them and looking at them. They are seriously obsessed. I love that if they ever rip them, they are digitally saved and I can reorder them.

  298. 316) Cat B

    Brings back memories of the good old polaroid days (ooh, can I say a different brand?)…I just loved them as a kid. I know my boys would have a blast with this.

  299. 318) Kelly

    Yes please! So cute!

  300. 319) Joyce Adams

    Hi Dana, I love all your work. I wanted to know if I could use your diaper pattern for my business use? I wanted to make sure that I take your permission if you allow it or is it just for personal use? anyway I can buy the diaper pattern if you don’t allow the pattern for business use?

    Thanks a bunch

  301. 320) carriev

    this camera is awesome. me and my kids would love it!! and I made the marshmallow chocolate cake the other day for my kids, which was a big hit. thank you!

  302. 321) Melissa

    Um..How fun! And these cameras trulu are magical.????

  303. 322) Emily

    I have such great memories of using a Polaroid when I was younger. It would be fun to re-create that with my kids!

  304. 323) Janice Cooper

    I like to be creative and use funny photo frames, make calendars and put photos on coffee mugs as presents. One time I even made photo wrapping p aper which everyone in my family enjoyed!

  305. 325) Kiersten

    My kids would LOVE this! They’re constantly taking pictures that remain stored in the cards in their cameras.

  306. 326) Ale

    I love my Mini Instax camera – but I always feel a bit nervous taking a picture with it and wasting film. Digital cameras have really changed the way we take pictures – quantity vs quality. I make sure every time I bust out the Instax it is for a memorable and special occasion.

  307. 327) Whitney

    My kids and I would go nuts over a camera that takes “magic pictures”! This is going on my wish list for sure. I love the guest book for our home idea. We love to hike and camp as a family and we’re trying to visit as many national and state parks as we can. I’d love to use this to document that!

  308. 328) debbie

    We have written a journal on trips and made sure we put it together as a book with the photos that go along with them.

  309. 330) Alexis

    I wanted to do polaroids of the guests as they arrived at the wedding, put the pictures in the guestbook and have them sign around it. Polaroid film was SO expensive plus the cost of a camera made it a no go on my budget. Instead we took digital photos and had a printer there to print instant photos. TOTAL FAIL! It took way too long to print the photo and the guests just wanted to move on (This was 8 years ago). Also, I forgot to get a new SD card so the memory filled up and we had to keep deleting pictures to take more. My guest book has lots of blank spots and not many signatures. I put it away in a box in a basement. I love that they came out with the Instax camera and have secretly been coveting one. It would be SO fun to try the guest book thing again… the right way. 🙂

  310. 331) CR Williams

    I usually just make a slide show of them

  311. 333) Shannon

    My daughter (also named Dana!) is about to turn 9 and would love a camera like this.

  312. 334) Corrine

    Haha. Like you said…timing is everything! Just this morning my friend asked me to take her son’s moose around with us (a version of Flat Stanley) and make a scrapbook page and mail it all back. The scrapbook page was what had me stumped. It’s been ages since I printed pics (sadly). With this that scrapbook page (and tons of other things) would be a breeze!

  313. 335) Rebecca Graham

    We like to derss up in funny outfits and take photos.

  314. 336) maria cantu

    I try to take photos when no one is expecting it.

  315. 337) Valerie Zhou

    I want one!!! That looks so cool

  316. 338) Tawnya

    This camera would be great for my daughter’s upcoming first birthday party, not to mention all the other parties to come!

  317. 339) Diana Fearn

    This camera looks like so much fun.

  318. 340) Jennifer

    This would be so perfect for my daughters Star Wars Birthday Party coming up!

  319. 341) Amy G

    These cameras look like so much fun! At our house, pictures are made more fun by adding a cat. Holding a cute kitty makes for a good (or sometimes entertaining) picture.

  320. 342) Amy Tong

    we love vacations and taking pictures. We like to make funny faces and serious faces at the same background. They turn out quite fun to look at.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  321. 344) SandriNe

    How cool is it that I found this sweepstakes! I was on the hunt for an intax so I could easily incorporate photos to my daily journal. I make photos fun by keeping them candid.

