giveTHANKSaway: Pattern + Design coloring book (CLOSED)

Remember how much you loved coloring as a kid?
I still do.  And when Lucy asks me to help her with a coloring page I’m secretly happy.
So you can imagine how thrilled I was to discover this little item….

It’s a coloring book filled with fabric designs!  Whaaat?
Seriously. Cool!

It’s called Pattern and Design Coloring Book by artist and fabric designer Jenean Morrison.  If you follow Jenean’s fabric lines you know she has a beautiful style.  And if you’ve seen her at Quilt Market, she always has the coolest booth!  Like a bike wrapped in fabric….or flooring made from fabric (scroll through to see pics of her space).

So she had this idea….that fabric enthusiasts might enjoy coloring her designs.  Sort of like making your own fabric, on paper.  YES.  I immediately ordered one for me and Lucy to share.

The book has 50 original patterns in repeat designs, florals, and geometric shapes.  Just grab a pen!

Here’s the first one Lucy and I worked on with crayon.  I let her pick out the colors and I followed her lead.

But we found that skinny markers were much better with the detailed designs.  So I purchased a simple pack of crayolas.  What we really need though are Pentels.  I had some in Jr. High and toted them around like a prized possession.

Something that really surprised me is that Owen wanted to color a page too.  We started this one together and he was so proud of how well he stayed in the lines.

I definitely think it’s a book aimed at older kids and adults since my little kids started to lose interest with the repetitive coloring.  But not me!  I could sit in front of movie and color away.  It’s nice relaxation.

Want to try the Pattern and Design Coloring Book out?
We’re giving away FIVE copies!

• Leave a comment, that’s it.
• Only one entry per person.
• Open to anyone!
• FIVE winners will be picked via
• Giveaway ends, Sunday 11/18/12 at 10pm (Central Time).
Winners will be announced next week.

  1. This has been on my wish list ever since it came out, I’d have to hide it from my children though! Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. So beautiful! We have a young friend’s birthday coming up… she would love this!

  3. 3) Kristin

    YES! I’d love this, I agree, therapy.

  4. 4) Florence

    Awesome ! I know a couple of kids who would be thrilled to have this at home !!!! could even be handy on Christmas present lists for….. a niece (and the others late !) Thanks for sharing a good title !

    • 5) Florence

      and if you want to keep the book for you, here are a few printable pattern coloring pages which my kids (and I) love (better than all batman, pokemon, and co. coloring pages)
      you can find smaller and bigger patterns, according to their age. And mine don’t follow a pattern at all to color ! Enjoy !

  5. LOVE that … I have always loved the doodle it books … and what were those things called, the sphere plastics that you would put a pencil tip into to make designs ?? Love all of that!

  6. 7) Megan

    I love coloring! Such a beautiful book!

  7. 8) Tracy

    Ok, I can see many a rainy afternoon spent coloring with my kiddos. This looks so fun!

  8. 9) neisha

    what a fun thing for the whole family to do!

  9. Oh what fun and delightful patterns! Too cool to have a whole book of them to color.

  10. this is greeeeaaaat! love that kind of thing! my daughters and me would be pleased to win a copy ♥

  11. 12) Renata

    So cool! I would love it.

  12. I love it, what a great idea. I think I would keep the book all to myself 🙂

  13. 14) Hilary

    Still fun for all ages in our house–I’d have to keep this one to myself, though! Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. 16) Ellen

    I love coloring!!

  15. 17) Amy B

    So cool! My boys (and me) would love this. Thank you for the chance. ~Amy

  16. 18) melissa

    super cool! i hope i win!

  17. 19) Regina

    My daughter is turning 7 next month and LOVES to color! This would be a great edition to her current coloring books of characters!

  18. 20) Katie

    My niece is 9 and we love to send notes back and forth in the mail with coloring pages…this would be fun!! Thank you!

  19. 21) Flowerstar

    Oh, that’s lovely! I’d love to have that – reminds me of mandala drawing.

  20. 23) Renee

    Very cool!

  21. this is the one i was looking for! i think i’ll buy it…even if i don’t win. maybe even if i do!

  22. 26) Stephanie

    I love to color too, especially repetitive things. Yay!

  23. I love to color with my kids too. So relaxing.

  24. 29) Heather

    Looks like fun!

  25. 30) Emily V.

    So fun! Thanks!

  26. 31) Leann

    THat looks like such fun! My girls and I would love that, I think I’ll put it on our Christmas lists.

  27. 32) melani

    So many giveaways … 🙂 🙂 🙂

  28. Ooh! I’m making a Little Artist’s Backpack (free Sew Mama Sew tute) for my daughter for Christmas, this would be PERFECT to tuck inside it!!

  29. My daughter loves coloring books like this! I totally did the pentel marker thing in jr high too!

  30. 36) Jessy Rushing

    I’ve always loved coloring. When I bought my kids (boys) coloring books, I’d always pick up a princess one for me!

  31. 39) Christina Poynter

    One of my best memories of school is of sitting and coloring in very similar patterns while my fourth grade teacher read us a book. I’d love to do something like that with my kids, too, and these would be great for that!

  32. 40) Paige

    That looks so fun!

  33. 41) laurie

    this is so cool! thanks for the chance to win.

  34. 42) Jenna H

    I love to color. This would be such a good stress reliever.

  35. love this coloring book!! my daughter would love it.

  36. 44) Emilee

    My daughter would love this! I’ve printed some for her before but a whole book full… WOW!

  37. 45) Rebecca

    This is something my 8 year old girl would love too. Interesting to see what colors they come up with. You could simply frame this and it would look beautiful.

  38. What? This is fantastic! I know about 3 adults that would LOVE this for Christmas! (and me too!)

  39. 47) Krista O


  40. 48) Jaemie

    Beautiful! I may have to grab some for gifts!

  41. 49) Liz

    Talk about great stress relief!

  42. 51) Heidi K

    Very cool coloring book.

  43. 53) Kourtney

    I too love to color if the kiddos get out their stuff! Beautiful book!

  44. what a lovely book, I’m not sure if I would be able to give it to the kids 😉 thanks for the chance!

  45. 55) iris

    this would really be fun for granny (myself!) and 2 grand-daughters!

  46. 56) Esther

    More give aways?! Amaaazing!

  47. 57) Natalie

    my little fashionista would LOVE this! color, patterns, design, and built in Quality Time!

  48. 59) Heidi

    I love coloring! My little girl is only 7 months now, so it will be a while before she is old enough to color with me. But until then, this would keep me busy.

  49. 60) Nancy

    How cool is that!! Would love to win one, thanks!

  50. 61) Allison

    This is genius! Would love to win one!

  51. 62) Christine

    So much fun! We have a few nieces who would love to add color to some beautiful designs! Thanks for the giveaway.

  52. 63) Emmers

    How fun!

  53. 64) Heather dela Cruz

    I’m in love!!! I want one!

  54. 65) Carolyn

    What a neat idea!

  55. 66) Heidi V

    I think our whole family would enjoy this…most especially my husband!

  56. 67) betsy

    That book is incredible

  57. 68) Mandi

    How fun!

  58. I had one like this when I was younger!

  59. 70) Jamie

    A very cool book!

