Drawstring Backpack – from repurposed pants

Today starts our series of GUEST bloggers who will help us Celebrate the Boy with their own flavor.

As a sewer and blogger I’m often inspired by other people’s creations. I’m drawn to blogs with beautiful photographs, clean looks, and fresh ideas. It’s refreshing and almost, hmmm, delicious (?) when I stumble upon a blog and realize that the creator behind it has a similar vision. I’m immediately sucked in. And their blog address goes straight to my Google Reader.

This is how I feel about each of the Guest bloggers you will find here throughout the month. Each Guest is an artist with their own style and voice. Some of them you already know. Some are newer faces that you will be glad to know! But the bottom line is: each of them were hand-selected for their talents and skills I admire and enjoy.

So, let’s meet Anna, from Noodlehead!
I met Anna her through comments she left on MADE and when I checked out her site, I knew we would be friends. I mean, we have the same sewing chair and camera! Destined, right? Well there’s more to it than just that. And two things I love about Anna: her attention to detail and….her Zippers!! Though I love her blog name, Noodlehead, maybe her shop should be called Zipper Queen? She amazes me with her skills. A bag? A pouch? A refashion? You name it, she does it, and usually with a zipper! You will love her site. Beautiful pictures and great style.

But let’s hear from Anna herself….

Well, being a mother of two girls, I guess it’s not expected that I sew much boy stuff. I was excited to be able to share something for the boys and buy some of that super cute boy fabric that’s out there – it’s there, you just have to really look. Sewing for boys was actually really refreshing and fun, a nice break from all things girly at this house.
Of course I had to include zippers in this project (one of my favorite notions), you can chose to skip them though, but I promise, it’s really fun! The best part of this project is that you can raid your husband’s closet and find those old khaki pants that don’t really fit anymore and make a super fun drawstring backpack for your little guy!

Perfect for a trip to the library, swimming pool, or just to store that super secret stuff you don’t want your sisters to have.
Looking for the TUTORIAL? You’ll find it HERE on the Noodlehead site!

Thank you Anna for sharing with us!
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