giveTHANKSaway: the Fat Quarter shop, fabric and patterns (CLOSED)

Fabric again?  Yes!
Please welcome the Fat Quarter Shop.

If you’re looking for bundles of fabric, the Fat Quarter Shop is the
place (you can buy some fabrics by the yard too). Seriously, it’s a
maze of pretty fabrics and they carry just about everything. Fat eighth
bundles, charm packs, jelly rolls, fat quarters…they’ve got it all!  (I still remember the first time I saw a jelly roll and thought it was the prettiest thing. Total sewing dork).

And these boxes of Kaufman Kona Solids make me smile too.

If you’re up for a project, just start browsing their Fat Quarter bundles section. I had no idea there was Brown Bear, Brown Bear fabric. My kids would love that.
Ready to shop and sew?
 Today the Fat Quarter Shop is offering TWO winners a package prize:
• the Cuzco Jelly Roll (by Kate Spain, pictured below)
• the Lost City quilt pattern

They go beautifully together!

And to all readers, they’re offering 50% off all Forest Friends by Anton & Ink fabrics.
Enter code FOREST at checkout.  Ends Sunday 11/18

• Leave a comment, that’s it.
• Only one entry per person.
• Open to anyone!
• TWO winners will be picked via
• Giveaway ends, Sunday 11/18/12 at 10pm (Central Time).
Winners will be announced next week.
  1. 2) Heidi V

    Wow so many fun fabrics!!

  2. 3) JennA

    Darling fabric selections!

  3. 4) Faustina

    Ooo, that would make a great gift for my 10 year old who is getting a sew machine for Christmas.

    • 5) Anne

      I love fabric!

  4. 7) Amanda French

    Would make a awesome first quilt!

  5. 9) Emma

    So pretty!

  6. 10) Kendra

    There’s just something about those colorful jelly rolls that makes me all warm and happy. This would be just the boost I need to get started on the quilt I’ve been planning 🙂 Thanks for all these awesome giveaways!

    • 11) keli

      yay for fabric!

  7. 12) Mindy M.

    My youngest would love that Brown Bear material! I’ll have to check it out 🙂

  8. Gorgeous!! I am working on a quiet book for my son right now, some of these would be perfect!

  9. 14) Colette

    Love the Fat Quarter Shop!

  10. 15) Melissa Whittle

    I love that store! This fabric is beautiful and would love to make something wonderful with it!! Thank you 🙂

  11. 16) Krista O

    Me, Me, Me. Please?

  12. 17) Rose

    Aww, beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win x

  13. 18) fern

    I have a gift cert to fat quarter shop and I just am having the hardest time deciding what to get!!! love them!

  14. 19) Meagan

    Love, love, love! I am a sewing dork too! Glad to be in good company! 🙂

  15. 21) Jenni

    sooooo pretty. love that pattern!

  16. Oh, my goodness, what gorgeous fabrics! Thanks so much for the chance!

  17. Love it! Who can’t use more fabric???:)

  18. 24) Millie

    love their fabric selections! I hope I win!

  19. 25) Heather Durney

    Great selection!

  20. 26) Jess

    What awesome giveaways!

  21. 28) melani

    Yay!!! Another fabulous prize!!! 🙂

  22. 30) Kristen

    I love Fat Quarter Shop! Thanks for doing these fabulous giveaways, Dana! 🙂

  23. 31) Camille

    excited for the chance to win some wonderful fabric from the fat quarter shop!

  24. 32) merel

    such cool fabrics!

  25. 33) Melissa s.

    Um, if the box of Kona squares doesn’t get a seamstress’s blood boiling, I don’t know what would!

  26. 34) Tenille

    I love the Eric Carter prints. How cute!

  27. 35) Laurie

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  28. 36) Allison

    Yay I love fabric!

  29. 37) Julie

    Love the fabric! Love the pattern! Thank you for the chance to win!

  30. 38) Melissa H

    I love the Fat Quarter Shop, I go there to browse their beautiful selection hoping one day I will actually make a fun quilt with their jelly rolls!

  31. 39) Erin

    What a great prize, sure hope I win.

