swaddle blankets

With each baby addition to our family, new products pop up on the market. And 4 years ago when Owen was born I’d never seen gauze swaddle blankets. But by the time he was done swaddling, all my friends were using these really cool blankets. And they’re genius!–lightweight (which is great in a hot climate), a bit stretchy, and they wrap so nicely around a baby. So with Clara coming, I knew I wanted to make my own.
You can buy gauze swaddle blankets in a 3 or 4 pack at Target and other retail stores. But I didn’t care for their prints and wanted to make them more bright and cheery.
Like any receiving blanket, these are easy to do. We’re just sewing/finishing off the sides of a 45×45 inch square piece of fabric (that’s 1 1/4 yards of fabric).

So what is cotton gauze? (sometimes referred to as muslin in some countries)
It’s a soft, lightweight, breathable fabric with small crinkles on the surface that tend to stretch slightly.

Where do you find it?
Well, there are a few options.  (If you know a good source, please leave it in the comments and I’ll add it here!)

• Joann and other large fabric stores carry a few colors and they always have white.
• You can dye the white fabric to a fun color (check out my easy fabric dyeing tutorial here). If you plan to dye fabric (rather than a onesie) however, make sure you have a very large bowl with enough water for the fabric to swim freely and get the fabric wet before dunking it in the dye. I would also cut the fabric down to blanket size before dyeing so it’s easier to swish around in the dye bath.
• If you live in LA area….I bought these fun colors (along with teal and dark blue) at Michael Levine in the LA Fabric District. They had lots of great options.
Okay, let’s get started…
• Cut a 45 x 45 inch square of fabric of gauze fabric (42×42 or less will work fine too).
Now, you’ve got a few options for sewing the edges under. You can always just serge the edges and fold them under but I wanted a more polished look. So…

• Option 1: Cut the raw edges into a fairly straight line (you can leave the selvage edges as-is). Iron the edges under about 1/4 inch, which isn’t the easiest to do since gauze can be a bit wonky and stretchy. Then fold the ironed edge under another 1/4 inch and sew it down. Free-hand hold the edge as you sew (rather than pinning) and keep going. However, I found that it was hard to keep the edge as straight as I wanted. So I went with option 2 (easier for me)…
• Option 2: Cut the raw edges as above but don’t bother with ironing. Just fold the edge under 1/4 inch by hand, then fold it under another 1/4 inch and start pinning periodically around the blanket. Don’t go crazy with the pinning; just enough to keep it all in-line as you sew. Sew down the edges And you’ve got a pretty little blanket!

NOTE: When you get to the corners, just fold one edge over the other. Don’t bother with mitered edges or anything fancy.
• Option 3: Add hearts or other simple appliqué to the top.
Cut hearts from scraps of knit fabric.  I like to use knit (rather than freezer paper stenciling a design or using cotton) because it’s soft on baby’s body and stretches with the fabric. I went with gold and white and just free-hand cut them by folding the fabric in half. Then fold the corners of the blanket under (as you would when swaddling a baby) so you don’t place any hearts where their head might be which could be uncomfortable.
Then place your hearts around, pin them in place, and sew them on.
Go slowly around the curved areas and don’t tug the fabric as you go. Lift your presser foot periodically, allowing the fabric to relax and pop back in place.
Three blankets done!
When giving as a gift, roll each blanket and tie them together with a fabric scrap ribbon and gift tag.
Easy baby shower gift.
Everyone will love them.
Sweet dreams baby.
Check out the Celebrate BABY archives HERE.

  1. 1) Alison H

    Love it! I have my gauze all ready and laundered to do just this! Now I just have to get some time in from of my machine 🙂

  2. OMG these are sooo cute!!! My sister is having a baby in August and these would be PERFECT!! I wonder if you could freezer paper stencil a pattern/graphic onto them… hmmm…… ????

    • 3) Dana

      you definitely could! but the paint wouldn’t be as soft on baby as using knit to applique on top.

      • 4) KatieP

        There is a fabric paint/ dye that comes in a mini spray paint bottle and would be perfect for this. I use it on all my baby projects and get it at Joanns. It’s not hard or crunchy like fabric paint. I can just see these blankets personalized with names/ monograms/ storybook or bible verses!

        • 5) Kim

          KatieP, what’s the name of that paint and where in JoAnn’s do you usually find it?

          • 6) Katiep

            It’s called Simply Spray soft fabric paint… I think they keep it with all the t-shirt decor. Hope that helps!

  3. 7) Madian Loza

    I love love love them.. Adorable.. Thanks for sharing.. 🙂

  4. I live in Florida, and I’m due in June. This is the first time I’ve heard of gauze swaddle blankets and I am FOREVER grateful!

    • 10) Kim

      They sell them at Target/BabiesRUs/BuyBuy Baby, but they are $35 for 3!!! I had my little one in August and refused to pay that for the gauze…. Making them is so easy… and you get the colors you want!

      • Kim, I have some gauze material that I have used in my newborn photography and LOVE it. The only problem I have run into is that the gauze/muslin fabric isn’t half as soft as the Aiden and Anias (TM) muslin swaddling blankets. Am I just washing them wrong? How do they get to that soft point of comfortable? Thanks so much for any information you can give!!! :0)

        • 12) Deanna

          I have the same question about softness. Have you found any solutions/remedies for the Joann’s fabric stiffness?It may just be the quality of fabric.

          • 13) Stephanie

            I had the same problem with joann’s and fabric.com’s gauze, just not as soft as i wanted. Dharma Trading Company has really high quality and super soft “bubble gauze” It’s a little more expensive and only available in white but all the reviews say it’s the closest thing to a&a fabric.


