Engineer Hats with GUEST: Aesthetic Nest

Our boy month is winding down, but we have a few more guests and a few of my own items to share with you!

You know, just when you think you follow a fair share of bloggers out there, you stumble on a new one and wonder where you’ve been? That’s exactly how I felt when I clicked over to Aesthetic Nest. First I ooohed and ahhed at her gorgeous photography and darling girls. Then I wished I knew how to crochet (a lot better than I do). And then I wished we lived closer to each because I know Anneliese and I could chat for hours and I’m pretty sure our daughters would be two peas in a pod. Her Audrey actually reminds me of a brunette Lucy!
It’s easy to say that I love stopping by this site. Anneliese is a lady of many talents, so she shares a wide variety of ideas and all sorts of tutorials and patterns. She has a shop too!
But what I love most are her themed party posts.
I wish I was invited to her place…she seriously knows how to throw a deliciously cute bash!
Check them all out here.
It’s mostly a girly nest for Anneliese. But today she embraced the BOY and has a really cool (and can I say cute?) hat to share with us! I’m always too chicken to make hats. I shouldn’t be! But I am. So let’s hear from Anneliese. I’m sure she’ll have me sewing hats soon.
I am the lucky mother of three little girls (under five!) so I wasn’t sure Dana would go for my BOY idea. But my oldest little girl is a bit of a tom-boy, and I have a bunch of nephews, and it seems all the babies being born around here are boys. So somehow I’ve managed to get the boy vibe going well enough to (fake it?) make it. I’m so happy to be celebrating the BOY on MADE (almost as happy as I am about getting to know Dana)!

When my family is in Scottsdale, AZ, we love to visit the “Train Park.” My girls, especially the oldest, love to ride the train and carousel and generally run around. Last time I found some engineer caps in the gift shop there and thought one would look so darling on my four year old. But her little sister has to be exactly like her right now, so I needed them in two sizes. Which is how I got to the pattern I’m sharing today for a child’s engineer cap in medium and large.
With two sizes, and a bit of elastic in the back, this cap should work for boys of all sizes (such as my curly headed nephew)…
…perhaps even the smaller kind, if they are getting closer to “boy” than “baby” (such as his baby brother).
This cap has lots of possibilities in solids, or patterns, with patch or applique, and I just have to say, I think it works just great for girls too!

So if you have someone in your house who can’t stop singing, “Down by the station early in the morning,…” or “I’ve been working on the railroad…” take a look at this tutorial and see if this isn’t the perfect cap for their boyish locomotion. Chug, chug, toot, toot, off we go!

Thank you Anneliese for the fabulous idea! I love your fabric choice and it’s been really fun getting to know you better to!

You’ll find the complete Engineer Hat tutorial HERE on Aesthetic Nest
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