  32. 40) Jane

    Oooh, this would be so fun to win!!!!!!!

  33. 42) gina w.

    I love the cuzco collection!

  34. OMG! I love the Brown Bear, Brown Bear bundle!

  35. I love this fabric. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. 47) Aine

    Great giveaway! Thank you!

  37. 48) Maria E

    Such a great fabric selection. It would be hard to pick just one. Thanks for the chance to win.

  38. 49) Emilia

    Colors are a gift from God!

  39. 50) Joyce Mitchell

    I’ve been a grateful customer of the Fat Quarter Shop for years. Thanks.

  40. 51) Kristi

    Yes, please!

  41. 52) Melissa

    I absolutely love the Cuzco collection.

  42. 53) Amanda

    They always have such great fabrics!

  43. 54) Kelly

    Love the Fat Quarter Shop!

  44. how could anyone choose? The colors make me want to hoard fabric.

  45. Ah the Fat Quarter Shop, one of my faves 🙂

  46. 58) Kat

    Ohhhhh such pretty fabrics -I love being a sewing dork!

  47. 59) Jody

    Ooooh, so many wonderful fabrics!

  48. 60) Abbie Johnson

    So pretty!

  49. My mother-in-law would DIE. (big quilter)

  50. 62) Sarah

    I love these fabrics–perfect to use when following your tutorials for baby clothes!

  51. 63) Jen

    This looks like a ton of fun, I love the Brown Bear fat quarters too!

  52. 64) Kelsey

    Oh, I would love to win that! I’m just starting my sewing journey and I’m SO INSPIRED by all of your tutorials. I’m itching to go to Ikea and see if I can find a couch cushion cast off to make a cute bag out of!

  53. 66) BROOKE


  54. 67) Sarah

    I love the fat quarter shop.

  55. 68) Tine

    What a nice price!

  56. 69) Alyson Wills

    Wow – would love to win. ;0)

  57. 70) deb

    gorgeous! love it!

  58. 71) Quinn Savona

    So fun! Love these fabrics:)

  59. 72) Julie Phillips

    Yeah for more fabric and another great giveaway!

  60. 73) Becky Greene

    I love Fat Quarter Shop – they are such an asset to the online quilting community. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway chance!

  61. 74) Rachael

    such lovely patterns

  62. 75) Pilar

    Gorgeous fabrics, I can use them in many ways, i love to quilt. Thanks a lot for this awesome giveaway.

  63. 76) Carolyn

    WANT! Such gorgeous fabrics.

  64. 78) Julie

    I always love getting fabric. Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. 79) Vans

    Cuzco is a favorite already, and I love the quilt pattern. Great giveaway! Thanks!

  66. 80) Katie H.

    I love fabric!

  67. 81) Chelsea H

    What fun and beautiful fabrics! I also love jelly rolls!

  68. 82) Elizabeth F

    So pretty!

  69. I have some quilts on my to sew list, I would love this!

  70. 85) Charlene Glover

    LOVE!! Great giveaway

  71. 86) Sasa

    Me too, I love the giveaway!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for winning this cool fabric <3

  72. 91) debbie

    Wow! So many great fabrics. It is hard to choose which ones to buy.

  73. I’d love to add this to my stash!

  74. 93) Beckyjopdx

    Oh oh oh! I have two favorite online fabric shops and Fat Quarter is one! The sheer number of options is better than being like a kid in a candy store.

  75. 94) Sarah Keith

    I would love to win! Just in time to make some Christmas gifts…

  76. 95) Lauren

    Love this site thanks

  77. 96) Kelly

    So many great choices! Would love to win!

  78. 97) teresa

    There is never such a thing as too much fabric!

  79. 98) Sanne

    Lovely fabrics 🙂

  80. 99) Allison

    Dana! You’re killing me with all these great give always! Awesome! Hope I win one! Thanks!

  81. 100) Jacqui

    They have an awesome fabric selection that would definitely help me out for holiday gifts!!

  82. 101) Melinda in NC

    Beautiful fabric! Hope I win something out of all these lovelies!