        • 14) Bethany

          I add a little bit of vinegear to the wash in the fabric softener dispenser and wash on cold. Makes clothes super soft. If you can still smell the vinegear after it’s washed and dried use a little less next time.

  5. Love these Dana! I actually am wanting to make a ‘miracle blanket” swaddle blanket knockoff, for a shower gift 😉 and think your gauzy fabric idea will work perfect for this!

  6. This is just so perfect. I have tons of this gauzy fabric lying around in natural colors which I didn’t know what to do with and I have a niece ( hopefully…they don’t let you determine baby’s gender in India) coming anytime now. These blankets will be just the thing for the hot weather ahead. Thank you so much!

  7. And I had to say this! The bebe looks soooo cute in these pictures!

  8. 19) Carrie Alexander

    Oh man, my daughter is just three months old, but seeing pictures of Clara still in the the “little squish” stage is making me want another one!!!! Great tutorial; the one’s from the store are way overpriced and I love the idea of personalizing them with appliques. Where. Do. You. Find. The. Time….

  9. I’m not a seamstress by any means, but I’m due with our first baby in July and I’ve seen these around and been wanting to make them! Thanks!

  10. I am definitely making some of these for a friend who is pregnant with her first baby. I also JUST moved to LA, so your guide to the LA fabric district is invaluable! File this under “Reasons I love my Online Friends.”

  11. I just did a search for gauze fabric and saw that Fabric.com has a nice selection of colors.

    • 23) Dana

      oooo, you’re right. TONS of great colors! And pretty cheap!

      • 24) Susan

        Fabric.com is awesome but they say it shrinks a ton. Have you found that?

        • 25) Rebecca

          I’ve used gauze fabric for my newborn photography for years, particularly from fabric.com. For the price, I can’t complain too much. They do shrink quite a bit so order more yardage if that is an issue for you. I’ve been told if you sew your edges before washing then they don’t shrink as much. I’m about to try this on a piece I just bought and will compare. Now that these blankets are so trendy I’ve noticed fabric.com has more options and softer pieces available. Over the years the original pieces I’ve used has softened quite a bit with each washing. Hope that helps give some insight!

  12. i must live under a rock because i’ve never heard of these. i must make some pronto! Ceci is almost 5 months, but she still likes to be swaddled, and with it getting quite warm, something light weight is a must.

  13. 27) Tracy

    Wow! I just LOVE this idea! I’m struggling with the fabric though – my local shops don’t sell “gauze” and I’m having trouble finding a decent description. Might it be what the UK call muslin do you think?! Can’t wait to give this a try! Thanks x

    • 28) Kristin

      Gauze/muslin…one in the same.

      • 30) Stephanie

        This website is closed and for sale. Too bad.

  14. 31) Jill

    As always, your color choices are right up my alley! It would be nice to see a later tutorial or example of how to turn gauze swaddle blankets into a summertime sleep sack, perhaps… I have lots of swaddle blankets left over and I’ve been trying to think of something to do with them in terms of another baby or toddler item….

  15. I have been researching on how to make these blankets, as I’m due in April with our first. Everything I had seen had serged edges, and I don’t have a serger. Thanks for showing us this way!

  16. 33) adventureknitter

    what a sweet baby you have! i love her fluffy “baby chick” hair. Makes me want another one….and I have four…

  17. Love the gauze blankets — not as much as the sweet swaddled baby though. Both gorgeous, but of course the babe is much more so!

  18. These are great, but the real star of the post is that adorable little Clara! What a sweetie!! I want to fly right over to CA and give her a big squeeze. Since I don’t have the time or money for that and you might be a bit leery of a stranger showing up on your doorstep, I will leave the squeezing to you.

  19. That bright pink is such a beautiful color! What is it about these gauze blankets? I’m drawn to them. If they’d been around when my babies were babies, I’d have stacks of them. Hmm. . . what else can I make with gauze? Curtains? A skirt? A blanket for ME? 😉

  20. 37) Leigh anne

    So awesome! And what an adorable model! Soooo precious!

  21. Oh, wonderful! I’ve been looking for that kind of fabric because it’s great to use as a bath towel too, but I can’t find it here in Belgium. Do you know any online stores that have it?

  22. 39) Erika

    Dana, these are adorable! Do you tuck the edges of your appliqué or leave them raw? I’m not very experienced with knit fabrics so I’m not sure if it would ravel without tucking the edges. Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas! You are so talented!

    • 40) Dana

      Thanks Erika! I just leave the edges of the knit fabric raw. I like how it looks and the knit won’t fray.

  23. 41) ATK

    I purchased one 4-pack online before I had my daughter, and yes, they were expensive but awesome! I probably would have made them if I’d realized just how easy they were! The ones I have are screen printed (like the freezer paper stenciling) but it’s a thin layer, so it stays soft. Maybe if you did only one coat of paint it would stay soft enough.

  24. 42) Jen

    Clara is too super cute! These would even be great for big kids in the summer, just the right thickness to cuddle up with at night. Enough to keep you warm thin enough to not make you too sweaty. 🙂

  25. Yippeee! So happy you are doing a baby series as I am 5 months pregnant and have been daydreaming about things to make. Now, voila here you are making these blankets which are one of my favorites. Really excited to try out your tutorials, thanks so much!

  26. 44) Alison

    These are linen, right? Because a year ago when I was pregnant and preparing for my summer baby I could not find muslin “gauze” fabric for the life of me in ANY color, even at JoAnns. It was so frustrating. I would ask the ladies at the store and even brought a blanket to show them and they were all clueless. So if you know the actual name of this kind of fabric so that the JoAnn’s people will know what I’m talking about, it would really be appreciated!

