How fast can I make a shirt?

I went to JoAnns last night for felt and came out with a 1/2 yard of thermal fabric (60% off sale). I came home and decided to see how quickly I could make another shirt for Owen (similar to the UNO shirt below). My friend Megan is always asking me how long it takes for me to make something. Now we’ll know. Ready, set, GO.
One double-layer thermal shirt (since it’s freezing everywhere right now) with ribbed neck:
And a hem that I cut too short and had to add a strip of fabric to the bottom (which actually looked kinda cool when all was done):Stop your watches! Time: 40 minutes! I actually think I can get it down to a half hour or less (if I measure properly and don’t cut my hem too short). It should be noted though that this was an easy shirt to make. Anything beyond this would take much longer.
So there you have it. 30 minutes and $2 of fabric. I guess that’s even cheaper than the half hour I would spend shopping for a remarkable $4 Tee at Target. My husband’s right, I should make all their clothes! Haah, if only I had the time.

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