Color and Design tips from Graphic Designer: q.a. design

There are almost 200 entries in the Design my Header group so far. I love popping in there to see what you guys are coming up with!

And to keep the inspiration going, we have a really cool guest today…Jenna from q.a. design. I found her over a year ago when someone posted her I love states prints. I knew I needed a couple for Lucy’s bedroom. Jenna even customized the colors for me.

Currently the q.a. shop is on vacation, with plans to reopen soon. But just check out these new international prints. I really love the England one.
And aside from making cool art prints, Jenna also creates custom headers and full-site blog designs. Here’s a taste of her recent creations:
Jenna definitely knows her stuff. And I really love her fresh, understated looks, like the saltbox above. So I asked Jenna to share her thoughts on creating blog headers…how she thinks, what she looks for, how she chooses colors.
And in true designer form, she made her guest post into a graphic design. Who does that? An artist. I love it.
Let’s hear from Jenna of q.a. design….
Note: If you have hard time reading the small font, click on each of the images below to enlarge.
Superb Jenna!
I seem to spot your creations all over blogland. I’m sure others have spotted your style too.
Thank you for sharing your skills with us!

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