    • 45) Dana

      no, it’s not linen. The fabric is actually called gauze and Joanns carries it in a few colors (though some joanns have a larger selection than others). It may be near the linen section or with the other cotton apparel fabrics (not with the printed quilting fabrics).

  27. 46) HW

    If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area, SAS Fabric (a discount fabric store) on the NW corner of Apache Blvd and McClintock in Tempe carries this gauzy fabric in several bright colors (teal, green, hot pink, bright purple, etc) AND it’s only $2.99/yard! I love using it for baby blankets. Tips: make the blanket first and then wash it so it doesn’t fray tons in the wash. I like using a zig-zag stich in contrasting thread for a cute hem. Also, if you really want your blankets perfectly square, this fabric has a loose-enough weave that you can pull a thread out and then cut along the line that makes for a straight, square edge.

  28. You are a genius! I’ve seen those adorable swaddling blankets and wanted them, but it never occurred to me to make them! Duh! And I love, love, love the idea to give them as gifts! Perfection!

  29. 48) the.mrs

    LOVE it. I adore these blankets but agree about the not-so-fun prints that they sell. Who do they have in charge of choosing that stuff anyway? 😉

    Your little peanut is just so lovely!!

  30. 49) themissymom

    That is one sweet, sweet baby in those pictures ;0)

  31. 50) CJ

    What great timing! I just ordered a ton of gauze from fabric.com…even in the same colors! for a neice coming in May. And I was wondering about how to finish the edges. Thanks!

  32. How cute are those?! Too bad I don’t have a little baby or know of anyone expecting…because those would be perfect! Saving this for later 🙂

    By the way, I have a giveaway going on for a free facial in Austin. Jill, who has 10 years experience in Hollywood, has recently moved from LA to Austin. I had a facial with her and it was amazing! Since it’s a local giveaway…entries are low so your chances are high! Feel free to check it out. After all it’s a free facial 🙂


  33. 52) Esther

    We use these a lot in Australia, maybe because it’s so much hotter here in Summer, my goto baby gift for friends now is a double layered ‘gauze’ (we call it Muslin) blanket.

    I do double layered because it’s actually easier to buy double the width of the fabric, fold it in half stitch around then turn and topstitch and it makes a cool but substantial blanket which just gets softer and softer each time you wash it.

    We do get a few cute prints here, I’ve done giraffes, babushkas and pretty flowers in the past which I can buy in my local spotlight at 150cm wide which makes a really good sized blanket that you can even wrap a larger baby in.

    You could also try asking for Cheesecloth, as it is almost identical I think to that???

    • Do they stretch? The only ones I have don’t stretch. They worked well though 🙂

    • 54) Kate

      That’s a really great idea to double the fabric. I just bought one layer at my local Joann’s and it’s a bit thin. I was hoping it might fluff up a little in the wash, but if not, I will definitely try doubling it! Thanks.

  34. We used gauze blankets for both my boys. So so wonderful! My mother in law made ones for my first born, also 4, and I saved them when number two came along. Thankfully so, too, since he was born in July! Love the hearts one. Cute addition.

  35. 56) AmyLou

    Got to make some of these! I just had my baby Daphne 2 weeks ago, and the flannel swaddle blankets I have are just a bit too small. She’s big and tall at 9 lbs 11 oz and 21 inches long. 🙂

    Thanks so much for the links and great tutorial. I’ll definitely be making a few of these as we live in Southeast Texas, and the heat is right around the corner!

  36. Great tutorial! I just purchased 4 clearanced gauze curtain panels (84″ x 44″ each!) at Target for about $6/panel (I think they were part of their shabby chic line). These would make perfect blankets for my 2 month old!

  37. Awesome! How do you find the time for all that you make? Especially now with Clara, it’s impressive! I have a 2 yr old & a 7 month old & haven’t sewn in ages! Being baclk to work 3 days a week doesn’t help but I haven’t even sewn on the weekends. Someday……

  38. 59) kristie

    Could your baby be any cuter???

    love it!

    • 60) Kate

      I second that.. What a doll!!

  39. 61) Joy

    You absolutely amaze me! How are you back to blogging so regularly with such great tutorials (as always) already? you are my blog hero! And your model is precious! 🙂

  40. 62) Sara

    I received the “expensive” ones as a gift, they were amazing. I am pretty sure spoon flower has this gauzey fabric as an option too. I have been wanting an excuse to order something from them. . .

  41. 63) JulieL

    thanks for the reminder. I made some of these for my latest baby who was born last June. Can’t believe I forgot about them already. I too hadn’t seen them with my previous 3 babies, but they were great for a June baby, to use all through the summer. My SIL is have a baby girl this June, so now I will have to shop for some sweet girl coloured muslin, since all mine were for my baby boy. I’m looking forward to more inspiration for baby gifts, since my other SIL is having a baby in October, and perhaps some of your tutorials will be for older babies and I can make them for my 9 month old.

  42. Great idea! My little one had a batiste blanket that was perfect for Florida, and this would be just as perfect.

  43. You are so great. With my first 2 babies, I had no idea about these blankets, but now, 2 years later, they’re everywhere! With our 3rd due in 6 weeks, I’m ready to buy some for myself, but am struggling with which ones to get (we don’t know our baby’s gender & I’m not crazy about paying $35 & only getting to use 1 or 2 of the blankets in the package…). So, way to save the day! I’m about to make an order on fabric.com anyway, so I’ll just add muslin to my list!! Thank you, thank you. Don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it myself…

  44. 67) Kate

    These is such a cute and simple idea! And your daughter is SO CUTE!!!!!