  60. 71) Colette

    These look amazing!

  61. 72) Deb Andrada

    I love Jenean Morrison and who doesn’t secretly love coloring :)!

  62. 73) Christina

    PICK ME! Oh, how I love books like this.

  63. 74) Beth L

    Coloring is so therapeutic!

  64. 75) Rachel

    Do I have to share with my kids?

  65. 76) D.C.

    Fun give-away!

  66. 77) Nikki

    This looks awesome!!

  67. 78) Laura

    That looks like excellent therapy!

  68. I love colouring too. I actually have a few design colouring books (Not by JM) and they are so fun. My oldest guy is an organized, logical, not artsy type and he loves it too!

  69. 80) Jessica

    I love to color! Such a cool book!

  70. 81) Jess

    oh my daughter would love this!

  71. 82) Tommie @ Ilene Books

    What an awesome coloring book. I would be entertained for hours.

  72. 83) Jolien

    Looks like a great relaxation project. Think I’d either frame some or use them on gift cards. Always loved coloring. <3

  73. 84) Amanda

    Cool coloring book. My niece would love this!

  74. 86) Diane

    How fun!! My 9yo daughter and I would enjoy this!

  75. 87) JenniferF

    My grandma used to have a colouring book like this when I was a kid. She wouldn’t let me touch it…I need my own now 🙂

  76. 88) Jenn Stagemeyer

    I LOVE to color! With or without my kids! 😉

  77. 89) Carrie

    I love coloring!!

  78. 90) Jessica

    My kids and I would LOVE this!!

  79. 91) Hayley

    I love coloring and doodling during things where I need to listen but tend to fall asleep. (Staff Meeting, anyone?) this would be AMAZING because I LOVE using bright colors and I hate feeling limited by “realistic” colors. I can’t get past trees having brown trunks and the sky being blue, so I would LOVE the creativity available in these books.

  80. When I was eight or ten I had color books like that. I colored every millimeter of white space in them! I’d love to have one again 🙂

  81. 94) Jess

    “Grown up” coloring books make me happy. 🙂

  82. 95) Casey C

    Very cool!

  83. 96) Allison

    LOVE! This is right up my alley – and would keep me from having to color Strawberry Shortcake and Minnie Mouse!

  84. 97) debbie

    This is wonderful. Coloring is always so relaxing.

  85. 98) Crystal

    reminds me of my college days when i’d take a coloring book to class with me to keep my hands busy while i listened.

  86. Wow, amazing idea. I would love to give it to my DD for xmas, but I also want one for myself! So neat.

  87. 100) Phoebe

    I want this!

  88. IF I can manage to not keep it for myself, my daughter would LOVE this! But that is if I can manage not to love it for myself!

  89. What a great book. This would be So fun!!

  90. 103) Jennifer L

    My 6 year old twins love to color, and I totally had books like those when I was younger!

  91. 104) Jill P

    Love this!!

  92. 105) Krista Hansen

    That looks like so much fun…for me! I would probably hide it away from my 3 year old. What a great idea!

  93. 106) Rebecca

    What a neat idea!

  94. 107) Melissa

    I loved those as a kid, they were so fun to color. I am pretty sure I will still find it just as fun as an adult!

  95. 108) Lorie S

    Coloring is good therapy. I can see myself now starting this with my children and being the only one still coloring while they have moved on to their next activity.

  96. 110) Carrie

    OMG!! I had one very much like this when I was little and LOVED it!! Would I have to share with my kid if I won? 🙂

  97. 113) Krystal

    I love this:) thanks for the giveaway!

  98. 114) shelby

    so cool!

  99. 115) ALina

    Love all the patterns shown! I think my children would love this.

  100. OOOH yes, I want this book (and if I win, I will hide it , It will be mine, not the kids!)

  101. 117) Nikki

    A coloring book for creative mommies! I love it!

  102. 118) Elizabeth

    So cool!

  103. 119) Dani L.

    reminds me of coloring mandalas. Thanks for the giveaway!

  104. 120) Lizzie

    How fun!

  105. 123) Stacey

    Oooh, add a bowl of mac and cheese and that looks like the perfect evening!

  106. 124) Sean

    Great giveaway! Very colorful.

  107. 125) Mary Dellinger

    Yes, please!

  108. 126) Mel

    ohh super cool!

  109. I had a geometric coloring book like this when I was a teen. Lots of fun. I now have my own artistic teen daughter who would love this book. But I might have to sneak it away from her and do a page myself. 🙂

  110. 128) Raechel

    Oh my sister would LOVE this! Crossing my fingers

  111. 129) Wafa Al-Alawi

    Ah! I love this! Count me in xx

  112. 130) Maggie M.

    My daughter and I would love to have this coloring book. So much fun!

  113. 132) Amelia

    looks like fun!

  114. 133) LucyL

    Oh I know how much fun it is! I followed her on IG and saw this book she was coloring,. What a brilliant idea! I want it!

  115. 134) Holly Luzzi

    very fun! great present for the little girl

  116. Yep, I want this. No way I’d share it with my kids.

  117. 136) Amy

    I love coloring!!

  118. 138) Jacqueline

    I. Love. Colouring. 🙂 this is such a great idea!

  119. 139) Astrid Johnson

    Great giveaway! I love to colour with my 6 year old son! He would love this:)

  120. 141) Diana W

    I would LOVE this! I don’t have kids, but even if I did, I wouldn’t let them color in it. This coloring book is for me!

  121. 142) KatieP

    Coolest giveaway ever! Thanks Dana!

  122. 143) Shantel

    I knew we were kindred spirits! I love to color things like that, well anything really :0)

  123. 144) Kristin

    Such a great book for kids and adults!

  124. 145) Karen

    This is like word search for the artistic mind!Love!

  125. 146) Kate

    Fun! My kids would LOVE it!

  126. 147) MelissaT

    I would love to give this to my niece for Christmas.

  127. 148) Rebekah Stockton

    What an awesome concept and a great giveaway.

  128. This seems like the perfect thing to keep in my purse for those inevitable waiting moments – at the dr, getting oil changed, under dryer for hairdresser. I would love one for myself!! (In all fairness, my boys are 3 and not yet born, I don’t think they’d get a lot out of it yet.)

  129. 150) Kellie Blossom

    Oh my gosh!! That is just too cool!!

  130. 151) Jennifer


  131. 152) Lisa Dawn

    I love coloring! And those geometric shapes and patterns are so pretty!

  132. 153) Leslie

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  133. 154) Heather L

    That book looks awesome! I could see myself and my girls spending hours with it!

  134. Ooh, I love coloring books. This looks like so much fun!

  135. 157) Kristie

    What a fun book! Thanks for sharing.

  136. 158) AubreyB

    Both my kids would adore this!

  137. 159) Annie

    Love it!

  138. Oh what fun; my daughter and I would love it!

  139. love it! we had berol ones in the UK when i was a kid and they are great!

  140. 162) Sara Marinara

    I think my daughter would really get a kick out of this, thank you!

  141. 164) Jill

    This would be so fun!

  142. 166) Mary

    I would love to have this book! My four year old recently became interested in drawing and coloring- he would love this.

