Argyle shirt

The Saturday before Christmas I groaned, thinking….”I really must make Goose a Christmas dress for church”. Somehow it had fallen to the bottom of my “to make” list. While heading to the closet to pull out the refashioning stash, I procrastinated 5 more minutes and decided to open the mail first. There on my front porch was the most unexpected package from blogging friend Pretty Jane. What might this be?
I opened it up and found the most adorable girl’s dress! (known as The Lucy Dress on her website). Included was a little card saying, “Merry Christmas and enjoy the dress!” What a sweet gift! I love making wonderful friends in the blogging world, especially when they share the joy of creating like this. I love watching people enjoy a handmade gift I’ve created. But it’s equally as fun to receive one, unexpectedly, in the mail too! Thank you Deborah!
SO….I was saved from making a dress for Goose and decided that Dolls and vibrant colors remind me very much of Christmas morning. So the Lucy Dress became her Christmas dress. If you’ve never checked out Pretty Jane’s shop/site, you must!
Of course, if sister has a cute dress, little brother needs something to go along. So I made this argyle shirt using the same pattern as his other shirts below (patterned after an old onesie with long sleeves added). I made the diamonds out of felt, stitched them directly onto the shirt, then embroidered the contrasting diamonds on top. The shirt looked less wrinkly the first day he wore it. But it’s been through the wash several times now:

Merry Christmas everyone and Welcome to 2009!

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