  83. 102) Julie Alessi

    Who couldn’t use some more fabric?!

  84. 103) Faye

    Yes, please!

  85. 104) Courtney Brown

    Jelly Rolls ARE beautiful!

  86. 105) Eleanor

    Yay, fabric!

  87. 106) Mel

    thanks for the chance!

  88. 107) Diana W

    I love the jelly roll!

  89. 108) katie

    Quilting fabric!!! Best giveaway yet!

  90. 109) MelissaT

    So much goodness!

  91. 110) Hayley

    Yeah for more fabric!

  92. 111) Carrie Alexander

    Since school started up again (I am a 5th grade teacher) I haven’t had much of a chance to see the new goodies out this fall…Good thing, because I forgot how much $ and time I’ve spent on their site!!!

  93. That’s a really cool pattern. Could it be my first quilt ever? Perhaps!

  94. 113) PamJ

    Fun, happy fabric . . . always dreaming of my next project!!!

  95. 114) Holly

    Love the Fat Quarter Shop!

  96. 115) Emily S

    Beautiful and fun fabric! I’d love some of them.

  97. I love the fat quarter shop! (and i’m not just saying that; promise.)

  98. 118) Jen

    Very nice! And it would be nice to win something finally 🙂

  99. OH MY!!!!! I love that quilt pattern!!!!!!!!!

  100. 120) Kathleen

    So beautiful! I want them all 🙂

  101. 121) Veerle Lesecque

    Love it, hope for it,… let’s win!

  102. 124) Beth

    What a great giveaway!

  103. 125) Sarah Scott

    Beautiful Fabric! How fun!!

  104. 126) Sydney L

    I, too, love the look of a fabric jelly roll.

  105. 127) Carolyn

    Love fabric giveaways!

  106. 128) Kari Tandberg

    Thanks for your wonderful blog!

  107. 130) Jennifer

    What a fun week of give always!!!!

  108. 131) betsy

    I love precut fabric.

  109. 132) Flowerstar

    Awesome! I hope I have a chance :).

  110. I love all the bright colors! More fabric! YAY!!!

  111. 135) sarah

    I love those fabrics! Pick me 🙂

  112. Perfect giveaway for a fabric addict like me 🙂

  113. 137) Lindsey

    I’d love to win. Thanks for the giveaway!

  114. My fingers are extra-crossed for this one – great giveaway!!

  115. 139) Megan W.

    Oh! Fun! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  116. 140) JaMsb

    I never pass up fabric!

  117. 141) Jenny

    Just beautiful, thanks for another great giveaway! I’m honestly not sure if I like the fabric or the quilt pattern more 🙂

  118. 142) Lenetta

    Lovely, thanks for the chance!

  119. I’ve been dying to get some of the Children at Play balloon fabric. So so cute!

  120. 144) Gloria

    I love your blog, especially the tutorials. Everything is so fresh and clean.

  121. 145) Gina S

    yes, please

  122. 146) Jenny Fretz

    thanks for the give-away. and the great blog!

  123. 147) Jennifer A.

    I would love this! thanks!

  124. 148) rebecca

    I’m a fabric addict! Pick me!

  125. 149) Heather L

    O my goodness…brown bear fabric! Perfect for kids!! And the box of kinda solids is so cute, I would never want to use any…:)

  126. 150) Jill

    My fingers AND toes are crossed for this one!

  127. 151) Liz

    Fantastic! Thanks!

  128. 152) Carolyn Thornley

    I love fabrics!

  129. 153) Stephanie

    ooooohhh…love it!

  130. 154) Donel

    I love the fat quarter shop! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  131. 155) Megan

    You can NEVER have enough fabric! Or fabric giveaways! Keep them coming! The pezzy print is so cute!

  132. 156) Marcela Garrison

    the possibilities are endless! Thank you for sharing!

  133. 157) Nichole

    Fat Quarter shop is the best! Thanks for the chance to win!

  134. I want that jelly roll, PLEEZ!! Great give away, thanks!

  135. 159) Lindsay

    Wow, what an amazing giveaway. Thanks Dana!