  143. 167) Kylee Coles

    I love to color!

  144. 168) Käthe

    oh my goodness! this would be so soothing! thank you for this opportunity, dana.

  145. 169) Glyness

    My daughter and I love coloring, what a neat book!

  146. 170) windie d

    coloing is such a great stress reliever! this looks like a great book 🙂

  147. 171) Jenny

    oh my!!! I love this!!!

  148. I used to love these kind when I was a kid. My daughter would LOVE this!

  149. 173) Catherine Val

    Wow! so pretty

  150. 174) Anna

    I find coloring a calming things as well. This would be such fun!

  151. 175) Kellee Reilly

    i’ve been looking for coloring pages like these!

  152. 176) Rhonda Desgranges

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!


  153. 177) Emma

    Oh, the memories…

  154. 178) karen h.

    Love those coloring pages !! It has been ages since I did them !!

  155. 179) Veerle Lesecque

    My daughter and I would love this <3

  156. 180) fern


  157. 181) Holly

    That looks like so much fun! Nice, relaxing way to spend an evening! Plus, it would give me something to color while my son colors in his coloring books.

  158. 182) katie

    You’re never to old to color

  159. Oh YES! I’d love to get a copy for myself! Coloring is so therapeutic…
    Have a fabulous friday!

  160. 185) Jen

    This is so cool, I’d love to win. 🙂

  161. 186) Marissa

    Had one of these years ago and LOVED it. So relaxing to do at the end of the day!

  162. What a lovely book. I agree, it would be more for me then for my children 🙂

  163. 188) kristymn

    Perfect. I am always trying to get the kids to color because I love it!

  164. 189) Sterling

    That’s actually a really fun idea! I would love it 🙂

  165. 190) Daina

    Such a beautiful book!

  166. 191) Flavia

    Awesome idea!

  167. 192) carolina

    This is my kind of book love them!

  168. 193) antoniela

    what a nice book !

  169. 194) Toni

    What a cool idea, I’d LOVE one!!!

  170. Love this! Coloring is the best and I secretly love it when my kiddo wants to color too!

  171. 196) Inês

    lovely patterns! Oh yeah!

  172. 197) Rana

    I still love to color too. I buy the kids all these colored pencils, crayons and markers, but really it’s so I can use them when I color with them :).

  173. I had a similar book growing up! So much fun!

  174. This has been on my wishlist as soon as Jenean announced it. I even have a huge pile of good (ie Caran d’Ache) pencils sharpened and ready!

  175. 200) aprilshowers

    My almost 7yo would LOVE this!

  176. Do you think there is such a profession as a coloring book therapist? If so, I need some therapy. 🙂

  177. 202) Sara

    Such an awesome idea, I LOVE coloring and would love to win this book…if I don’t, I’ll still probably buy myself one!

  178. 203) Andrea

    What an awesome idea!

  179. This coloring book is so neat! I would love to sit and color one of those beautiful pages. Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Dana!

  180. 205) Faustina

    That is so cool!

  181. 206) Lynne Tilley

    I love to color!! Fantastic prize. Thanks!

  182. This. Is. SO COOL. I might have to get one anyway!

  183. 209) stephanie

    Love this!

  184. 210) Sara R.

    Cute! Would love this.

  185. 211) Monica

    Lovely! And so much fun for my children and me!

  186. These are great! My six year old would love it!

  187. 213) erica

    what a simple yet SO creative idea!!! love it!

  188. 214) Gylle

    It looks like so much fun! I love coloring and patterns so this is right up my alley.

  189. 215) Lis

    Yes, please!

  190. 216) Aggie G.

    So fun!! Love this.

  191. This would make great quilting patterns.

  192. 218) Laurel

    Oh I love coloring patterns like these. You’re right — it is calming!

  193. 219) Diana

    Playing with design and color is inspiring. Thank you for the giveaway.

  194. 220) Heather M

    I would love this! My husband buys me crayons/coloring books as gifts all the time because he knows I LOVE to color!

  195. 221) Nicol

    I think I love coloring more than my children, this would be so fun to have!

  196. 222) gina w.

    I may be the one that colors in this… or I might share with my daughter! haha!

  197. Waw !! Love this ! I usually use mandala’s to color, but this seems much more fun!

  198. 224) Diane Du

    I have an Aspie daughter who is constantly coloring geometric designs pages. She would absolutely love this!

  199. 225) Rebecca D

    This is great!

  200. 226) Miranda Merrell

    This is my commmmmmment!

  201. 228) Leah

    omg I was just trying to google this! Coloring is so calming!!! Hope I win.

  202. I love love books like that!! I hope I win!!

  203. Oh my goodness this looks awesome!! especially for my little budding artist!

  204. 231) Alice S

    I would love to do this with my daughter too!

  205. 232) Gloria Cardenas

    I’ve added this to my wish list…just in case I don’t win one!

  206. 233) Angela

    So COOOL!!

  207. 234) Jassi

    As your hole website!
    Berlin loves your work!

    Liebe Grüße

  208. 235) Kelly Voth

    Those are the kind of pictures I loved coloring when I was a kid and could see myself sitting and coloring these for hours !

  209. 236) Stephanie

    How fun!

  210. 237) Fiona

    Wow, this looks like fun! I wonder if my daughter would share it with me if she had a copy!

  211. 238) Side Stitches

    Oh my goodness! This is so cool! I would be tempted to frame them 🙂

  212. 239) Ivana

    I love it!!

  213. I’d love to share this with my daughters. Count me in, please.

  214. Oooh that reminds me of coloring sheets from geometry class. Soo much fun!

  215. 242) Christy H

    Thanks for the chance!!

  216. Oh I haven’t colored in one of these for ages!!! I’ll gladly take it off your hands 🙂

  217. THIS I must have. Just MUST have. Please?

  218. 245) Elizabeth D from GA

    Oh, this is a great idea!

  219. I have been looking for adult coloring pages! I need!

  220. 248) darcy

    I love this book!

  221. 250) Heather

    I actually picked this up the other day and wanted to buy it but had to put it back. It would be awesome to win it!

  222. 252) Jayne

    This is fantastic! It’s a brilliant idea through and through.

  223. 253) Alissa

    Ooo, I’d love a copy! But I think you should throw in a pack of Pentels to go with. 😉

  224. 254) Callie P

    I have been wanting an adult coloring book! (I’m glad to know I’m not the only one!!)

  225. 255) Gwendolyn

    How fun! Thanks for the chance!

  226. 257) Susan

    Yes, please! I’d love to have one…so I’m crossing my fingers and wishing mightily!

  227. 258) Melissa P

    Looks like so much fun! I love coloring!!

  228. 259) Marcie

    I love coloring and maybe this would help my little boys appreciate it more. 🙂

  229. 260) kellie

    this is awesome!! thank you!

  230. 263) Jessica

    I have a book similar to this, but the designs aren’t nearly as great!

  231. 264) Micah Hoiland

    How fun! I’d love to do this with my nieces and nephews!

  232. So fun! I still love to color. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  233. 267) rebecca

    Oh! coloring is one of my favorite things to do. Pick me, pick me!

