fading summer: yellow linen pants

I’ve been wanting to make these for a while but could never find the right yellow color at Joanns. So before leaving the LA area I made one last trip to the Fabric District and stocked up at my favorite linen shop (Carmel Fabrics: 432 E. 9th street, #1). The cute old shop-owner has beautiful linen in every color. I mean, you could go crazy there. And he only charges about $7/yard.
Remember this dress? I thought the original shirt was great because:
A. it would it make a cute breezy shirt dress – which btw, will likely be for sale down the road since Lucy never got around to wearing it (except for the photoshoot that is).
B. there were TWO pockets on the front of the shirt, which would be perfect on linen cargo pants.

So as the summer fades, new pants emerge.
And Owen seems pretty happy about it.
You can make these pants using the Knee Pad Pants Tutorial but instead of sewing on knee pads, just add pockets.
Two Notes:
* You have to sew the pieces together in a slightly different order, however, so that the pockets are sewn-on to the side before sewing the pant legs shut.
* I often wash and dry linen multiple times before cutting and sewing. I find that it shrinks a bit the first few washes and continues to get softer with each wash/dry.
Summer may be gone but a little yellow cheer is always welcome.

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