  45. 68) Aline

    This is why I keep coming back to your site almost every day: AWESOMENESS never ends!!!! Thank for sharing this great tutorial and tip!

  46. 69) Sarah S

    Brilliant! I had heard about how muslin is “magic” and wonderful for swaddling yet keeping babies cool in the summer…I assumed muslin was super special, hence the very high price tags of those blankets…but I could order many yards of cotton gauze to make my own for the same price! Thanks for educating me. You just saved me a bunch of money!!

  47. Theres another store walking distance from Michael Levines. If you are facing the front of the store go left & turn right at the end of the street, go a few stores down, on the right side, its called Alex something ? Its a fairly large hole in the wall, but prices are fantastic for gauze & denim!!! Check it out, the fabric is on HUGE rolls, LOTS of colors too!! I don’t have the address, sorry.

    • 71) Linda R.

      I know this post is a year old, but just wanted to say thank you Cindy for mentioning the other store near Michael Levine’s (ML’s). It is called LA Alex Inc. on 9th street. Their prices were half of ML’s, and the gauze seemed softer! As a FTM, I want all the colors, but living on a budget makes that hard! Wanted to post a reply also for anyone still looking for the gauze in downtown LA. 🙂

      • 72) Christine

        I just bought some from LA Alex and Michael Levine’s. LA Alex is much cheaper and has a large variety of colors. Michael Levine’s has some adorable prints, though, so I did buy some there too.

  48. 73) darlene

    these are so lovely and delicate — wonderful for hot weather …. i was wondering which gauze did you purchased from fabric.com …. did you think about the flowery ones; they’re so pretty for a little girl …. is there a great difference between the gauzes? i need some for a daughter-in-law’s new baby in may ….

    beautiful baby you have, dana …. thanks ….. darlene

  49. 75) Kate

    I have a baby ue in June and these are Perfect!! Thank you SO much for the idea!

  50. 76) marg h

    What about roll hemming the guaze on a serger. Definitely doing this for my daughter who is expecting in June.
    Thanks for a great idea

  51. 78) Amanda

    HEY!!!! im 16. i just went to the website and bought two yards of that stuff in pink because of this post! Cant wait for it to arrive. 3.58 for a yard is awesome compared to the 5-7 dollars i normally pay for fabric. QUESTION: i have freezer paper stenciling supplies and tulip paint (because of the tutorial you posted. My t shirts came out amazinggg!!) and i was wondering if it would look good if i jsut decorated it with that stuff. I can sew, but i though freezer paper stenciling would be cooler. Would it turn out ok?

    • 79) Dana

      sure! try it!
      The crinkles in the fabric might make it a bit more difficult to get a good paint job. But my philosophy is to just go for it. I’d try on a scrap piece first.

  52. 80) Mónica from Tenerife

    It´s really lovely, the baby looks so comfortable sleeping here. In my country, Argentina, this fabric called “Bambula”, is the typical fabric for hipie cloths, skirts, blauses, embroidered dresses But I never thought I could give this use for a baby.. it´s a wonderfull idea. Sory my english it´s not good really. I hope you understand me. Kiss for all…!!!!!

  53. 81) Sabrina

    Silly question, but did you wash the fabric before making the blankets?

    • 82) Dana

      Yes, I did pre-wash the fabric. But with this project, I don’t think it matters much if you don’t.

      • 83) Sabrina

        Thanks for the help! I tried some washing and some without washing- you’re right it really doesn’t matter much!!! They do look newer before washing. I made one with my nieces name on it(in knit), it turned out so cute! Thanks again!

  54. 84) khursten

    Hey! I ordered some gauze from Fabric.com (the same selection you linked to) so I could make some of these for a friend, and the pieces I received seem to be quite rough and scratchy. I haven’t washed them yet, will they get softer with washing? I didn’t use these with my daughter so the whole thing is new to me… I don’t really want to give a rough scratchy blanket as a gift for a newborn!! Any ideas??

    • 85) Dana

      hmmm. strange.
      I’ve never ordered gauze from fabric.com, so I can’t vouch for it.
      But I do know that my gauze fabric got softer with each wash. So give it a wash and see if it improves!

      • 86) khursten

        Well, I washed them many many times and they actually seem to be getting even more scratchy! I got two of the solid color gauze and one with a print. The one with the print is softer than the others, so I’m guessing it’s the dye they used that makes it scratchy. All that to say I wouldn’t recommend buying the gauze from fabric.com if you’re planning to use it for a swaddle blanket… better to feel it for yourself first! Know of any cute dress/smock patterns I could use this for instead? My 1 year old (Clara too) would look cute in something made out of these I’m sure!! 🙂

        • 87) Dana

          bummer! That’s so frustrating. Sorry about that! I’ve never purchased gauze from them and now I know not to 🙂

          • 88) melissa

            Dana could you please remove the link to fabric.com (or maybe put a note in the tutorial that the guaze is very scratchy?) I didn’t see this until now and had already ordered enough to make blankets for all seven of my friends who are having babies this fall! And silly me waited too long to return it and so now I have yards and yards of scratchy gauze. Bummer. This is such a cute idea though that I am going to search out softer guaze and try it. A warning to others might be nice though. Thanks for all of your great tutorials!

          • 89) Becks22

            Wish I would have seen this warning sooner! I agree, please remove fabric.com from your links. I bought enough fabric to make 12 blankets! Now I’m on the hunt for ideas and ways to soften the fabric! I’m not impressed! That said, why would fabric.com’s be so much different than other stores?

