Easter and Spring–Roundup #2

One week till Easter! (and plenty of Spring to go)
Just a few ideas from blogland to get you in the festive mood….

Plastic Easter Egg Teacups from Creativity in Progress. Genius!!
LEFT: This fabulous idea from Maya Made turns fabric and ribbon into…..Bendy Strips. Twist and mold them into springy accessories!
RIGHT: Does that face get any cuter?? I guess with an adorable Bunny Hat it’s possible. Check it out on Notes from a Very Red Kitchen.
Two ideas to Spring-ify your playtime…
TOP: Fabric tweety birds by Satly Pineapple
BOTTOM: Printable Easter Memory Game by Modern Parents, Messy Kids

I spotted this house while driving around Austin. No site or tutorial to link to, but here’s the gist….take cheap plastic eggs, poke a small hole in the top or bottom, and string twine through it. The fence was 4 times bigger than what you see here and it was darling.
And for your inside decor, how about a Jelly Bean Garland from Qmade? So colorful. So simple.
Two fun projects for the kiddos…
Candy Pouches by Simply Modern Mom:

Tumble Bunnies from Made by Joel:

Two fun projects for YOU…..
Shag Pillow tutorial by V and Co.

Paper Punched Easter Eggs by Nikki in Stitches:

LEFT: Kinderpendent is one of my new favorite blogs around. She’s got great style and really cool ideas. Check out her Reusable Bunny Bags and then Barbie’s new ruffled dress.
RIGHT: I’m in love with this idea! Make your own Easter Basket Liner with Delia Creates.

Here’s cheerful photo. iCandy Handamde took a store-bought skirt and added rick rack to create the Spring Chick Skirt. Darling! You could definitely use this idea with the Double-layered Simple Skirt too.

LEFT: Another cool creation from Kinderpendent, it’s the Butterfly Hippie Child Headband.
RIGHT: Use this concept of all sorts of Easter projects….make your own twisted yarn with Lorajean’s Magazine.

Little Lamb pillows I made last year, using Purl Bee’s tutorial.
And here’s a stroke of genius that’s been popping up all over. It’s Modern Parent’s Paint Chip Easter Garland. LOVE it.

Now you’ve got an Easter Basket of ideas to keep you busy over the weekend.
Have a good one!

Crafty Easter Ideas roundup from MADE Everyday with Dana

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