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Hello friends and Happy Friday!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your excitement over the Beach Robe. I’m so happy you like it and wanted to buy it! And I’m really excited to see what you guys do with it (please share your photos with us in the you MADE it flickr group when you’re done!)

Now to answer a few questions…

* Will the Beach Robe Pattern come in larger sizes?
I had no idea you’d be so interested in the Robe for older kids. I don’t offer larger pattern sizes at this time (and nearly killed myself getting the current 3 sizes put together). But you can try to enlarge the pattern yourself by extending the pieces and using something your older child currently wears as your guide. Sorry, I don’t have step-by-step info for that but it’s the kind of sewing I love….winging it and figuring it out!

* Do I need a fancy sewing foot or other equipment to make the robe?
Nope! I sewed all of my robes on a standard sewing machine with a standard machine foot, using normal old thread, and at one point I even used a ball needle (which is typically used for knits) since my Universal needle broke and I was out! Haah. So there you go, “winging it” Sewing 101.
One of my pattern testers recommended a Walking Foot for terry cloth that is very thick. But if you sew with thinner towels (as discussed in the pattern) you’ll be fine with a standard foot.

* Does the pattern print to paper sizes other than U.S. Letter (8.5 x 11)?
Yes…though you may have to juggle it just a bit. The pages print right to the edge of the paper (borderless) and the pages are meant to butt up right next to each other, so that the dotted lines meet. When you print to another paper size, the image should still be true to size, but you may have a bit of a border or space on the edge. You need to line up the dotted lines with each other and you should be set. One of my pattern testers from Belgium printed on European paper size and said she had to shimmy the pages a bit here and there but got it to work fine.

I was fortunate to have 8 wonderful sewing, crafting moms try out the pattern for me before releasing it. They gave me great feedback and tips for making improvements. I’ll be sharing their creations with you next week!

* My child is a bit more “round” at the waist than most kids. Will the pattern fit?
The robe is designed to accommodate many body types, since robes are loose fitting. So yes! Check it out for yourself…..

Our friends invited us to go boating and skiing the other night by our house. Of course we brought the kids’ robes along. And well, since the motto is “Safety First”, the robes went right over the top of the life vest! And they fit just fine.
Owen with an extra 6 inches around his waist and chest:
We’ve lived in Austin for 2 years but this is the first time we’d jumped into the lake and it was fabulous. The water was a warm 80 degrees and the kids bobbed up and down for an hour.
Then it was time for the robe again.
I wish I was athletic…but I stuck to tubing with the kiddos. My friend Katherine, however, skis like a pro:
And the scenery that night was amazing. To the west, the setting sun:
To the East, a full moon:
Doesn’t get better than that.

Oh wait it does.
Have a great weekend!
Let me know if you have more questions about the Beach Robe Pattern.

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