        • 90) Susan

          What brand did u buy from fabric.com?

  55. 91) Marlleen M

    Hi Dana, love this tutorial! I just made one for a friend and I had a question. When I hemmed the two vertical edges my fabric took on this sort of wave-y, ruffle-y look to it. I tried ironing after I was done and it helped but it still looks sort of bumpy and stretched out. Do you think it could be my choice of thread, would that make a difference? Or perhaps the quality of the gauze? I got mine at Jo-Anns. Thanks! I’d like to make more and have them look a little more polished. The result is not terrible but I’d like to figure out why it did that. I can send you a pic if you want to see it.

    • 92) Nancy

      Dana, mine did the same thing. I used a rolled hem foot with a zig zag and set my presser foot at the lowest pressure setting, but the edges look wavy. Any advice?

  56. 93) Rose

    can you tell me why the ends of my blanket look so weird? they seem to come out too far and i cant figure out how to fix it

  57. these are beautiful! i have had the same experience buying gauze from fabric.com (no worries dana, i bought it before reading this post!) – don’t do it! It is very rough. I’m planning on using it for dresses/skirts as well. too bad I bought a TON! i LOVE the heart idea – can’t wait to make a matching blanket and burp cloth gift set. thanks!!

  58. 95) Ann

    How is gauze better than flannel or knits? It certainly isn’t as soft on newborn skin even after washing. It is a thinner layer, but a single layer of flannel isn’t hot either and it is still softer than gauze. What about the dye rubbing off? This is cotton, right? The same cotton that does not keep a permanent dye job? Swaddling is great, but scratching and dye rubbing off on newborn skin just doesn’t seem well-considered.

    • 96) Monique

      Ann, I’m not sure where you live, but in a super hot place like Arizona, flannel is pretty hot during the summer. The gauze breathes so nicely. I’ve also never seen any problem with dye rubbing off.

    • I’m the mom of a 9-month-old. My husband and I much preferred using gauze swaddling blankets over flannel blankets. The big reason why is that the crinkly nature of the gauze allows it more “give,” so you can get the baby swaddled nice and snugly. Plus if you get the right gauze, it’s soooo buttery soft (we have the storebought ones — haven’t tried making my own yet but definitely want to). Plus we live in Florida, so I like that the gauze is cozy yet breathable.

  59. i LOVE this!!!! i looked at joanns fabrics but the only muslin material i found wasnt very gauze-y. but thanks for the tip about finding it at michael levine. i am going to DTLA next week and will keep an eye out for this material!!!! =)

  60. 99) Nancy

    Your sweet baby should NOT be on her stomach!!!

    • 100) Jill

      Rubbish. The baby is clearly supervised and even looks to be awake. Spending time on their tummies is good for babies. She’s also under a blanket which is a SIDS risk too – but a sensible person would assume that this is for the purposes of a photo and unlikely to be how she really sleeps at night. Perhaps you should keep your ill-considered opinions to yourself.

  61. 101) steph

    Could you tell me where you have the cute “made” tags made?

  62. 103) Dorie

    I just made my first white one and I love it. I do need some advice as I’m pretty new to sewing (Due in August as well so starting my nesting projects).

    I tried option 2 for sewing the hem around the blanket. The selvedge sides came out nice and straight. The rough side didn’t sew straight. It came out wavy. I didn’t cut them before hand because the fabric looked relatively straight with minimal fraying. Perhaps that’s why the wavy-ness?

    Otherwise did I hold it too tightly while I sewed? I’ve got three more cut outs I’d like to make this week if anyone has any suggestions.

  63. 104) Jennifer

    I LOVE this tutorial, and just bought three colors of gauze to make blankets for my new (nearly here!) nephew. I also bought cotton voile to make a couple of lighter blankets, because I was having a hard time finding the gauze at first. They turned out lovely and soft, too! I can’t wait to give my sister a stack of these lovely summer swaddle blankets!

  64. Thanks for the great instructions! I’ve always wanted to make my own swaddle for my son.

  65. Thank you! I refuse to pay $50 for four of these. Right now Joann’s is having a sale in it’s cotton…less than $5 a yard!

  66. 107) Marci

    I found some super soft gauze at Walmart of all places. I got a 5 yard bolt for $5. I can’t wait to make these!! Thanks

  67. Hey ! These are fab 🙂 I’m in the UK and we call them muslins here 🙂 My 2 year old had loads I bought from mothercare and dyed them nice colours , we used them for wiping up after milk etc and I now use them as dishcloths for the kitchen 🙂

    I had never thought about making them til now ! x

    • 110) Stephanie

      Yes! It’s a little more expensive and only available in white but the quality is the best I’ve found. SO SOFT! It’s not just me, read the reviews on their website too.

  68. 111) Gay Stancil

    Sewed these with my 9 yr old Grand Daughter for her brother coming in a few weeks:-). Tip: Lay tissue paper over the knit fabric decorations to sew them. Keeps the edges down. Peel off the paper after sewing. Sweet!

  69. 112) Crystal

    Has anyone hand sewn these blankets? Experiences?

  70. 113) Catie

    Not sure if this resource has been added in the 98 comments, but onlinefabricstore.net is pretty much the best site ever for gauze and many other fabrics too. CHEAP prices.

  71. 114) kharking

    I made these last summer for my little boy and loved them. Just plain fabrics but I like the idea of printing something on them when being given as gifts. I blanket stitched and crocheted edgings on mine for a little more interest. They have gotten softer and softer over the last year of washing and are still his favorite blanket to sleep with now that he is no longer swaddled.