  322. 345) Christine

    What a wonderful idea about a guest book!! I love it!!!!!! I’ve always only thought of them at weddings or funerals (booo!), but just as a house guest book?! Awesome!!

  323. 346) Margaret Smith

    We love to be silly when taking photo’s. I also love to scrapbook, have for years and I’ll create pages with saying or silly stickers or designs. Thanks so much.

  324. 348) Susan Smith

    I make photos fun by snapping them when people aren’t paying attention!

  325. 350) kathleen codyrachel

    Hi -oh I’d love to win a camera and would love one the amazingly cute colours! I really love the idea of aguest bookwith pictures as well as comments! Brilliant!
    I am hoping I win! But congratulations to whomever wins!

  326. 351) Starla B

    This is awesome and such a cute idea. We love making little books as well. I love doing this still because online pictures has taken over basically- I love having actual photos I can flip through and look back on! Not to mention if online ones ever get deleted/ misplaced!
    starla.bates ATyahooDOTcom

  327. 353) mallorie

    Dana, this is so cool! I would love to win one of these cameras! My parents had a polaroid back in the good old days, and I still have some of the pictures with memories written on them. I was really bummed when I realized as an adult that they didn’t make them anymore! Well, I guess everything comes back around, as they say. Thanks for sharing!

  328. 354) Kristen Chapman

    OMG my stepdaughter is totally enthralled by film cameras right now. This would be so much fun to have. We have lots of old cameras unfortunately the film is to expensive to actually play with. Thanks for running this contest. Hope to win.


  329. 355) Tina W

    I think I got a Polaroid camera for my 7th birthday, they were great!

  330. 357) Jessica

    I love this guest book idea!!

  331. 358) Emily

    I have seen these places and they do look pretty cool. I have been wondering though, how do the pictures hold up in scrapbooking? Are the pictures going to mess with the acid free pages and all that stuff? Anyways, the little camera sure would be fun!

  332. 359) Wanda McHenry

    I make photos fun by snapping an unexpected picture. They are so exciting!

  333. 362) Angel Jacklyn

    I like to scrapbook with them!

  334. 363) Rebecca

    I like to take spontaneous photos when no one is expecting it. It makes for fun memories later.

  335. 365) Marissa Chiang

    great idea! thanks! 🙂

  336. 366) sherri crawford

    play dress up with the grandkids

  337. 367) Cindy Jones

    Old school pictures would be fun! I remember my grandparents had the only Polaroid camera I had seen (in my childhood) and it was so much fun taking the pictures and watching them develop. Of course, us kids didn’t get to play with it much because “film is expensive” so a newer version that I, and my daughter, could play with would be so very awesome. 🙂

  338. 368) kenia

    My daughter has been asking for this camera for some time now. She loves taking pictures. What she does now and use her phone and decorates her pictures with an app, sends them to print and hangs them in her wall. Thanks for the chance =)

  339. 369) Tracy Robertson

    I have got to get one of these! I have pretty much given up on taking pictures because I have a hard time uploading them online. I really miss the old Polaroids. I’m glad the new and improved version has joined us!

  340. 370) Gina M

    I make photos fun by taking candid shots, so everything doesn’t look so formal and planned.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  341. 371) Gina M


  342. 372) jane

    Love your pictures! Would love a camera!

  343. 373) Stephanie Phelps

    I love to give everyone a camera and tell them to just take photos! I then get everyone together and we look at them!

  344. 374) Serenity

    So adorable and fun!!

  345. 375) Kerry

    We make photos fun by sharing on facebook and instagram and making scrapbooks to hold our memories!

  346. 376) Britt

    That camera looks awesome – my kiddos would have so much fun!

  347. 377) Henria O.

    We let our children take the photos for us. They love being “in charge” of the camera.
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  348. 379) angie

    I think it is so cool that cameras like this are coming back into style. Reminds me of my childhood. That said, I love to use filters on my digital pics to make them crazy fun. 😀

  349. 380) Tarissa

    Having an Instax camera would certainly make picture-taking more fun! But until that happens, taking selfies is always fun and light-hearted. 🙂
    pixelberrypie at yahoo dot com

  350. 382) Linda

    We make photos fun by putting stickers on them.