  136. 160) Erika

    Oh these are so pretty!.. And love that Eric Carle fabric!

  137. 161) mindy

    I think jelly rolls are the prettiest thing, too. 🙂

  138. 162) Andrea

    I have a huge fabric addiction 🙂 and I agree about the jelly rolls, I always think they look so pretty it is hard to open them up!

  139. 163) Matteson

    Fat quarter shop is my favorite!

  140. 164) Erin

    always love a good fabric giveaway – thanks

  141. 165) Vicky

    So fun!

  142. 166) Ashlie


  143. 167) Murriyam

    Woow! Love it!!! Wish they were available on my side of the world!

  144. 168) Summer

    You had me at jelly roll!!!! I would love new fabric 🙂

  145. I love FQS – – they seriously seem to have everything.

    And that Kona box is pretty much excellent.

  146. 170) Heather dela Cruz

    My fabric senses are tingling!

  147. 171) Karin

    I’ve been so happy with both of my orders from this shop. Great customer service too!

  148. 172) amelia

    can’t go wrong with fabric!

  149. 173) Chelsie

    Sooo Beautiful!!

  150. 174) Jamie

    So much yummy fabric!

  151. 176) Lisa W.

    Loving your giveTHANKSaways!

  152. 177) Jackie Buney

    Ooooohhhh, pretty pretty! Yes please!

  153. You were the one who turned me on to fat quarter in the first place, thank you so much! I picked out a fat pack to go with the Hexa gogo book for my mother in law’s beautiful Christmas present! How nice it would be to get a treat of my own too!

  154. 180) Martine

    If I could win and you would send it to Belgium I would go for the Cuzco Jelly roll.
    Greetings from Belgium , Martine

  155. 181) Diana

    I would love this. Thanks

  156. 182) Kate

    These are adorable! Yes, please!

  157. 183) Nathalie Garces

    Dana, thank you for the wonderful giveaway, thanks!

  158. 185) Bree

    So beautiful and I would use every scrap!

  159. I would be a frequent buyer at FQS if I wasn’t over drafted and the husband didn’t question my packages…..LOL

    Love fabric, and FQS is the greatest.

  160. 187) Jessica

    Please and thank you!

  161. 188) Yuki

    So many pretty fabrics!

  162. 189) Jill

    Such beautiful fabrics – I would love to make my son a new quilt!

  163. 190) Brigitte

    All these fabrics are awesome!!!

  164. 191) Meg

    I love this shop! So much great stuff! Thank you.

  165. 192) Judit

    I love the fat quarter shop!!!

  166. 193) Christina

    Beautiful print selections! A good start to making beautiful things.

  167. 194) Stephanie

    They are so pretty. I want them so badly.

  168. Ooh, I love Cuzco! And FQS of course!

  169. 196) JHurst

    This would be a great gift for my mom.

  170. This shop has the greatest little treasures in it! Thanks, Dana!

  171. 198) Jill P


  172. oh this one makes me drool! i love all the sets!

  173. 200) Marcie

    I could always use some more fabric to add to my stash. Thank you!

  174. 201) Heather M

    who doesn’t need more fabric?! 🙂

  175. 203) Amy

    I think I want all of them. I love fabric!

  176. 204) Four dogs and one quilter

    Love FQS! My go-to online store.

  177. 205) Darlene

    What exciting fabrics!! I would love some to work with. Thanks for the chance to win some!!!

  178. 206) Julia

    Love this shop!

  179. 209) Kelly P

    Oh my! What a lovely giveaway!

  180. 210) Jennie

    Ooh, pick me! 🙂

  181. 212) Kelly

    So nice! I’d love them!

  182. 213) Kate

    I am thankful for giveaways!!

  183. That is a lot of pretty fabric. I’d love to win!

  184. 215) Emily V.

    I love the Fat Quarter Shop and Kate Spain. 🙂

  185. love going to this website for fabric inspiration 🙂

  186. 217) Laura

    Your give-aways this week are fab-tastic!

