Gathered CLUTCH tutorial with GUEST: Noodlehead

As I rounded up people to share ideas for Celebrating MOM, I knew I had to have Anna back again. She’s just……wonderful. And in case you missed her guest appearance before on MADE, she was part of our Celebrate the BOY series.
I hate to sound like a broken record, but every time I go to Noodlehead, I am amazed at the details. Anna will sew-up the coolest little pouches, wallets, bags, and now clutches. And she does it it with immaculate precision. I know the camera’s not fooling us, she shows close-up shots. And all the lines are in the perfect spot. And there are little pockets or buttons where I wouldn’t have even thought to put them! She is inspiring at her craft. Look for yourself….
And today she’s sharing something along those same lines and with a very girly vibe. I’m smiling over the brown tweed in the middle:
All those details I was talking about?
Yep, there’s a place in there for your credit cards, your check book….
And while we’re at it, how about an adorable owl sewn to the inside pocket, just for fun. Anna, you’re too great.
But of course I’m getting ahead of myself. You’d like to hear from the real woman of the hour, I’m sure. So,
First of all, I just want to say a huge thank you to Dana for having me guest blog again, I’m truly flattered and excited! I guess for me Mother’s Day and Mother’s Day weekend is an especially happy and busy time of the year for my family. Besides Mother’s Day, my wedding anniversary and my first daughter’s birthday are all within a few days of eachother.

It’s sometimes hard to imagine how my life has changed in recent years. From getting married, to having our first daughter (yep, three weeks early no less), and then our second daughter. I still remember the events that happened before my first (Natalie) was born. Here’s a little trip down memory lane: my husband and I had been working on some landscaping project most of the day when my mom and dad stopped by to drop off our anniversary present. Before they left, my mom said “Hey, maybe you’ll have the baby tomorrow, it’s the same day as your grandma’s birthday”. And of course me, thinking it would be at least another couple weeks, said something like “yeah right, sure”.

That night I actually sat down and finished sewing the crib bumper if you can believe that! I laid down to go to sleep and bam! contractions, water broke, crazy ride to the hospital, with the sweet end of Natalie being born all within 4 hours. Hello Motherhood! I’ll never forget, motherhood is truly a miracle and I’m blessed to have two beautiful daughters.
This project is for all you new and relatively new mothers out there. You know that great big huge diaper bag you lug around most of the day? Don’t be stuck with it all the time, give yourself some time to unwind and be yourself, you know, spend some time with YOU!

Here you go! Make this and you’ll be strutting around town on date night with this super sleek and lightweight gathered clutch. Or take it to your favorite book store and sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee in style. Of course you’ll be nice and make one for all the women in your life, too.
Sounds dreamy. I definitely want a date night and I definitely want a sleek clutch to go with it. Looks like everyone will be making one!
You can find the complete tutorial for the Gathered Clutch HERE on Noodlehead.
Thank you Anna! We love you and we love your zippers.

Don’t miss a lovely post today at Ruffles and Stuff. Not everyone is a Mom, but we all have inherent female qualities in us which make us the nurturing, loving individuals we are. There’s a reason we’re an emotional mess, next to men, right? No one can comfort a scraped knee the way a woman can. We each have much to give to those around us. You don’t need to give birth to a child or have your own mom here in your life to be a nurturer, a giver, a woman. We all bless the lives of those around us, no matter how small or wide of a net we cast. Hear what Disney has to say:

  1. 1) Molly

    I loved reading Anna’s post because as I was reading I was thinking about how I will make a clutch for my mom and both of my sisters. Then, I read, “Of course you’ll be nice and make one for all the women in your life, too.” Pretty sweet stuff.

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