  351. 384) Tabathia B

    I like using apps that allow you to add graphics to photos

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  352. 386) mita

    We like scrap booking with them

  353. 387) Erica Best

    i make funny faces

  354. 390) Thomas Murphy

    We take fun action shots to make photos fun.

  355. 392) Barbara Montag

    To make photos fun I like for the to be spontaneous.
    thank you

  356. 394) Tran Nguyen

    Awesome giveaway!! My birthday’s coming up and I’ve really been wanting one of these!!! Whenever we take pictures, we always try to make then more csndid than posed. Sometimes you’ll just catch the perfect moment of silliness!!

  357. 395) Kali

    Pictures of everyday life would be more fun with this sweet little thing <3

  358. 396) Colleen

    What a great idea for a guest room! So fun!

  359. 397) Mandi

    Oh goodness! I’ve always wanted one!!! Would love it for our summer trip to Yellowstone!

  360. 398) Carina

    That camera is so cute!! I would love to win one!

  361. 399) Kerry

    Haha! I leave my photos on the memory card for fun! ???? But I really should print them and do something with them. How fun to have a camera that will instantly print the pics! Thanks for the chance to win!

  362. 400) MeGan

    Absolutely love this little camera! Perfect for traveling candids! Xo

  363. 401) Kimberly

    These little cameras are amazing. I love to see what people think up to create with them. My daughter and I are both interested in having one of these and I think you just pushed me toward purchasing one! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  364. 402) JacquEline

    My son would love one of these!

  365. 403) Kathryn C

    #SweepstakesEntry- comment

    We love making our photos fun by including our pets in the pictures as well

  366. 405) Lacey burnS

    What a cute little camera! My 16 month old always love to “cheese” really big for the camera so that always makes our photos fun ☺️

  367. 406) Angela H.

    Oh my goodness! That is the cutest camera ever! My daughter would love the selfie mirror ????

  368. 407) Mari

    My daughter and I will love this camara!! We love taking pictures and making our own cards. Is one of the things we share…passion for capturing a moment or nature. We have a small reg.camera ans she has been asking for one of this cameras (and an old typewriter lol)

  369. 408) Elizabeth pergande

    I make photos fun by being happy with candid pictures. It makes it go faster. truckredford(at)Gmail(Dot)com

  370. 410) Linh

    My husband and I had a Polaroid guest sign in station at our wedding and it was so much fun for our guests! I would love to do something similar for our new home with this cool camera!

  371. 411) Myriam

    This camera is totally nostalgic and will be a great way to document an amazing summer with my kids. <3

  372. 412) May Lynn

    I’ll be 30 May 29th and I would love one of these! It’s not a need, but it would be so neat to have! Thank you for the chance to win!

  373. 413) Elaine striCk

    Grew up using instant Polaroid & how much fun they were to see the picture you just took to preserve a memory… Fast forward to 2016 & how fun it would be to use this new modern camera to capture new memories!!! Thanks for the chance to win & share w the next generation of grandchildren a fun way to take pictures 🙂

  374. 414) Allison

    I’m so bad about printing photos but the kids live having hard copies. This would be perfect!

  375. 415) Kristin

    I love to make pics fun by limiting distractions in the background. I love the backgrounds you use! Thanks for a chance to win!!

  376. 416) Whitney Bellows

    we make photos fun by always including our two corgis

  377. 417) Chels

    These look so cool! I haven’t seen a camera like this in a loooong time!

  378. 418) Bert Ruiz

    We make photos fun by being silly and having fun . Thank you for the chance to win

  379. 420) Jessica To

    I like photo collages because they are just fun to look at.

  380. 421) Tara

    I can see my kids going completely NUTS over this!!!

  381. 423) Debbie b

    i love surprise “in the moment photos! They are fun to look at

  382. 424) Valerie Zhou

    What an awesome idea. I would love one

  383. 425) Lenetta

    I make my photos fun by actually printing them! My kids love to flip through the albums I have done – I just need to keep after it. My oldest would love an “instant print” camera like this -thanks for the chance!

  384. 426) Emily

    I always wanted a Polaroid! My girls would love the instax.

  385. 427) Jennifer O

    Would love to create an end of the year last day of school book for my kiddos. 🙂

  386. 429) Angela Briggs


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