  72. 115) QLT812

    Love the bright pink so adorable! I’ve been experimenting with muslin and fabric paint and different printings. However I must try the gauze fabric since there is a new comer to the family ( not mine of course-great-grandson):-). I’ve seen it in the fabric stores! Thanks so much for the Tutorial.

  73. 116) Lily

    Soo…I see from other comments that the fabric.com gauze is scratchy. Bummer! Has anyone tried the tencel gauze from fabric.com, though? Would that work? Love these, by the way!

    • 117) Dana

      I would think tencel would be softer, in general. But I’ve never tried it from their site.

  74. 118) Nicole

    My 7 month old daughter and I love my Aden and Anais blankets, and love to give them as gifts but I have the bamboo version- they are so much softer than the muslin, and also more expensive and only available in boutique type stores. Any thoughts on finding the fabric to make those?

  75. 119) Kelsey

    Thank you so much for this!! We recieved some swaddle blankets for our baby shower, and we love them! BUT when I went to buy more, they were $45 for a pack of three! or $17 each 🙁 I will be making lots of these for us, and our friends having babies!

  76. J’ai acheté les trois langes en mousseline de Aden + Anais et je les trouve tellement formidable que j’en veux encore et encore, mais les faire soit même c’est plus économique et la technique est assez simple ( même si c’est pas facile de coudre droit) par contre je ne trouve pas de mousseline dans les magasins de tissus en France et sur internet c’est cher je trouve..je vais regarder sur les liens que vous avez noté s’ils livrent en France. Merci en tout cas c’est très beau tout ça 🙂

  77. 121) Jamie

    I have used the bubble gauze from Dharma Trading, and it dyes nicely. It is spendy, though. I love the idea of the $4.00 fabric mentioned in posts above from Michael Levine or onlinefabricstore.net. Can other people please write about their experiences with these fabrics? I would like to know how they measure up to the Aden & Anais in terms of quality.

  78. Thanks for the idea! Fabric.com carries the cotton gauze for about $4 a yard and they have at least a dozen colors.

  79. 123) lauren

    Holy Crow, my machine does not love this fabric, I will be trying the ironing method tomorrow, but I find this some of the hardest stuff to work with 🙂 AND I just got a good machine too, this husky should be able to power through it 🙂

    I also tried one with an unfinished edge and I stitched a line all the way around to keep it from fraying too much, we will see if that works.


  80. 124) Jamie

    I use these blankets for swaddling my little ones, but my 2 year old still loves to use them in the summer since they’re so nice and big and light weight. Just a thought for everyone that they’re nice for big kids too!

  81. 126) Assunta

    Hi, if you are in the Philadelphia area the best bet for a good quality, soft, lasting fabric would be Fabric Row which begins at about 4th & Bainbridge then continues South on 4th for several blocks – make a day of it – there are many eateries , boutiques & galleries on South street plus an Amazing Tea House on 4th & an all natural store called “Essene” that is just great also on 4th.
    If you are not able to sew you can buy “Stitch Witchery ” or hem bond tape at JoAnne’s fabrics or online – make sure you buy the permanent bond. All you do is iron it on and you are set to go.
    There is also a Fabric paint – Sorry, I can’t remember the brand but it ‘s titled “Velvet Soft” so for those worried about the stiffness of paint this may work for you.
    Also, to the woman wondering what to do with the swaddling blankets now that her baby is older here are 2 suggestions:
    #1. You can make little summer dresses by folding the fabric in half – once folded place the folded edge at the top then picturing the letter “A” cut from the folded edge down to the open edge on an angle getting wider towards the bottom – once you have done this just sew the sides from the bottom up leaving space for arm holes & the cut the neck hole – you will be left with a pretty little A-line dress – you can leave the edges raw & it won ‘t be an issue. You can decorate it at this point by adding ribbons or painting little designs – just be creative.
    #2. Begin by folding the fabric in half as above & then go in about an inch or two from the sides and sew from the bottom up leaving room for armholes & cut your neckhole from the top folded edge. You will have a mini caftan for your baby that can be used as a beach cover-up, towel when getting out of the bath or just something for her to snuggle in all comfy.

  82. 127) Carolyn

    When my children small, we used 45″ x 1yd. colored panels of gauze (not hemmed) for many play activities–they were a staple of the toy box: dress up, creating little tents indoors and out (think couch-cushion houses, draped over a card table or a clothes line,) blankets for dolls (and the cat), super hero capes, )and whatever their imaginations dreamed up. When a larger size was needed, we just clipped some together with spring clothes pins. Easy and fast wash and dry, too.

  83. 128) Meghan

    Thanks so much for the tutorial!! I bought some gauze at fabric.com before seeing these reviews. Going to return my second order of it that’s on the way and get the Michael Levine just so I can compare, but I wouldn’t say mine is scratchy and it’s not horribly stiff. I’ve washed it a few times so far with salt and then a vinegar rinse, and I think that’s helped soften it a bit.
    For sewing, I chose secret option #3 which saved my sanity- fold and sew 1/4″, then fold and sew over again. It takes longer of course, but helped me (a novice sewer) manage the fabric better.

    • Hi Meghan! Did you ever compare the two gauzes? I found myself in the same situation so I’m afraid to pull the trigger with the Michael Levine stuff. I’d love to hear what you thought! 🙂

  84. 130) Sue D.

    Grandson #4 is on the way & these are perfect. Thanks for the tutorial and the places to purchase the fabric.