  187. 218) Martha

    Love, love, love these fabrics and Fat Quarter Shop:):):)

  188. 219) Jenna H

    Oh! This is the giveaway I like best! I love all things Kate Spain.

  189. 220) Mandi

    Great fabric!

  190. 221) tiffany

    Oooh… hello Christmas quilting!

  191. 222) Erica Swenson

    Yes please!! 🙂 thanks Dana!

  192. 223) AmandaLane

    Love me some fat quarters! 🙂

  193. I can’t even begin to think of all the things I could do with that awesome fabric.

  194. 225) Edelweiss

    Ooooooooh! What à gift! Thanks a lot!!!

  195. 228) Natalya

    just love it all!

  196. 229) Carolina

    Wow that box is lovely.

  197. 230) Stephanie P

    Fabric is my weakness, thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  198. 231) aprilshowers

    The FQS was my first online fabric purchase 🙂

  199. 232) Steph VW

    I love the Birch fabric – I think I’m really 80 on the inside.

  200. My favorite and exclusive fabric shop – love Debbie – wish you were closer – I miss your classes!!

  201. 234) Nikki

    Another one of my favorite fabric sites!

  202. 236) Meagan Cook

    I love new fabric!

  203. 237) Heidi

    I love the Cuzco collection. Gorgeous!

  204. 238) iHeartQuilting

    Another great give-away. Thanks!

  205. 241) Katie


  206. thanks for the giveaway chance!!

  207. 243) Amy

    Thanks for the awesome giveaways 🙂

  208. 244) abby

    Oh so fun. Love this shop.

  209. 245) Dana

    oooh, love these! and love me some fabric!

  210. 246) Kelly Voth

    Love this fabric too! Thank you for the chance to win some 🙂

  211. 247) Alexis

    I would love some new fabric to jazz up my stash. I love a contest!


  212. 248) Carrie

    I love all their kids fabrics!

  213. 249) Jenny Rachwalski

    Love Fat Quarter Shop and would love to win!

  214. 250) Becky C

    Pretty fabric to play with for free? Thanks for the chance to win!

  215. 251) Rebekah Stockton

    Thanks for the chance to win some great fabric.

  216. 252) LucyL

    Eye candies! beautiful colors!

  217. 253) Sterling

    Lovely! Would love to win. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  218. You say “fabric again” as if that’s a bad thing, haha!!

  219. I love the Brown Bear, Brown Bear, too. So cute!

  220. 256) naty

    I love this shop!! Thanks for the giveaway!!!!!!

  221. 257) Morgan

    I hope I win some of that beautiful fabric.

  222. 258) Lilian

    Owww I would love some on their pretty fabrics!

  223. 259) Danielle

    I would love to win!!

  224. 261) Christy

    I never get tired of looking at fabric! Thanks for the giveaway! I hope I win!

  225. 262) Becky

    WooHoo!!! Fabric is always so exciting….you can NEVER have enough! Thanks for the chance to win.

  226. 263) Amy

    Fabric makes me happy 🙂

  227. 264) Rhonda Miller

    would really love to win this one! Thanks!

  228. 265) Anne Leigh

    Wonderful! Thank you!

  229. 266) Amy

    I’ve been wanting to try making a quilt, and this would be the perfect way to begin!

  230. 267) Astrid Johnson

    oohhh! fabric~sweet!

  231. 268) Deana

    Fabric frenzy!! Please pick me!

  232. 270) stephanie

    Beautiful fabric! What a nice giveaway 🙂

  233. 272) Cherie cox

    the fabric is beautiful! Thankx

  234. 273) Rita

    love, love,love

  235. 274) Brittany H

    What gorgeous fabrics!

  236. 275) Gelia

    These are all lovely! I would love to own that Brown Bear bundle!

  237. 276) christy

    Beautiful! My mom made my son a Brown Bear quilt, we love it.

  238. 277) Lisa

    OOOOOOOOoooohhhhhhh! I know just what fabric I’d buy!

  239. 278) Olivia Taylor

    I love the FQ shop! They have such great service!

  240. 279) Tisha

    Fabric please!

  241. 280) JenniferF

    Gorgeous fabrics! I love those solids!