  234. I love coloring book ! Thank’s for this giveaway !

  235. 269) Lisa

    great coloring book!

  236. I love to color! This would be great therapy!

  237. 271) Colleen Marble

    Oooh, I can see loads of craft possibilities with this. Color the page then use it as wrapping paper for a small gift, or fold an origami shape with it, or put it on homemade greeting card, or use as gift tags, or mount on card stock to make ornaments for the tree or a garland for the doorway, or … or … or …!!!!

  238. 272) Jackie

    Coloring is so relaxing, and stress-relieving.

  239. 273) leah

    so fun! thanks for the giveaway!

  240. 274) Debbie G.

    This looks fantastic! I love it!

  241. 275) Clothilde

    I admit that I didn’t gave up colouring books, so here’s my chance! 😉

  242. 276) Lori

    Thanks for another great giveaway.

  243. 277) Carla

    This is the perfect gift for a few on my list!

  244. 278) Gwendolyn

    I love the colouring books for “adults” lol-
    Great giveaway!

  245. I totally looooove coloring, and so do my daughters, so…

  246. 280) Larissa

    This is would be so awesome for my boys and I.

  247. 281) MissRissa

    Wow this is awesome!! I have a little girl who loves this sort of thing- picking out colors, patterns, designs! This would be a great Christmas gift!

  248. 282) Christy

    Now this is the type of coloring that I like to do!

  249. 283) Melissa Moore

    What a great book!! It would have a great new home at our house full of artists!

  250. 284) Alisa

    Bring on the coloring, I love this!

  251. 285) Beth

    This looks like so much fun!

  252. 286) byrney

    Ooo how relaxing…adult colouring. Fab!

  253. 287) JaMsb

    I really love this!

  254. awesome give away! i still love coloring….

  255. 289) Kelly

    What a beautiful book – would love to color together with my daughter in this one!

  256. 290) lux

    i would love this for my daughter!

  257. 291) Kirsten


  258. 292) Tenille

    What fun!

  259. 293) Carla

    We’ve printed out similar pages on the internet – love them!!

  260. 294) lynn

    oh i LOVED stuff like this as a kid! thank you!

  261. 295) Theresa


  262. 296) Cary

    I would totally love that, Merry Christmas to me!

  263. 297) Eileen

    Oh I love this kind of thing! My daughter is starting to really enjoy them too. Thanks!

  264. 298) Shelly

    What a great idea. Coloring these would be so relaxing!

  265. 299) vane

    Great book!!!!

  266. 300) Maria D

    I would love to have a coloring book like this.

  267. 301) Nathalie Garces

    Dana, thank you for the wonderful giveaway, thanks!

  268. 302) Ellen Bond

    This would be an awesome gift for my sister. I’d love some help with the holiday shopping!

  269. Oh. My. Word. This is right up my alley. I love to color and have been anxiously awaiting for my son to get old enough to color so that I have an excuse… but with this I wouldn’t need an excuse! Oh please, I hope I win!!! 🙂

  270. 304) Sarah

    Um, yes please. This looks delightful.

  271. 305) Lindsay H

    Ohhh, this would be awesome for my budding artist (my 5 year old son!) and I to do together!

  272. 306) karen stanton

    GReat idea.

  273. 307) Karyn

    My daughter loves to color like me! We color together frequently! Thank you for sharing & having a giveaway!

  274. 308) Kelli Paradowski I adore repetive patterns, (a little OCD about finding them in fabric, carptet, etc.) And love that my daughter seems to be facinated too. Just last night she said she wanted paper that had the pattern lines on it already so she could just color. Perfect! I’m thinking stocking stuffer!

  275. I want this for my daughter. Keep her entertained and inspired.

  276. 310) Kandice Nelson

    I love coloring! I really should do it more with my kids…

  277. 311) Amanda Robertson

    Perfectionists and control freaks rejoice! What fun 🙂

  278. I remember in high school an english teacher saying that coloring relaxes you and I completely agree. Thanks for the giveaway!

  279. 313) Jenny B.

    I remember doing some like these, they were so much fun. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  280. 314) Maria E

    My niece would love this. Thanks for the chance to win.

  281. 315) Sandra

    Oh, this is so fun! My daughter LOVES to color, we sit down at least once a day to color together, I would love to add this to our books to choose from!

  282. 316) Jamie

    It’s a great de-stressor 🙂

  283. 317) Dolores Plana

    Thenks. So nice for my kid!!

  284. 318) Megan

    So fun! Coloring in coloring books is so relaxing

  285. 319) RebeccaB

    Beautiful! I love these!

  286. 320) Melissa Whittle

    This is fabulous!! My daughter would love this! Thank you 🙂

  287. 321) Paige W

    Awesome! I LOVE this!

  288. 322) Jenny

    Love, love, love this! And my almost-9-year-old son would love it too – his math-oriented brain loves repetitive coloring 🙂

  289. 324) Jenni

    repetitive pattern coloring sounds like a perfect way to spend a relaxing evening.

  290. 325) Kendra

    Oh my gosh! I would keep it all to myself! I feel the same as you do when my 7 y/o asks me to color with her 🙂 Who says we have to grow up?

  291. 326) Alice H

    I love coloring! Time to be a kid again!

  292. 327) Stephanie S

    I loved these picks when I was younger and would love to win one now! Of course I’d have to share with my daughter 🙂

  293. 329) Meagan

    What a fun giveaway! 🙂 I love to color, it’s so therapeutic.

  294. 330) Laurie

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  295. 331) Miyuki

    Ah! fabric!

  296. 332) Jane

    My daughter would LOVE this! What a cool book!

  297. This is so great. I loveto color! Thanks for the chance!

  298. 334) Emilia

    Coloring is fun for everyone! Thanks

  299. 335) Jen

    Oooooo I LOVE this, so so fun!

  300. 336) Tine

    This looks like so much fun!

  301. 337) Rachael


  302. 338) deb

    wow! That is amazing! I would feel bad actually committing to just one color scheme. so cool.

  303. 339) Julie Phillips

    Not sure if I want it for me or my little girl! Thanks for another awesome giveaway!

  304. 341) Kelly

    OMG- loved this sort of thing as a kid!

  305. 343) Julie Alessi

    Fabulous idea!

  306. 344) Faye

    Love this! Makes me want to color now!

  307. 345) jen

    i love love love colouring!

  308. 346) Jacqui

    I’m never too old for a good coloring book. Would love to try my hand in this one!!!

  309. 347) ann

    really cool. I wonder if there is a way to work these patterns into sewing or wall patterns?

  310. 348) Eleanor

    If by chance I don’t win, I’ll definitely be buying this. 🙂

  311. This is so great!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  312. 350) Beth

    Cute! My daughter would love it!

  313. 351) Cynthia

    I love to color!

  314. 352) Sarah Scott

    I would LOVE this, I usually steal my daughters coloring books after she goes to bed. How excited would I be to have my own!

  315. 353) Sydney L

    Love this! I might just let my five year old color with me!

  316. 354) Liz

    I love it! I would love a copy!

  317. 355) Anya

    Too fun! I just discovered these fancy coloring books for my daughters, but who knew there was one for fabric design. Lovely!