    • 132) Kari

      Comments on Joann’s and amazon keep saying the fabric is scratchy. What do you say to that? I’m starting to think I should just buy a regular cotton swaddler.

  85. 133) Lis Martion

    These are gorgeous, thank you for this.
    I am going to be a grandmother again, this time my youngest daughter (I have 4 girls) is having a bub, due on the 2 Dec. Also my 2nd daughter has just had embryo implant so should no in a wk if she is having a bub too….so happy.

  86. 134) JoannaM

    Thanks for posting! I’ve ALWAYS wanted some of those really pricey ones to swaddle, but I could never bring myself to spend the money. Neither of my kids are swaddling anymore, but we aren’t done yet! (PS, I have a Clara too!) Now I’m super excited for future hypothetical baby #3!

  87. Hi there! Love your blog 🙂 I was wondering, I returned some gauze to fabric.com because it was too scratchy…is the Michael Levine stuff soft? I’d love to order some online, but afraid to pull the trigger after my experience with the other online fabric purchase…thanks for any help you can give!

  88. 136) Lacey

    Fabric.com has a great selection of gauze and muslin in all sorts of pretty colors. Especially if you like bright colors (found it appropriate for my summer baby)

  89. 137) Annielou

    These are precious!!! I’m only in middle school but I have a lot of little cousins!!!

  90. 138) Alicia

    So would anyone who has used Michael Levine still recommend the fabric? I certainly don’t want to pay too much and / or av scratchy material.

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  92. Great tutorial but for one thing: I’m not sure stitching hearts to the blanket is such a good idea. If they came loose and come off baby could choke on one. Just a thought.

  93. I have been been searching for gray cotton guaze everywhere!!! If anyone can tell me
    where I can find it I would so appreciate it!!!

    • 142) Nancy

      Found some this week 8/6/19 at hobby lobby in Memphis. Grays and cute coordinating prints.

  94. So cozy, so lovely. Thank you for this amazing post and your inspiration

    Ananasa.com- Home For Handmade

  95. 144) Karen

    Love this idea! In Canada it is tough to find cotton gauze at a decent but Fabricland had it on 70% off so I stocked up and got 4 yards!

  96. 145) Marian

    I machine sewed sides and top/ bottom of my 100%cotton bubble gauze
    Fabric and wet throuoghly and machine dryed it. It is not and even square! It
    Looks awful. What did I do wrong?

  97. 146) Tammy

    I came across this looking for ideas to edge finish these gauze blankets and gauze wraps (like a non-stretchy Moby). After reading so many comments from people who are confused about gauze and muslin, I just wanted to chime in!

    I would call this type of fabric either gauze, bubble gauze, or crinkle cotton (on both fabric.com and Michael Levine, it’s called gauze). I would call a flat version of this fabric (no wrinkles) muslin. From reading message boards, etc. I’ve learned that in Europe people call the wrinkly kind muslin.

    A lot of products (like the Aden + Anais swaddle blankets) also call the wrinkly kind muslin even in the US. For fabric purchasing purposes in the US, though, the two types of fabric tend to be different, with muslin being smooth and not wrinkly, and gauze being crinkled up.

  98. 147) Suzanne

    I bought what they called muslin at Joann’s and it looks nothing like what’s in the stores, or even what’s in your pictures. It is not soft, crinkly, or stretch at all. Did I buy the wrong thing?? Or does it get better the more you use and wash it?

    • 148) Dana

      No, muslin is a woven cotton fabric that feels more like quilting cotton. Gauze is what you’re looking for. And the softness of it totally varies from store to store. When I posted this project, I know that Joanns sold some white colored gauze in their stores.
      I bought my colored gauze fabric at Michael Levine:
      However, I purchased mine at the their store in Los Angeles (rather than online) so I was able to feel the softness. I can’t vouch for what they sell on the website. Sorry I’m not more help with that!

      • 149) Dana

        Also, check out the comment above, by Tammy. Might help as well.

  99. 151) Rebecca

    Fabric.com has some great selection in this fabric. Love

  100. What’s Going down i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I’ve found It absolutely helpful and it has helped me
    out loads. I hope to contribute & aid other users like its helped me.
    Good job.

  101. 153) KATHY

    I made 4 of these for my great granddaughter and she loves them. She is almost a year now and she is always carrying one around. Her mom says she doesn’t think she will share with the new baby due in May so I will be making 4 more.

  102. Ahaa, its good dialogue regarding this article at this place at this weblog, I have read
    all that, so now me also commenting here.

  103. 156) namita


    I live in Massachusetts and I found the fabric in different colors at sew low discount fabric Cambridge. It’s a small place nothing fancy looking, but one can’t beat the prices and the friendly staff. Another option is sew festicated just around the block.

  104. 157) Terry

    The reason everyone is finding it difficult to duplicate the texture of the Aden & Anais swaddlers, is that they are made of Bamboo. Bamboo is the most incredibly soft fabric in any form, and even more so after washing… Also, it’s anti microbial, wicks away moisture even more effectively than cotton, and is very durable. It’s incredible! But… Sometimes hard to find. In fact, I called fabric stores in my area if FL and everyone said ” most likely you’ll only find bamboo fabric online”
    So…. That’s what brought me here. My search for “bamboo muslin”
    Great ideas here, tho! I’m glad I stumbled in here!

  105. Hobby Lobby just started carrying gauze! They had turquoise, teal, orange, gray, and white at my local store. I bought some yesterday and made a small (18×21) snuggle blanket lined with Warm and Natural. Baby loves her gauze blankets, and loves this small extra squishy one just her size.