  242. 281) AmyL

    Brown Bear, Brown Bear bundle looks so cute! Thanks for hosting!

  243. 282) Amy W

    Cute, cute, cute! I’d love to win 🙂 Thanks for having such great giveaways!!!

  244. 283) Jill C

    Love the fabric they sell there! Will have to head over for the 50% off!

  245. 284) Kristin

    Would love to add some more fabric to the stash! Thanks!

  246. 285) nopinkhere

    pretty, pretty!

  247. 286) Amber

    Wow! They all look awesome!

  248. 287) Dani L.

    More beautiful fabrics! Thanks for the giveaway.

  249. 288) iemke

    Could use some more fabrics for my wanted to make list!

  250. 289) Megan

    The Brown Bear is so fun!

  251. 290) Angela Himes

    Love all the fabrics! Too many choices though!

  252. Oh this would be so much fun to win!!
    I love the FQS–even just browsing the fabrics gives me lots of inspiration 😉

  253. 293) Kim

    I would love to make a quilt from these!

  254. 294) Emily

    love it!

  255. 295) Claire

    Pick me

  256. 297) Betsy G

    Thanks again…they just keep coming!

  257. 298) Maria

    Beautiful and so much choice!

  258. 299) Leslie

    How can you have enough fabric?

  259. 300) Kimberly

    ooohhh, I LOVE fat quarter shop. They have some of the cutest fabrics! I hope I win.

  260. Yay!!! Thanks so much for having all these giveaways! 🙂

  261. 303) Cortney S

    I love the bright colors!

  262. Please, pick me me 🙂 *jump jump*

  263. 306) sara hernandez

    I love the Brown Bear fabric!!

  264. 307) Anna Patnode

    Fabric! How exciting!

  265. 309) Linda

    All these giveaways are amazing. I am so excited. I am in desperate need of some good fabric!

  266. 310) Birgit

    Oh pleeeease! Let it be me! 🙂

  267. 311) Britta

    Oh so lovely!

  268. 312) Irene Garcia

    Thank you for the great and easy-to-enter giveaway!

  269. 313) Krista Hansen

    Love this! Fat Quarter Shop is the only online store I have used for fabric. They have great customer service.

  270. 314) Kasey

    Love these fabrics. Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  271. Crossing my fingers! Thanks for the chance!

  272. 316) kerstin

    so nice collection of fabrics!!

  273. 317) Amelia

    looks like fun!

  274. 318) Angie

    Great fabric!

  275. 319) Jenny

    Love how versatile fat quarters are!

  276. 320) Susan

    Thanks for offering such a great prize and THANK YOU for making entering so simple.

  277. 321) Anna Jordan

    Love the jelly rolls, such fun prints and colors!

  278. 322) Lucia

    Always the same question: Can I partecipate even in I live abroad?

  279. 323) Veronica

    Love FQS!!!

  280. 324) Nicola

    Amazing! what darling patterns!

  281. 325) Miranda

    so pretty!

  282. 326) Glenda

    I love them all a nd my stash wants to grow more colorful!

    • 327) Dana

      I’m trying to contact you about winning this giveaway but your email is bouncing back. Please contact me at

  283. 328) Lydia Curtis

    Honestly, I don’t know what fabric I would pick!

  284. 329) Tricia

    Love the meadow children

  285. 330) tanis

    I love ordering from Fat Quarter Shop!!! I love fabric way too much I think!!

  286. 331) Kirbee

    Oooh. These fabrics are truly lovely. I’ve been trying to work up the nerve to make a quilt for the toddler bed my husband built for our 2 1/2 year-old daughter. Her crib blankets just aren’t the right size for it now 🙂

  287. 332) Alison

    Seriously, I’ve gone to fabric heaven looking at their shop!

  288. 333) Jessica

    I love these!

  289. 335) Ashley Gilbert

    Oh all the fun I could have making neat things with this fabric!!!

  290. I love FQS I can lose hours there! thanks for the giveaway

  291. 338) Carrie

    I would LOVE this. That’s all.

