Didn’t want you to think I was MIA, so….good morning!
Remember last week when I said we were healthy again? Yea, well, ends up that both kids have ear infections and Owen’s cough morphed into a bit of pneumonia and I’ve caught up to them with a stuffy face and eyes that just want to stay closed and in bed.
Sorry, not trying to complain. Just remembering how great it is to be healthy! We’ll be there soon. And in all honesty, it hasn’t been that bad, cause over the weekend we put sniffling aside and did some of this:
and then we did this:
Who’s sick?
When it’s 70 degrees in January, you have to seize the moment (especially since it’s going to be 30 and icy tomorrow).
Overall, a great weekend!
And once my eyes stop sleeping, my body will start blogging again.
See you soon.

* If you were hoping for Celebrate the BOY today….we pushed it a bit! The month officially starts the day after Valentine’s Day, 2/15. Sorry about that! Just the way it worked out.

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