Gray Dress and lounging in Singapore

Thank you for the get well soon wishes. I think they helped! (along with my wonderful friend Katherine who took the kids for 3 hours while I went home to sleep–and watched Oprah….and when I picked up the kids, she sent me home with creamy potato soup and cookies! Bless you friend).

And for those of you in the US hunkering down during this freezing storm (which is about 60% of the states), it’ll blow over soon! To help the time pass, let’s think about spring/summer clothing again….
a few months back I made this gray dress.
It’s a very simple style and intended to be worn with a belt cinching the waist (belt from H&M).
It’s an A-line dress (no pattern), gathered around the yoke and sleeves.
The fabric is gray polyester. It wrinkles little and drapes beautifully. It’s the same stuff I used for the Circle Skirt.
What I like about the dress…
It’s super comfortable, hides the less-flattering parts of your body, and is perfect for lounging on a Sunday afternoon.
What I don’t like…
* Static cling–polyester is notorious for that. I’m still trying to figure out the right slip combo, since the dress also looks cute with fishnet stockings.
* The sleeves. I wanted puffed sleeves but I puffed them a bit too much and after gathering and pinning all the way around that yoke, I just didn’t have the patience to take the sleeves off, de-puff, and pin/sew again. So, I left the dress as-is and end up wearing it with a little black sweater to cover the sleeves.
Ya see? Too poofy. Good concept, bad execution.
Better luck next time.
But overall, it’s a fun dress to wear and to take photos in, trying to get the fan to give you action shots…sort of.
But mostly, I loved this unique hotel we stayed at in Singapore. It’s a cute boutique place called The New Majestic and each room is painted by a different artist. Our friends in another room had hot pinks walls with cats. I liked our birds.
and the 70s decor/vibe.
The bed loft was also cool (until I had to climb down that ladder at 3am to use the bathroom).
and our windows opened onto the pool,
which also had windows on the bottom, that looked down on the restaurant beneath the pool.
Pretty cool! And perfect for taking dumb pictures (imagine the 3 cute Asian workers standing next to me as I try to set my exposure and snap a photo of underwater Casey. “Crazy American” is written all over their polite smiles and nods)
The dress is a work in progress. But I’ve already had a few good wears out of it, so it was a worthwhile sew.
Stay warm today! Make soup. Eat cookies. Invite friends to your house.

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