  292. So cute! I love fabric so much…

  293. 340) Jolien

    I just adore the fabric!

  294. 341) Carrie

    *sigh* I love fabric

  295. 342) Leah

    Who can resist cute fabric + woodland creatures?? Not me! Thanks for the giveaway.

  296. 344) Deb

    I love fat quarter shop!

  297. 345) Sydnie

    Once again, beautiful fabrics!

  298. 346) Megan

    I think jelly rolls are so pretty to look at too!

  299. 348) Denise

    Oh I am just drooling over these gorgeous fabrics! Thank you!

  300. 349) Jen

    I love all the colors!

  301. 350) Emily


  302. 351) shanna boatler

    there is nothing wrong with being a fabric dork!!! is there? and all the pretty colors……..
    do make me smile:)
    thank you!!!

  303. 352) Daina

    How cute!

  304. love this! And love the fat quarter shop!

  305. 354) Crystal

    Hooray fabrics!

  306. 355) Megan

    Please pick me!

  307. 356) Lauren :)

    Beautiful! Love these fabrics!

  308. 357) Stephanie Bourn

    Pick me! Pick me!

  309. 358) Tammy

    oh I just recently discovered the fat quarter shop, and my wish list is a mile long!!!! thanks

  310. Everything the Fat Quarter Shop offers is oh so amazing!

  311. 360) katie

    i have so many fun things i’d love to make with their fabrics

  312. 361) Kristen

    just got back into quilting and would love this!

  313. 362) Kandace

    i so badly need some fabric 🙂

  314. 363) Kathy Preston

    Who wouldn’t love more fabric? I know I would.

  315. 364) Karen


  316. 366) Jacqueline

    wow…didn’t know there was a brown bear fabric! fun!

  317. 367) Emily

    Gorgeousness abounds!

  318. I want to win all your giveaways. So amazing!

  319. 369) Amanda S

    Just found your website and it is so cool! I would love the fabric!

  320. Oh my goodness, these are adorable!!! What a fantastic prize! Thanks for the chance!!

  321. 371) Jackie

    I’d love this!

  322. 374) Maggie

    oh man, so cute!

  323. Just as amazing and generous as the previous give aways! Good Luck and thank you so very much for the opportunity!

  324. 376) stacey

    yay! so pretty! thanks for the giveaways 🙂

  325. 377) Melissa

    The Kona Cotton is amazing!

  326. 378) katie vos

    I love fat quaters i use them when i make my table runners. i hope that i win and then make a table runner that will so exciting. i love home made things.!

  327. 379) Mar

    I would love to participate, thx for the opportunity!

  328. 380) Jenn

    They have such a great selection.

  329. 381) Heather

    Oh my goodness that Brown Bear fabric is so cute!!!!

  330. 382) Liz Geroy

    Beautiful fabric! So many fun gifts that I could make with it all 🙂

  331. 383) Netty

    lovely!!!!! I love this shop!

  332. 384) Katelyn Allen.

    Love them all! Most of all, love your blog.

  333. 385) Cammie

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    I wanna begin to patchwork , but I cannot chose fabric,
    and I cannot find/buy fabric group bacause that is no exist in my country….

  501. 584) Jenna

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    • 614) Georgia

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  561. I’m still working on my very first quilt, but I would love to try this one!

  562. 653) Hilary


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    Thanks for doing the giveaways!

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  610. 708) Cate

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  613. 711) Joy

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  614. Love the fabrics! I’ll need to check out the shop, I’ve been looking for some fun fabric packs to do some quilting with 🙂

  615. Love the vibrancy of the fabrics- so pretty!

  616. 714) Jamie P

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  626. 725) Nichole

    Love, love, love Fat Quarter Shop ! Sometimes I think they might actually have too much to choose from (is that possible with fabric??) !

  627. 726) meema

    Okay. I could use that! Would be excellent for bias tape!

  628. I’ve never bought a jelly roll partly because I don’t know if I can open the gorgeous thing!

  629. 728) Katie

    I still think jelly rolls are the coolest, and that one looks really lovely.