  318. Oh my god I LOVE THIS CONCEPT! What a perfect way to carry the coloring book from childhood into adulthood. I want oneee :)!

  319. 357) pat

    this is just what is needed when chaos fills your world!

  320. 358) Sara B.

    An adult coloring book, awesome! My daughter would be so excited to do this with me!

  321. 359) Lenetta

    I think my MIL and daughter would LOVE this, thanks!

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    Wow these awesome giveaways just don’t stop 🙂 Thanks!

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    grown up coloring books. . .so fun

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    What fun… An adult coloring book! 🙂

  327. 365) Lisa

    Looks like what I used to color in college to relax after a really hard exam. I would love one of these!

  328. 366) Kate

    Coloring is so much fun! I would totally take this with me to watch kiddos.

  329. 367) mindy

    What a cool idea! It does look really relaxing.

  330. 368) Andrea

    Oooh these look so fun! I would like to say how much fun my daughter and I would have coloring this together…but I’m not sure I’d be able to share 🙂

  331. I used to have a coloring book like this when I was younger. I loved coloring in it, not sure what ever happened to it. I would love to have one again to get some coloring therapy. 🙂 Thanks for a chance to win one here.

  332. 370) Rachel Adair

    I have a butterfly book like this and I feel just like a kid again when I color.

  333. 371) Diana

    I want one to color for sure!! Thanks

  334. 372) amelia


  335. 373) Meg

    I love to color! This would be awesome!

  336. 374) Marcie

    My daughter would love this.

  337. looks so fun! especially for someone with a little OCD (*cough cough*).

  338. 377) Jill

    I’ve seen similar illusion pattern coloring books, but never one with fabric patterns. You’re never too old to color!

  339. I love pattern coloring books. I used to have those when I was a kid. I know my girls would love it! Okay, I’d love it, too:)

  340. 380) Christina

    I’m not sure if anyone would say that coloring is only for kids. It’s so therapeutic! This would be a nice change from coloring my own doodles 🙂

  341. 381) Brigitte

    sure love coloring myself.

  342. 382) Bree

    I think I had something like this when I was a kid and I LOVED it.

  343. 383) Kathy

    This looks so fun!! I didn’t even know there was a pattern coloring book. I’ve got 4 girls….I know someone would love it 🙂

  344. 384) Amy

    Such fun designs, and it sounds so relaxing to sit and color!

  345. 385) Four dogs and one quilter

    Love coloring as a kid and I still do. Looks like there are also some great quilt designs in this book.

  346. 386) Lisa W.

    Yep I confess sometimes when my kids aren’t even around I color in their coloring books to de-stress.

  347. 387) Jackie Buney

    Simply gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  348. 388) Judit

    this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen made for adults that still remember how it was to be a child.
    this week is being a real pain in the a** in real life. Thank you Dana, for making it a bit less harder with all that sharing, wishing and hoping

  349. We’d love this. Might keep it on the shelf for a few months, but would love to use it with my daughter eventually.

  350. 390) Becky

    My 7 year old and I would have to take turns with this! I LOVE it!

  351. 391) Jennie

    Looks like fun! 🙂 This would make a great gift for my mom… she’s started coloring recently as a stress-reliever.

  352. 393) Natalya

    I love it!

  353. 394) tiffany

    Oh my word… are you kidding!?! I’d seriously have to fight my daughter for a turn.

  354. 395) Heidi

    Ooh, I love coloring!

  355. 397) Stacie E

    Ooooooh awesome! Thank you!

  356. 398) Catherine

    what a great idea! this is a great gift for my niece and her mom.

  357. 399) Ave

    I’ll try to win this one also, my daughter would love it. She is almost the same age as Lucy, also went to school this year.

  358. 402) Darlene

    Talk about Deja vu (sound it out, not sure how to spell it!!) Designs like the ones from the 70’s… Super cool!

  359. 403) iHeartQuilting

    What a nice book. This would bring hours of fun!

  360. This is probably the most beautiful colouring book in the world!

  361. 405) Terri Sue

    When my children were very small, 25 years ago or so, I would take these on car trips and let them pick out each color for the next set of figures. I would color them in and show them how it looked and we would continue. When we finished a picture everyone would get so excited. I would love to do these with my grandchildren. My granddaughter is old enough to do the coloring herself. We could have so much fun. Thank you for the chance.

  362. 406) Amy

    I love colouring books for grown up kids!

  363. 407) Robyn C

    What a neat book! My girls and I color all the time.

  364. 408) Becky C

    I used to love coloring pages like this when I was younger. I’d love to try it again. Thanks for the chance to win!

  365. 409) Amanda A.

    My sister (who’s all grown up like me!) would love, love, love this and I would love, love, love to gift it to her!

  366. 410) Rhonda Miller

    I still love coloring! Love coloring with my kids and would have so much fun with this!

  367. 411) Brooke

    My favorite kind of coloring!!!!

  368. What a cool book. I think I won’t give it to my boys. I keep it.

  369. 413) Amy

    What a fun book! Thanks 🙂

  370. 414) Kayla

    My sister and I used to have some pages like these growing up that we’d send to work with my dad to make a million copies of. I miss them! I need them!

  371. 415) April Simser

    What a Great book! I know when I was younger I couldn’t get enough of coloring and paper dolls. I think that’s the reason for quilting now…the adult version of beautiful design and color and cutters.

  372. 416) Emily hunter

    Ohhh I would love to win this

  373. OOOH!!! AHHHH!!! Simply lovely!
    If I don’t win, this may just end up in my Christmas stocking anyway…. 🙂

  374. 418) Lindsey

    What fun! I’d love to win!

  375. 421) Tisha

    I’d love this for my daughter. 🙂

  376. 422) Jill C

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  377. 423) Gelia

    Very cool! I hope I win.


  378. 425) iemke

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  379. 426) Callie

    My crafty girl and I would love something like this to do together!

  380. 427) Andrea Munoz

    HEllo! I want this book, it’s great!

  381. 428) sara hernandez

    My older kids would absolutely love this!!

  382. 429) Kasey

    Love this coloring book!

  383. 430) Kilee

    I want to color with a nice cup on coffee…ahhh!

  384. 431) Lucia

    Oh, this is great!
    But I don’t know if I can partecipate, since I live in Italy…

  385. OMG, I love to color. This would be like a dream come true! =D

  386. 433) Anna Patnode

    Who doesn’t love coloring! How fun!

  387. 434) Heather S

    SWEET! I would la la LOVE to win!

  388. 435) Jenny

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  389. 436) Birgit

    Oh those days when it was a “well done!” for staying inside the lines…. I’d really love that book. So beautiful!

  390. 437) Sarah

    I love this book. My daughter has some geometric design coloring books that we have so much fun coloring together.

  391. 438) Julie H.

    Fun!! I love to color!

  392. I think this is my favorite giveaway item! Would love love to win one.

  393. 440) Angie

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  394. 441) Lydia Curtis

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  395. my boy loves to coloring and create, he would love this

  396. 444) Carrie

    I’m sure this would be a great gift for my daughter, but I really want it just for me…

  397. 445) Amie

    I’m in!

