cute, cheap stuff

I really love sharing thrifty finds from my local thrift shop.
But I equally love finding cute things in normal retails shops, for a good price. So why not share those too?
Just a few things from around our house, purchased in the last month.

Clock from IKEA. About $8? Can’t remember now. But I like the dark face with light-wood contrast. A cool negative look.
Gingham shoes from Payless, $7
(buy one, get one 1/2 off!)
Ruffled girl’s sweater from Target, $3.50.
I mean…$3.50?!
I’m sure you all have it too. I grabbed 4 of them on clearance for a beach picture I’m taking of the grandkids in California. Boy that was a run-on sentence.
Any guesses?
Biscuit cutters!
Williams Sonoma Outlet for $2.
The kids were entertained for 30 minutes yesterday….building towers, formations, and nesting the scalloped circles together.
Otter Pops, $1 at Target.
Wouldn’t be summer time without them! (and the artwork is just so cute)
We actually bought every box in-sight. Casey loves Otter Pops but for some reason we can’t find them here in Texas (and the generic brands are not the same, regardless of what we’ve read online which say that they’re all the same ingredients). I’ve looked at Costco, nothing. Grocery store, nothing. I’ve looked online but it’s about $15 shipping. Lame. So, we’ll enjoy these little boxes till they run out!

Napkin holder from Crate and Barrel, $3
Super summery.
Striped Buttons from Hobby Lobby, $1.25 each.
I bought out every color.
Who knows what I’ll use them for but they’re just too cute!
Post-consumer recycled bag from Border’s closing sale, $4
Another Borders find for $3
Too reminiscent of our roadtrips growing up. Except there were only 6 kids in our car. I think they’ve got 11. Eek.
And speaking of bunnies, both kids came out of their rooms yesterday dressed like this.
Owen was pretending to be Peter (from Peter and the Wolf) and Lucy thought she was getting married.
Black Beanie and gray gloves from Walmart, $1 each. White flowers from Hobby Lobby, $1.
Cute cheap stuff!
And funny kids.
Hope you had a great Father’s Day!
See you tomorrow; we’re off to go swimming.

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