Jessie the cowgirl’s itty bitty wedding dress

Sewing doll clothes at our house is always impromptu.
Today Lucy walked in the room saying, “Mom, can you help me? I’m trying to find a white dress for Jessie. She’s getting married.”
To Buzz or Woody?
Not sure.
“Hmm, I don’t think we have a white doll dress.”
“Well, you can sew one.”

Of course I never really feel like interrupting what I’m doing to sew doll clothes. But it seems like it won’t take long to cut a few pieces of white fabric and sew them together, right? And of course once I get started I want to make it cuter than my original 15 minute plan. I know this is sounding similar to another itty bitty post.
Well, an hour later, we had a simple satin wedding dress for Jessie the Cowgirl. Lucy was pleased. And then she propped her up on her knees, ready for me to take pics. I love Lucy’s styling input.
I started with some poly-satin fabric scraps. And I immediately remembered how much I hate sewing with that fabric (especially as I made that tiny bow). My serger definitely helped to finish the raw edges for easy hemming. I applaud any of you sewers out there who make Barbie clothes! Please tell me that’s not in my future. Bitty Baby clothes are the smallest size I care to sew.
Lucy also requested a headband for Jessie. So I made it out of cotton fabric, since the satin is far too slinky for a tiny sewing project. I added a piece of 1/4 inch-wide elastic around the bottom and it fits great!
I sewed small strips of velcro in the back of the dress so Lucy can take it on and off by herself.
And Jessie is ready for her big day!
Bridal portraits?
Engagement pics?
(I just couldn’t help myself).
I guess Buzz got the boot.
I’m so happy my kids love their toys.
We actually watched Toy Story 2 last night. And listening to Jessie talk about how she used to be played with by Emily and then one day she was just left there, alone on the floor and eventually went into storage….I got a little teary eyed. Embarrassing, I know. And yes, I totally cried at the end of Toy Story 3 too. I love those films!

Here’s to more years of happy playing.

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  1. 1) Shana

    I love looking at your sight . do you do any kind of Barbie clothes , i can not afford buying them now so i want to try to make some Know anyone that does tutorials ???

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