  398. 447) Stacey

    I totally want one of those coloring books!!! How COOL is that?!!! 🙂

  399. 448) Kelly

    Love the patterns — simply amazing!

  400. 450) Denise

    I LOVE to color!! No grandchildren allowed though…Thank you for these awesome giveaways!

  401. This is my favorite of all your give-a-ways!

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  403. How fun! My kids would love this! I secretly LOVE to color too 🙂

  404. 455) Emily

    Just might add to my Christmas list!

  405. 456) Veronica

    My daughter Sophia (and I) would go nuts for this!

  406. 457) Lauren :)

    These are so much fun!

  407. 458) katie

    this looks sooo fun. i think i may have to have one.

  408. 460) Nicole from RI

    My daughters and I would love this!

  409. 461) Amber

    This is so adorable! I have my own collection of coloring books, this would be a great addition!

  410. I had some of these as a kid and loved them!

  411. 463) Kristi

    My four-year-old would love this!

  412. 464) Mandy

    So fun!

  413. 465) Laura Suman

    Thanks for the link! I’ll check it out! I think Ava would live this.

  414. 466) Aly S

    That’s my kind of coloring book!

  415. 467) Jenn

    I love these type of coloring pages. It’ll be hard, but I promise I’ll share it with my daughter if I win.

  416. 468) Maggie

    I love it!

  417. 469) Beth

    This would be so soothing to work on…

  418. 470) Sandra

    great book and great idea of book. I’ll be happy to colour my ideal fabric:-)

  419. 471) Katelyn Allen.

    How fun is that! Love that coloring book.

  420. 472) Camille

    My daughter would love this!

  421. 473) Tammy

    I still love to color too:) Love this book!

  422. 474) Rae-Dean

    What fun! I adore the concept of using a coloring book as a tool, to unlock an adult’s creative side.

  423. 476) Anshu

    finally a coloring book for big kids..looks awesome

  424. 477) Jo

    I often hijack my children’s colouring books- its so therapeutic! Also they’re great presents with a crayon roll (to adults and children!)
    I would love to colour these in, thanks for the offer.

  425. My kid LOVE coloring !!!! That giveaway is so cool !!!!

    Thank you very much !!!!


  426. 480) lindsey s.

    I love to color! Ive been looking for cool coloring books like this for my kids (oh ok…me too )

  427. 481) ellen

    now THAT is a good way to keep my girls busy on a plane ride!

  428. 482) HeatherM

    Oh what fun! My DD and I love to color together!!

  429. 484) Erika Jimenez

    How cool is that..would love a copy!

  430. 485) Nicki

    Oh my gosh, I remember coloring these as a kid. My little boy would LOVE this. How fun!

  431. 486) Angie

    Lovely! Might just color with my girls if I had such a lovely coloring book.

  432. 487) Rebekka

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  433. 488) British American

    Oooh, my 5 year old and 7 year old like to color with me. I wonder if either of them would enjoy this.

  434. 489) Gillian

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  435. I need to clear some head space with coloring!

  436. 492) sandy

    so cool, this would be a great stocking stuffer.

  437. 493) Jessica D

    So fun!! I would love to win – thanks!

  438. 494) Rachael

    This looks like so much fun!

  439. 495) jodi

    What a gorgeous creation, it would be something I would love to work on together with my daughter!!

  440. 497) Carmie O'Jibway

    My 8th grade students LOVE to color!

  441. 499) Kristen

    I used to have a coloring book that was repeating geometric patterns. It was awesome!

  442. How great !! even if I don’t win, that’s hit over here, what a great idea for a gift !! Thanks for sharing this idea Dana !!!

  443. 502) Lisa

    Love It!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  444. 505) T Bosch

    What a fun little book!

  445. 506) Julie

    I love coloring. I have a hidden set of crayons just for me so my kids won’t break them and ruin the tips 🙂

  446. ooh, I’ve been wanting something like that for embroidery ideas, it’s perfect, so I guess it goes on my Amazon Christmas list if I dont win!

  447. 511) Jenna

    Oh my dear this is amazing!

  448. You are completely right – great relaxation for adults. A form of meditation, concentrate on the coloring and clear your mind of everything else. I’d love to win one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  449. 513) Ruth D

    Full disclosure, I have bought these as gifts and own one myself. Hours of creative fun!

  450. my daughter would love it!!!

  451. 515) Lori B.

    That would be fun!!

  452. 516) Jennifer O.

    When my sister was a teenager stuck in the hospital, and couldn’t read, I gave her a book sort of like that with some fine tip pens. It was mandelas, designs that you could color. My mom also used to draw swirls and other designs and then we would color in the spaces.

  453. 517) Wendy P

    So much fun- for me and my son!

  454. 518) Jenna S.

    This looks like so much fun! It would be great to do with my nieces!!

  455. 519) emma

    I,d love this

  456. 520) LAUREN KLUG

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  457. 521) Erin

    This is the perfect stocking stuffer for my mom!

  458. 522) Kim


  459. 523) Courtney

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  460. 524) Lisa

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  461. 525) Dana S

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  462. 526) Amy

    This is awesome!!!

  463. 527) Kristy

    I think I would love this for ME! SO FUN.

  464. 528) Amanda Angert

    Oh my gosh!! My 9 year old would LOVE this!!! What a great book!

  465. My detail oriented 6 year old would love this coloring book. I sort of want it for myself though. It would be a good way to have some quiet, meditative time. Thanks!

  466. 530) Lisa T

    Such a cool idea! I would love one!

  467. 531) Brandie

    My son would love this!

  468. 532) Heather

    So cool!! A coloring book for adults (and kids)

  469. My daughter would love this!

  470. 534) ruth

    looks like so much fun.

  471. 535) Tracey Carlson

    I love this, I’ve got to get one for my sister and two of my friends as well

  472. 536) Paula Titel

    This is a cool idea! I loved Pentels too 🙂

  473. 537) debra

    what a fun concept!

  474. 538) Allyson

    That is the coolest idea. I love coloring too!

  475. 539) Donna B

    that looks like so much fun!!! I still love coloring!!!

  476. 540) Katrina

    adult coloring- sounds awesome!

  477. 541) Kodi Smith

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  480. Oh man this would be so fun to color! Thanks for the giveaway!

  481. 546) Sue Durbano

    I love coloring these, my mom always had one around!

  482. Awesome! This really makes me happy 🙂

  483. 548) Leigh

    I want a mama colouring book!

  484. 550) Lia Z.

    ooooooohhhh, that looks like something i would LOVE to have…

  485. 551) Kathleen

    what a creative idea!

  486. 553) jennifer berendt

    looks fun

  487. 554) Mary Jo Long

    Love to use markers (or crayons)…the newer the better. Really fun book!!

  488. 555) Lindsay

    SO fun!

  489. 556) Christie

    This looks awesome!

  490. 557) Shelly

    This looks fun!

  491. 558) Jaimie F.

    So cool! I can color with my kids and enjoy it oh, so much!

  492. 559) Melanie

    wow! Looks like so much fun!

  493. 560) Rylee

    How fun! I’ve always loved to color!

  494. 561) Amye

    I have never seen this! I love it!