  630. 729) sarah

    So cute

  631. 730) Raechel

    Some seriously cute fabric here! Crossing my fingers!

  632. 731) Crystal lattanzio

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  633. 733) Jessica Wood

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  634. 734) Karin B

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  635. 735) Estelle

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  636. 736) Pam

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  640. 740) Stephanie W.

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  641. 741) Jennyroo

    My wish list gets longer every time I take a peek at their site. The loveliest fabric selection anywhere!

  642. 742) Amy

    what a beautiful project

  643. 743) mary

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  644. 744) jill k

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  645. 745) bobbi st. clair

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  646. So pretty! And just in time for making Christmas presents!

  647. 749) Anne M.

    Excitedly rubbing hands together.

  648. 750) alison


  649. 751) Erica

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  650. 752) Mama Bear

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  651. 753) Karli

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  652. 755) Heidi

    my friend’s little boy loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear – Brown Bear fabric is incredible

  653. 757) Jenn

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  654. 758) April

    Would love this!!!! Will be hard to choose what to get.

  655. 759) Aimee

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  656. 760) Emily

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  657. 761) British American

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  658. 762) deanne


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  661. 765) Sarah K.

    My mind is spinning with the possibilities! Thanks for the giveaway!

  662. 767) Brenda

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  663. 769) Allison I

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  664. 770) susie miller

    Thanks so much! the fabrics are great. i would love to win.

  665. 772) Jen U

    Oh man, I’m always up for more fabric!!

  666. 773) meredith


  667. 774) Sarah

    I always feel inspired to make a quilt after seeing their website- even though I’ve never attempted one! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  668. 775) Alexis Stokes

    How can you not love the Fat Quarter Shop! Fun giveaway.

  669. 776) Becky N

    *Jaw drops* There are so many, many over-the-moon adorable fabrics in this shop!! How on earth can you even start to pick a favorite?? And oh my goodness, the Forest Friends! I’m such a sucker for woodland creatures.

  670. 777) Melody Eddy

    I love that circa 52 fabric!

  671. 778) Colleen Marble

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  672. 779) Erin

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  673. 780) jaimee

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  674. 782) Carla G

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  675. 784) Savani

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  676. 785) Christine

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  677. 786) Savani

    What do you make with jelly rolls? Quilts?

  678. 789) Crystal C

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  679. 790) Chantiel

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  680. 791) Rebecca Olson

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  681. 792) Robyn

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  682. 793) liz f

    I love the FQS!

  683. 794) Christina

    Totally spoilt with the choices of prints! Lots of projects running through my head of how to use the fabric!

  684. 796) Erica

    What a giveaway!! I love the fat quarter shop!!

  685. 797) Carla Lockwood

    What a beautiful week of sharing! Thanks for all you do!

  686. 798) Kaitlin M

    I like that pattern. It’s really different.

  687. love the FQ! Thanks for the giveaway.

  688. 800) Camian

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  689. Yay! Thank you again for an awesome giveaway!

  690. 802) Sarah


  691. 803) Eva L

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  692. 805) Christina

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  693. 806) Sara

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  694. 808) Andrea

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  695. I’d love some new fabric. They are a great on-line shop.

  696. 810) Kirsten


  697. 811) Clothilde

    The fabrics are so nice! besides, you always “need” more fabric…

  698. 812) Sarah K

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  699. 814) Katie

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  992. I would absolutely love to win!!!!! I found fatquartershops online and visit it every chance I get to gaze at the beatiful fabrics avaiable and image all the wonderful gifts I could make. I bought the loveliest charm pack, the simple life, which i’m going to make into a quilt or my niece. Great giveaway and I would be so incredibly happy to win. I might just pass out. HA!

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  1007. 1158) Hilary

    Wow~ what a great website! I had no idea. I started quilting a couple of years ago when I was pregnant with my first (crib quilt) and this will give me the push to move to a twin size for her new big girl bed. If I don’t win the giveaway, I know were to get my next fat quarter bundle. The wooded friends bundle at half of is AWESOME! Thanks for the giveaway and the great new (to me) fabric source!

  1008. 1159) Catherine

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