"Make it for Mom" Roundup with GUEST: Luvinthemommyhood

Well it’s clear, you guys are now in love with no big dill as much as I am. I’m so happy you embraced Katy’s Ruched Headband tutorial. Yep, she’s amazing.

And on that note….I’ve got another gem to share with you. Many of you read her blog already. But in case her clever humor happened to pass you by….please meet Shannon from Luvinthemommyhood……who at 38 weeks pregnant (and already dilated) has created an amazing round-up of ideas to share with us all. Three cheers for the mama with shadow kisses!
It’s impossible to visit luvinthemommyhood without feeling happy. It always makes me smile. It may be a gray-skied day at home but click into the mommyhood and there are beautiful blue skies everywhere. I’m immediately a little happier and want to linger a little longer. Who can resist the sunshine? Want to sit down on this bench with me and chat, while the kids play at the park? This is how I feel when I’m on her site.
Shannon has a wonderful knack for sharing life through clever stories, round-ups of ideas, and beautiful photography (have you noticed that my favorite sites involve good eye candy?).
And would you believe me when I said that she uses a point-and-shoot camera?? I can hardly stand it. The lady’s got an eye for good photo ops.
And two of my all-time favorite photos on her site…..
Mackenzie with her grandpa:
and sleeping beauty:
But there’s much more to Shannon’s site than just pretty pictures. In the Mommyhood, there’s something for everyone! Stuff that I love:

* Mom’s in the Mommyhood: Shannon interviews different creative moms and adds her own twist to the conversation. I was honored to be featured in the series exactly a year ago!

* Newbie Tutorials: Shannon shares tutorials from a “newbie” sewers perspective (though her skills seem like a seasoned creator to me!)

and something she’s known for these days, her FABULOUS….
* Link-luv Round-ups! Shannon scours the internet, etsy, blogs and shares an array of mosaics and links for us to peruse. I shake my head at the amount of time this must take her. And then I sit back and enjoy her hard work.

So….as you’re searching for the perfect gift to make for Mother’s Day, I thought we should really throw the phone book at you. Get ready for “idea overload” as Shannon shares a spectacular Make it for MOM Roundup with us. It’s like you just entered a warp zone.

Take it away Shannon!…..

To me, motherhood comes in many forms. Being someone who thought she may never be able to have children of her own I learned through my own personal struggle that motherhood is in our lives in places we may not always want to look; such as adoption, in-vitro, surrogacy, etc. But it’s there, patiently waiting. Being a mom doesn’t mean you have to give birth, it means unconditional love. Whether that child has your DNA or not, each and every little angel deserves that special kind of love and giving birth isn’t the only way to develop and nurture that precious bond.
Being a mom is something that can be made. Whether it’s in the gift of a child from across the world, being the best auntie you can be to your niece or nephew or providing a caring foster home, it doesn’t matter. If you have the love to give, you give it.
For Mother’s Day I figured it was quite fitting to “make” a gift filled with love. A gift you can give to that special lady (or ladies) in your life; those who share that special and wondrous bond with you.
So, I created a link luv round-up full of gift ideas that YOU can make. Have fun with it, get creative and enjoy the special power and beauty of handmade love. There’s something in here for everyone!
Thanks so much for having me over Dana – I’m honored! Your talent and creativity always astounds me, and you are blessed with a very beautiful family. I’m happy to have gotten to know you over this last year and I wish you a very happy handmade mother’s day! Luv ya girl!!!

Aw. Man. I knew Mother’s Day stuff was bound to get me all mushy feeling. I luv ya too Shannon! You were one of my first friends in this crazy blogging world. And one day, just ONE day, I hope I get to meet you in person! Until then, I’ll continue to enjoy your lovely round-ups and feeling the sunshine in the Mommyhood.

Okay, okay. We’re done with our moment.

Want to see the ENTIRE Round-up Shannon has created?? Full of wonderful handmade gift ideas?? Yea. I do too.

You’ll find it all HERE!

And Shannon, can’t wait for the blog post that says, “we’re off to the hospital. Baby’s comin!”
Good luck lady!

Make sure you stop by later today. I sewed up some FREE loot for you this morning…..

And check out what Disney’s doing. There’s a giveaway on her site too!

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