  495. 562) Gemia

    Did these as a kid all the time! Loved them!

  496. 563) jennifer w.

    oh my twins LOVE to color, this looks like a fun project for us all to do!!

  497. 565) Sarah

    this is totally beautiful!

  498. 566) Margaret

    Love this! If I don’t win, I will definitely be buying one (or more).

  499. um I would ABSOLUTELY love this. How fun!

  500. 568) Jennifer Wilbur

    Love it! That looks so so much fun!

  501. 569) Di

    I miss coloring books! This would be fun!

  502. 570) Aurelie

    Such an amazing book! Would be great to have one of these! Thanks for the give away!

  503. 571) Gretta

    I would so enjoy this!

  504. 572) julis

    thank you 🙂 nice ..

  505. 573) Vicki

    No snacking; yes coloring.

  506. 574) Cassie Thares

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  507. 575) Stacey

    So fun!! Thanks!

  508. 576) Michele

    Ooh, I love to color, this would be great. 🙂

  509. 577) Amy

    Want it, want it! 🙂

  510. 578) Leanne M

    Kiddo would LOVE this! and I would too 🙂

  511. 580) adriana formento

    will i ever have lucK????

  512. 581) Jenna


  513. 583) tukimu

    hey I am here
    I just see it now means that first time.
    thank you dana to introduce her ( Jenean Morrison) to me…

  514. 584) adriana formento

    again ,…i’m i

  515. 585) Hannah

    I love colouring! I used to colour in university between studying to have a break and got a lot of good thinking done that way!

  516. 586) *em

    THis book is totally right up my alley!! I hope I win!!!

  517. 588) Shalise Fisher

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  518. 589) Ren

    Ooh! This would be just for me. Thanks for the opportunity!

  519. 590) Jill

    my children would love this!

  520. 591) vanessa

    Ohhh my daughter will love it!

  521. 592) kristen d jensen

    i have a friend that needs this…she is going through a great lost

  522. 593) Ronda

    My daughter would love this!

  523. 594) Faren

    What a great coloring book! I love it and so would my daughter!

  524. 595) Mandi

    so cute!

  525. 596) Meg

    We are soul sisters! I loved coloring books like this when I was little, and now I’m itching to color.

  526. 597) Christy

    ahh! so fun!

  527. 598) Kristen Schuelke

    This is really neat…. I love the patterns and that it’s stimulating and creative! Awesome

  528. 599) hannahk

    so pretty ~ thankful for pattern in our lives

  529. I haven’t been this excited by a coloring book in years! I must say though, I work in child care and love colouring with the kiddies!!! Also sometimes use drawing time to design clothes, then have to draw one of whatever it is I’ve just designed for every kid at the table to colour in for their mum! Haha

  530. 601) Peggy S

    I might share this book with my sister, who is 65, but that she is the only one. I can see one of the designs turning into a quilt! Thanks for offering a chance to win one.

  531. 603) CLeigh

    Eye candy and mind therapy – wonderful!!

  532. 604) Caralee

    That looks SO FUN!!!

  533. 605) Becky T

    I would keep this for myself!

  534. 606) Robin Walkington

    I had a book similar to this as a teenager, I love them.

  535. 607) Melissa Gravert

    This is lovely! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  536. 608) Dkb

    Love, it, so cool. I want it for me !

  537. 609) Melissa

    ahh! I love this!

  538. 610) Erin

    My kids and I would love a copy!

  539. 611) Mel Vo

    This book has a ton of crafty potential! Thanks!!

  540. 612) June

    What a great idea!!! Hope I win one:)

  541. 613) Nicole B

    Coloring books for adults?! Amazing! Thank you!

  542. 614) DeniseMarie

    Coloring? Patterns? Yes, please!

  543. I LOVE to color and love it when I get to with my nieces. I find it so relaxing and it’s the perfect thing to do when you just need to do something with your hands, but don’t have time to make a whole project. Since I don’t really expect to win this, I’ll be adding it to my Christmas list!

  544. 616) Katie Follett

    Yay! I love to Colorado!

  545. I had a book like this when I was a kid. I loved it and spent many hours coloring in it. I’m sure my kids would love one as well.

  546. Can you imagine! It IS like kindergarten all over again!

  547. I would love this on my coffee table! Adults like to color too

  548. 620) Sarah

    In school I loved it when our teacher handed out coloring pages like these. How fun!

  549. 621) mary w

    I love this idea! I would love it more than my kids….

  550. 622) Kiera K

    I love the pattern designs!

  551. 623) Mary B

    Wow! These are really cool. My kids would love these.

  552. 624) katie chaffee

    These look like a lot of fun.

  553. 625) Rebecca Atkins

    What a fun giveaway! I would love one of these books, and my kids would love it just as much!

  554. 626) Heidi

    thank you!

  555. 627) Erin

    i had an Anne of Green Gables coloring book as a kid, and my favorite part? coloring the dresses! my small friends and i would love one!

  556. 629) April

    Love it!

  557. 630) Wendi

    This book is awesome! My son’s art teacher gives the kids pictures like this to color when they are waiting for others to finish in class. He loves them! I’d love to have this at home. Thanks for the opportunity!

  558. 631) Meghann

    I want to try, I want it, want it, want it. Please!

  559. 632) jENNY

    Gotta love these giveaways! may just order one for myself

  560. I LOVE this! I want to color!!!! 🙂

  561. 634) Alex Davis

    What a great idea!

  562. 635) moesha in mn

    I love to color!

  563. 636) Kelly

    I might have to keep it for myself if I win!

  564. 637) Claire

    These were my favorite thing when I was 8. The love was just rekindled

  565. 638) Dena

    These are great – thanks for giving away all this neat stuff.

  566. 639) Tara

    This looks like so much fun! And yes, it would be for me too!

  567. 640) Rosita

    That looks like a lot of fun!

  568. OH this one I really extra want!

  569. 642) Heather

    I desperately want this! SO fun and (as you said) relaxing to color. 🙂

  570. 643) laurel

    oh i want this. and my five year old wants this!

  571. 644) Angie Evenson

    Looks like fun!! 🙂 My little one (and I!) would love this.

  572. 645) christina

    How fun! My boys and I would enjoy this.

  573. 646) Oona Padgham

    I had something like this when I was a kid. I love it, and spirograph, too.

  574. My daughter (and I) would love this! I love coloring with her (when she lets me 🙂 )

  575. 648) Lisa Knoblauch

    I love to color, I still have my own box of crayons!

  576. 649) Kathleen Sullivan

    My daughter would love this. All she draws are designs and patterns.

  577. 650) whitney

    Looks fun!

  578. 652) Amanda B

    What a cool colouring book – please include me

  579. 653) Kathleen

    I have 5 kids (+me) that would love this

  580. 655) Allison

    Really cool patterns!

  581. 656) Yana

    stunning patterns

  582. 657) katherine

    would love to win 🙂

  583. How cool! I could see myself spending hours on this!

  584. 659) Jamie P

    very cool

  585. 660) Katie

    That looks like so much fun!

  586. 661) sarah

    so cool!

  587. 663) Jessica Wood

    What a cute idea for a Christmas gift!