  106. 162) Heather

    If anyone is interested, Hancock fabrics has a brown gauze for sale (just ordered today) at $1.99 per yard AND can use 20% off code!! 4.99 shipping.. Couldn’t pass that up!! Great tutorial btw. I’ve been meaning to make some of these blankets 🙂

  107. 163) Renee

    Fabric.com carries tons of colors of gauze at about $4/yard.

  108. 164) Sandi

    I haven’t personally checked out this fabric yet but I’m going to order a yard to see what the quality is and how it washes and dyes. My daughter prefers to use only organic products and we both subscribe to buying American whenever possible and if we can businesses owned by women. No we are not feminists but I am a woman trying to supplement my SS in my own little business. I am a seamstress always looking for good quality natural fabrics for baby clothes. I was just searching for gauze muzlin to make swaddling blankets for my coming grandchild and I found this site that may be of interest to some of your readers. As I said I don’t know the quality but when I test it I’ll update my comment


  109. 166) Janine

    Hi there! Did you purchase this fabric from Michael Levine? If so what was the name of pink for the coral color fabric !? Thank you – so cute!

  110. 167) Liz

    When I called to see if my local fabric store carried the cotton gauze/muslin..and after hearing what it would be used for she said double gauze is what I would want because it’s softer the the cotton gauze/muslin. She said it very comparable to what you buy at the store. However, my local fabric store is selling there’s at about $20 a yard.. uhhh NO THANK YOU. If there is a cheaper place let me know please!

  111. 168) Kaeleigh

    when making these did you double up the fabric or leave it as is with the original thickness?

    • 169) Dana

      Just the normal thickness–one layer of fabric.

  112. 170) Hilary

    These blankets are so cute but the picture at the top with the baby in the crib with the grey blanket with hearts on top of it does not demonstrate safe infant sleep! As a postpartum nurse, this is VERY concerning to me! Babies should be on their backs, tightly swaddled with a TIGHT fitted sheet-the yellow one in the crib looks loose and the baby is on its tummy with a blanket over. This is really not safe and I couldn’t help but mention it since SIDS is such a scary thing!

    Thank you!

  113. 171) Teri Thompson

    If you live in Salt Lake City there are 3 local stores that carry at least 20 different colors and designed “swaddling cloth” very adorable. They are family owned “The Cotton Shop” one in Murray, Sandy and Orem Utah.

  114. So great! They sell this exact fabric for $2.99 at my local SAS Fabric warehouse store! I was going to make a scarf but this idea is so much better and what an affordable gift for all the baby showers I’ve been invited to! Thanks for the idea!

  115. 173) Mo Mo

    These are great! Swaddle cloths best if they are a little larger – like 47 inches. So try to find wider fabric – its tough to find printed or died wider but if you are into dying your own you should have success in finding the gauze fabric – even organic.

  116. 174) Kaci

    I have no idea how late to this thread I am or when it was last updated/visited by the original poster, but great tutorial!! I just got some cute gauze material from etsy.com at a shop called Fabric Shoppe -modern fabrics. Also can be accessed at myfabricshoppe.com and I highly suggest it. This stuff is adorable, rather soft, and was very, VERY affordably priced when compared to the other places I found it online (I wanna say like $7-10ish a yard maybe?). You can get different sized cuts from this place and did I mention how cute the prints are? 🙂
    I had a question about this stuff though- I’m planning to make those curved shoulder burp cloths but I wonder- although Ive heard this is the best for burp rags, this stuff is pretty thin, so how many layers of gauze do you think I’d need to be effective/useful? I may get some plain white muslin/gauze at Joanns and use it as “filler” in between the cute patterned gauze I got. Or, I was wondering if white flannel would be a good “filler” between a couple layers of gauze material for burp cloths?? Let me know- I just hope you’re still checking this thread, and if so, thanks!!

  117. 175) Susan

    Pacific Fabrics in Seattle area (multiple locations) have a variety of cotton gauze.

  118. 176) Mary Ann

    Hobby Lobby just this week started selling printed gauze fabric!!!! They have had the solid colors for a while now but not prints. The prints are absolutely adorable, owls, hearts, stars, giraffes…..so cute. The gauze is high quality. It is not cheap, about $9 a yard, but you can use a 40% off coupon. So excited to make some in prints. Wouldn’t it be cute to have one printed side and the other solid color? I love it.

  119. 177) Kolbey

    Because you have the option to dye them to the desired color that you like, do you still wash them beforehand? Or does the wash as you dye them be your first with this fabric/pattern?

  120. 178) Paula

    Do you wash the fabric before you see the edges?

    • 179) Dana

      It’s always a good idea to, to remove any sizing that may be on it, and to avoid shrinkage surprises later!

  121. 180) margaret hapuku te nahu

    I adore these!! I am pregnant with our 4th baby and I am loving your youtube channel and website for inspiration and ideas, thank you so much!! Ps, Hello all the way from New Zealand 😀

  122. 181) Maria Helena Fernandez

    Thanks for the tips on how to finish the gauze. BTW I just saw a BUNCH of beautiful prints in my local Walmart. Going to go back and check it out.

  123. 182) Michelle

    I know this is an old post but is this single gauze or double gauze you are using?

    • 183) Dana

      This is single gauze, but double gauze would be amazing! When I started making these, double gauze wasn’t as popular in the sewing community. So I’m happy there are so many options now!

  124. 184) Denise

    Hobby Lobby.

  125. 185) leah

    this is the best in the world what are all the other videos do you have

  126. 186) charissa

    what are all the other videos do you have in stock it is the best thank you

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