  588. 664) Karin B

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  590. 667) Jennyroo

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  593. 670) Stacey h

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  594. This is great…more acceptable adult coloring book, dream come true (:

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  596. 674) Mama Bear

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  601. How fun! Thank you for the chance to win!

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  604. I love doodling patterns! This book would be great

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  606. 685) meredith

    fun and so pretty!!

  607. 686) Alexis Stokes

    I can never resist a good coloring book. I am always sitting there long after the kid coloring in the book has gotten bored and walked away.

  608. 687) Becky N

    My kids are finally old enough to really start staying in the lines well! Hehe!!
    But seriously, I like this for ME. I have a hard time sitting still and listening to things – my hands want something to do. I’ve found that coloring patterns occupies my hands really well, but doesn’t take my brain away from what I’m listening to, so this book would be PERFECT for me. I don’t know if my kids would want to share or not… but it would be interesting to see. 🙂

  609. 688) Nicole

    oh my this is a cool book. would it be bad for me *not* to share???

  610. 689) GegeBrown

    Ohhh, I love to colour. Graph paper was my favourite part of math at school.

  611. 690) Crystal C


  612. 691) Rebecca Olson

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    That coloring book would be a huge hit in my house!

  614. I have never heard or seen such a coloring book, it sounds very interesting, but for me, not for the kids 😉

  615. 695) Eva L

    So relaxing…

  616. 696) Sara

    Cute! I love coloring! Oh, and so does my daughter…

  617. 698) AMY

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  620. 701) Mary Ann in Vermont

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  621. 702) candice

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  622. I would totally use this for myself and keep my kids away…

  623. 704) Sandi

    very cool, I’ve never seen a book like this before.

  624. 705) Holly

    My daughter and I have recently begun doing these together. It’s a nice way to do something relaxing and quietly together. Plus, it’s fun to see what color combinations we come up with. It gives me inspiration for sewing projects. Thanks!

  625. 706) Julie C

    I still love to color—but I don’t remember a coloring book like that !

    Hope to win..thanks for all of the giveaways !!

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  636. This looks like a fantastic way to unwind after a long day!

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  642. I would love to win a copy! This would be so fun to have!

  643. This reminds me of the little wooden kaleidoscope I had as a child…there’s no way I could get away with keeping this all to myself…all 4 of my children would want to share in this 🙂 x

  644. 727) valeria

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  648. 731) Laura P.

    Even as an adult, I find coloring relaxing sometimes 🙂

  649. 732) Amyv

    I had a book like this as a kid. I think it was called “the stained glass coloring book” and I loved it! Would love to pass this kind of thing on to my children.

  650. 733) Stephanie

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  657. 741) Robyn

    I love these! And I bet my kids will, too 🙂

  658. 742) Kimberly

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  659. 743) Sarah Wilett

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  688. So fun, Tilly would love this!

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  690. 777) Tiffany Y.

    This book would be fun to color and also cool to see them finished in a frame! 🙂

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    Count me in! Thank you.

  695. I color with my kids all the time! So relaxing.

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  703. 793) Adrienne

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  704. 795) Sahara

    Oh my goodness, that is PERFECT! I have always loved coloring (and coloring books) but there just aren’t really any that are pretty and appealing for adults!

  705. Ooo, fun! My son would love this and I would totally get to do a ton of it too- thanks for hosting!!

  706. i think creativity is contagious.. especially with your own kids. we hesitate at first to accept the creative thoughts we have. but seeing someone else expressing theirs makes us think “oh, this might be okay to do then” — just discovered your blog and now i’m a lifetime fan!!

  707. 798) Erica Avenell


  708. So cute! I have a niece who would love this. Thanks!

  709. Cool! I could totally color all of those!

  710. 801) Gretchen

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  713. 804) Chantalle

    LOVE this! I think it would be more fun for me than the kids 🙂

  714. 806) MAGDALENA

    These are soooooo beautiful could almost have them for my self!!!!
    But my daughter is waiting for us to be lucky and then…..well hello markers!!!

  715. My daughter would love this!

  716. 808) Hanne

    Ooooh! That’s a really nice colouring book!

  717. 809) Megan

    This would be perfect my 8 year old!

  718. 811) nicole price

    This is the perfect adult coloring book.

  719. 812) Sarah

    Yes please! I have a bunch of coloring books kind of like this by Ruth heller. I’m crazy about them…. I use colored pencils.

  720. 813) laura

    Looks like fun! My daughter would love it!

  721. LOVE this giveaway! My daughter and I could have hours and hours of fun with this…

  722. 815) Mary

    Oh my, I love this! My 11 yr old loathes coloring but she really enjoys pattern coloring like these! We have the stained glass coloring pages, it’s all she will color and the fine detail is great for her motor skills and hand writing. Would love this!!

  723. Oh this book is so cool! My niece would love it! I hope I win! 🙂

  724. 818) Catrin

    oh, wow this is a freaking amazing coloring book.

  725. 819) carriem

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  726. 820) Georgie

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  727. 821) Lise

    My son (and I) would love this. Thanks for the giveaway!

  728. 822) lorena

    What a wonderful book! Would love to win a copy! 🙂
    lorepuckett at verizon dot net

  729. 823) Liene

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  731. 825) Sara Taylor

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  732. 826) Corina

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  735. 829) Marianna

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  738. 832) AYA

    That looks so addictive!

    Aya Olive

  739. 833) Miranda

    I love this! Coloring is fun 🙂

  740. that looks like hours of amusement. especially say for a very long plane flight! (for me! :D)

  741. 835) ERIKA

    Yayyy what fun. 🙂

  742. 836) Margaret

    What a fun idea! thanks for the chance to win!

  743. Hi, love to work on this with my kids!

  744. 839) Allison

    Coloring is a great stress-reliever! Very needed right now. 🙂

  745. I love coloring, and I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow it.

  746. 841) Shayne D

    My daughter and I would LOVE this!

  747. 843) katie s

    Fun! Love this!

  748. 844) nopinkhere

    Oh! I LOVE books like this, geometric, nature, mandalas, anything.

  749. 845) DaniW

    It’s going on my Christmas wish list (as well as the pentels!)

  750. 846) Rachel

    SO fun! I’ve always loved coloring!!

  751. 848) Tina

    My daughter (and I) would love this!

  752. Looks like an awesome coloring book!

  753. 850) Teresa Baker

    Love the “grownup” coloring books! Could sit and do this all day except unfortunately I have to work:) Enjoy your site and seeing your new ideas. You are blessed with awesome talent! Thanks for sharing your ideas and contacts.

  754. 851) Tami

    My boys would love this! They could spend hours with a pen or marker in hand!

  755. Great book… I’m sure my daughter would have tons of fun with that

  756. 853) dana

    I would love to color this book for hours! Pick me!

  757. 854) Beccy

    I love coloring, too! What a cute idea!

  758. This is so awesome! I would spend hours and hours just coloring away. Then I think I’d have to frame my work too…oh the possibilities!

  759. 857) rachaelb

    I loved these books as a kid and still do!

  760. 858) Júlia Humet Ribas

    I’d love it! 🙂

  761. 859) Mary Lynch

    If I win, I promise to share it with my daughters!

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